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Grave witch Alex Craft can speak to the dead but that doesn’t mean she likes what they have to sayAs a private investigator and consultant for the police Alex Craft has seen a lot of dark magic But even though she’s on good terms with Death himself—who happens to look fantastic in a pair of jeans—nothing has prepared her for her latest case Alex is investigating a high profile murder when she’s attacked by the ‘shade’ she’s raising which should be impossible To top off her day someone makes a serious attempt on her life but Death saves her Guess he likes having her aroundTo solve this case Alex will have to team up with tough homicide detective Falin Andrews Falin seems to be hiding something—though it’s certainly not his dislike of Alex—but Alex knows she needs his help to navigate the tangled webs of mortal and paranormal politics and to track down a killer wielding a magic so malevolent it may cost Alex her lifeand her soul

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    VERY rarely do I pick up a book and stay up until 2am reading so that I feel gross and tired all day the next day and I don't regret it one bit This book did that to me last night so yay I think? I pick up EVERY urban fantasy novel lately with huge skepticism because it's like someone wrote a how to book everyone uses called how to mix vampires and werewolves and sassy heroines together Watch them make out too I mean SO formulaic That's why it's really tough for me to buy into a world that mixes paranormal and reality in that perfect escapist way we all crave but for some reason this did it for me I really enjoyed the world and the plot and the characters That's all First NO VAMPS It's all faerie and witches The witch magic was really interesting and has the potential to be filled out in interesting ways Second the main character is NOT really mouthy and wounded she has a relatable POV without being boring which is super hard to do she has functional friend relationshipsyay The secondary characters are slow played added to the main character's life in a believable way just a nice mixture that was fun And then THIRD the love interests wereREALLY HUNKY IN A NOT GROSS ALPHA WAY AND I LOVE THEM Yay I mean let's be clear this book doesn't re invent the wheel of urban fantasy but it does what we expect well and that's all I wanted So immediately reading the next one Hope I don't stay up too late and feel icky again like I do today It will probably happen

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    2718 ON SALE for 299 by Rabid ReadsHmm I read GRAVE WITCH for the first time back in 2010 right after it was released and I loved it I loved it when I reread it before books 2 and 3 came out too This time Again I say hmm There wasn't anything wrong with it It just wasn't OMG I LOVE IT like my memories were telling me it was AND there were a lot of borrowed ideas I didn't remember noticing Like how Alex is a necromancer grave witch who raises zombies spirits of the dead Her ability is an embarrassment to her family and she gets shipped off to boarding school when it becomes clear there is no hiding her magic if she doesn't deliberately use her gift it will latch on random dead things of its own volition YES That does sound familiarKnow what else sounds familiar? view spoilerFalin who bares a remarkable resemblance to Merry Gentry's Frost and who is the Winter ueen's lover and assassin He always wears gloves It's almost like he's trying to cover his bloodied hands hide spoiler

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    ► BR with my MacHalo Freaks starting December 5 2015I am one of three people on Goodreads who thought this book was pure crap waves at Asya and Emma What does this mean? It means that either 1We're nothing but clueless idiots who read it all wrong and should be banned from GR for life or 2All you people who loved this are nothing but clueless idiots who read it all wrong and should be banned from GR for life I know you'll go for #1 and you know I'll go for #2 but in the name of the Holiday spirit and all that crap let's remain distant acuaintances friends and pretend this never happened shall we? Good And a Merry Christmas to you tooOkaaaaayyyyyy now that we've established that this book is indeed a piece of crap let's do the non review thing And since I'm feeling lazy as hell today I might as well treat you to a Super Giffy Non Review Extravaganza Thingy SGNRET™ Yay Isn't today your lucky day? I really wish I were you right now ☢ sarcasm alert ☢ But I digress Come on you People of the Despicable Book Taste let's do this● Soooooo The first half of this book mostly felt like→ Because flat world building And flat characters yes we're in Barnacle Land again cardboard like characters with brick like chemistry And flat magic And flat ghosts And flat everything Yay The only interesting thing here is Fred the gargoyle And he only has one line in the book That should tell you something right thereAs the flat story progressed it felt increasingly like this→ This is me talking to the nitwit mc And to the overbearing blockhead of a love interest too And to the cast of characters in general And to the plot And to the author And to my lovely neighbor who seems to have fallen in love with his cordless drill ● Now For the second half of the bookWe could have stayed in BoredomI Don't Give a Damn Heaven I could have kept feeling like this But no This was not to be Because Kalayna Price is an overachiever you see Oh yes she is And so thoughtful too She thrives to make her readers feel an unprecedented abundance of wonderful positive emotions such asAndAfter a while I also started feeling likeAnd like this Why? Mostly because thisAnd thisAnd thisAnd finally thisOkaaaaayyyyyy I could go on like this for hours but I'm pretty sure we all have better things to do with our lives like drink a bottle of whiskey or two so let's leave it at that shall we?► So The moral of this review is Boredom Fest Pathetic Characterization 101 Predictability Nirvana Manufactured Drama Inc Please Kill Me Somebody Love Triangle Of Death Coming Right Up I Eyerolled So Much I Lost And Eyeball I'm an idiot Yes I am Had I not been one I would have DNFed this book at 2% HEA epilogue I can now officially send this delightful series to Doom and Oblivion Land Kalayna Price my tbr shelf and my little self say THANK YOU and shall be eternally full of grate

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    It’s a semi well known fact that am not a huge fan of PNR after years of reading the genre I’ve grown tried of the emo vampires and the pet werewolves So am pretty picky on what I read when it comes to PNR When I came across The Grave Witch I liked the few pages I read and was uickly immersed in the world Kalayna Price created from witches to fae bodysnatcher to a cat gargoyle named Fred This book had me on my toes with a race to the last page Seventy years ago the Fae finally told the world they were there and the world unfolded Magic is pretty serious business with many against it and others trying to live their daily life along side it and few whom abuse it Alex Craft is a Grave Witch able to speak to the dead while this gift can help others; it also had serious side effects for her Alex is asked to help with a high profile murder case but things go wary fast when the body is just that an empty shell and victims are adding up killed the same gruesome way Alex’s given clues that she’s must follow before time is up and she ends up the next victim In some PN books you always have the main hero; whose badass has all these great gifts to the point their almost disgusting perfect Not so in The Grave Witch Magic has big repercussions in Alex case her grave sight if used to long can cause her to go blind and being on the other side of the grave causes her body temp to drop that she’ll pick up some random guy in order to share their body heat This at times can cause some awkward moments for her Alex wasn’t some perfect wise cracking heroine she had her moments While those around her kept a lot of secretes Alex played with what she was given and sometimes this ran her straight her into trouble but she kept her head and I really liked her for it she was real and in her shoes I may have done the same thing In the Grave Witch there’s many characters that you want to learn about none so then Death and Falin Alex’s love interests Alex’s gift brings her in contact with Death a soul collector whose protective and caring of her but holding back on telling her everything going on While the author leaves it to be seen what will develop between Alex and Death in the few scenes Death was in he seemed laid back type of guy with a lot of secrets and he is pretty hot The investigation brings her head to head with Detective Falin Andrews who’s hard Alpha cop pushy but shows a great protectiveness toward Alex If Death and Alex relationship wasn’t complicated enough you had Falin and Alex whom are always dancing around each other trying to get answers to the murders while fighting an attraction that later bring them somewhat together Unlike Death whom you don’t get to see too much Falin is right there trying to find out what Alex knows and vice versa Falin really grew on me; I thought he was a total hard ass period It’s his actions that really speak for him and hell he’s hot guy whom can cook that’s a win win in my book More is later reveled about Falin “job” and leaves the reader wondering how it’ll affect Alex and his relationship At the moment am rooting for Falin between him and Death to win Alex but we shall see how that changes as the series goes along cause if Alex won’t have it he’s MINE XD The Grave Witch world is ever expanding The author drops a lot of information about types of witches and fae along with the magic that encompasses the world It wasn’t the magic but its effects on people that I found really drew me in From the First Human Society that make up humans first and no magic This I found very funny in a ironical sort of way as Alex visits a ball held by said society many of the members wear charms and such to enhance their looks from bigger boobs to better skin Reflected very much how politicians in the real world work with their own hypocrisy Grave Witch wasn’t without its weakness as it suffered from the World Building Syndrome with to much information and things happening all at one time making the brisk pace of the book a tad slower as the reader keeps up but if taken in stride it won’t effect the overall enjoyment of the book While there are a few loose ends Price gives a good ending to this book leaving the reader satisfied enough but looking and waiting for I know I can’t wait for of this series

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    There aren't that many older Urban Fantasy series that I have completely skipped but this was one and I liked it Fluffy alternative magic world a small amount of romance and a likable main character are all components of an easy read Since everyone has already read this series about a hundred million years ago I won't get into a big ol' boring review I'll just give a few thoughts because well I know you are all on the edge of your seats waiting for my ridiculous silly not at all helpful profound thoughts on every book I read Because let's face it reading is edutainment And some reading is much educationalSo we have Alex a grave witch What the hell is a grave witch? Think Anita Blake kinda without all the whorishness Well there is a bit of whorishness obviously because Alex has a rep for having one night stands with drunk dudes in bars She is resisting the guy that wants to sleep with her in this book and he says this You know for someone with your reputation you are amazingly difficult to get into bed So I'm guessing that her name and number are on the bathroom wall of a few bars And they want something raised but it ain't no dead bodyMan kid's books are so different than when I was in school But gotta keep with the times and all thatAnd speaking of Menage's there is a small triangle in this book but it barely hits the radar And for once I'm NOT on Team Death Of course Death has a crush on Alex He's kind of boring in my opinion I mean sure the whole harvesting people's souls is cool and he probably has some hilarious work stories but ehhHis class was kind of boring too Gimme something new and fresh deathPersonally I liked Falin the hot cop but that's not all he is wink winkNo he's not a father wait what the hell is going on in this book? Why are the dad and son dressed like male strippers? Why isn't that little girl wearing a top? There is so much wrong here What do you think they are grabbing out of that bag? I'm guessing it is stripper glitter They must have a family businessBut don't worry about this being PNR than UF if you are one of the only other ones on the planet who hasn't read it yet The focus is on the mystery and murders I thought it was pretty good and will read in the series But for now it's on to this next one on my TBRI heard that Kenny Loggins is really wise

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    I really really wanted to give this book four stars I thought Alex was kind of interesting and funny and the Fae lore was a little different and the prophecy was at least inventive and creative on behalf of the author The meshing of the ghosts and fae and all that gave a different twist to the usual taleI suppose the only reason this book lost stars was because Death started so very cool Black tee jeans mysterious badass Then he ended up all emotional in the end and really when you finish a book with Death almost willing to break the rules and take on his fellow deathdealers for you then you've almost gone as far as you can go What is she going to pull out for the next novel? Couldn't we have dragged out the relationship with Death a little ? This book whilst I know the comparison is unfair was just a little too reminiscent of Anita Blake at times for me To be fair Price really has written a different character setting and everything to Anita She really has But I swear Anita Blake is like a damn taint that spreads over everything you readAlso Fallin you were totally badass but you gave in too easily as well Maybe I'm mean Maybe I just like the idea of Alex sticking to Prince Charming her dog and not having too many relationships Maybe the appearance of two men in love with her and starting to bicker over her makes me shy away before show upMaybe I'm just scared to read on lest I run into another female main character having sex with a wereleopard while a room full of people look on

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    This book was pretty good on the whole especially when you compare it to some of the other urban fantasy books that I've had the misfortune of reading recently The genre's taken me all over the place in the last few months I've been addicted annoyed disappointed I've laughed I've cried I've ranted and I've recommended At the very least Kalayna Price gave me a real urban fantasy story instead of the typical Twilight style I'm so obsessed with you if you leave me I'll die kind of paranormal romance with a not very exciting mystery story mixed in to try and make the reader think the author actually cares about characters and plot rather than just filling the blanks between the sweet nothings and sexGrave Witch was a decent story with a decent heroine and a whole lot of decently written supernatural happenings But it just wasn't particularly exciting at all I found it an okay way to pass a lazy evening but it didn't get my pulse racing once didn't make me feel the need to go out and buy Grave Dance just generally failed to move me in any kind of way The first book of a series should sell the rest of the series to you but it didn'tSo what did I like? I liked Alex Craft the heroine for the most part and I never thought I'd say this in a review Death is sexy No that's not me finally going over the edge and taking up necrophilia that's me talking about the jeans clad dangerous and amusing Grim Reaper that is always looking over Alex's shoulder I thought he would have made a much interesting love interest yes I know how weird that sounds than Falin Andrews Andrews seemed alright a bit of the old serious and broody kind of attractive until we find out he's got really long platinum blond hair How many times? It is only okay for men to have long blond hair if their name is Eric and they're from Bon Temps Only Ms Harris could sell a look that is better suited to Barbie dollsI'll tell you what I'm also tired of that happens in nearly every novel with a witch long pointless descriptions of spells rituals summonings etc etc Unless I discover my inner witch any time soon I doubt I have the need to know the exact lengthy process that they must go through when casting a spell Whatever happened to bibbity bobbity boo? Now those were the daysI think it's fair to say I need to leave this genre alone for a while it's giving me a headache

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    This one came highly rated by friends and after seeing it constantly mentioned I decided it must be worth a try I can say I was completely engrossed and entertained by Alex and Falin's relationship although I am surprised he wanted to stick around That's my positives It really says something when the highlights of a book can be summed up in only a couple of linesThe uirky yet distinctive opener followed by some intriguing action Death saved a life why and is that allowed? calmed any concerns that I'd made a mistake buying this one but not long after we're stalled left waiting for the good stuff to happenAll I wanted to do was spend time with Death or Falin Death so because I needed to understand what his attachment was to Alex and why he was so close to her when standard grave witch reaper etiuette states the occasional hello when crossing paths is the most that should ever pass between them What makes Alex so special? view spoilerThe kiss I thought was him being playful messing with her mind so I was surprised and disappointed when he announced his love for her when she was dying He was cool and mysterious until then I vehemently dislike love triangles and this one wasn't even close to resolved by the end Leaving Falin hanging in the Friend Zone after what had passed between him and Alex was also awkward If she'd explained how she felt or he'd explained his weird fae 'I'm someone else's lover' status I wouldn't have a problem with them going their separate ways or remaining friends hide spoiler

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    Grave Witch is full of mixed reviews Some people liked it others hated it Most of the people on my list loved the damn thing so there’s no surprise when I say that I was having high hopes for it And of course life took away my hopes stomped all over them and threw them in the toilet Much appreciatedWhy did I have such a hard time reading it?? Ugh why?? I tried my best to find stuff to like about it Nothing happened Nothing And I’m pissed off because I’m still looking at all those good reviews and I can’t seem to figure out why the hell people liked itI did not enjoy the story nor gave a shit about any of the characters in the book And I mean it when I say NONE NADA No character was worthy of my love admiration and not even hate I did not hate anyone in the book Do you know what this means? A hater without hate is like a day without sun Like a happy meal without a toy Like a dolphin without its pornYes dolphins watch lots of pornAlex is a sad excuse of an urban fantasy heroine She might be good in a paranormal romance contemporary romance or young adult whatever – you name it but urban fantasy? Bitch please She’s a wimp She’s not funny She doesn’t know how to fight she’s not tough She’s just out there Existing Taking up the extra space that should belong to a fucking good heroine I’d already activated the charm that blocked my image from cameras so now I just needed to worry about the two people Roy had seen Isn’t this a bit too silly? Am I being too harsh? Of course I’m being too harsh that’s what I do But anyway I watched Mission Impossible Ghost Protocol this weekend so I had my ratio of silly ideas bullshit for this week Well at least MI has its own badass spy excuse but using a charm to block cameras from seeing you? Really??? A charm?? My mind is having a tough time swallowing this Whenever I feel like I’m boring my readers I dress up as a ninja and pretend to have awesome super powers This helps me get over my childhood traumas and the insecurities caused by all the badass heroines who are better than meAnd even though I was excited about the Devil being a character in the book I can’t say that I’m happy with what I got regarding him Yes I know I’m the silly one for being excited over something like this but whatever we all have our little brain gnomes who put weird stuff in our zomg I must have it shelf So I have my excuse And I have my own ideas of how Death can be hot and perfect and the best villain and yet a hero deep down in his nonexistent black heart Death in Magic Graves is a Good Guy Greg One does not simply make Death a Good Guy Greg Death is a force to be reckoned with He makes you want him and yet you shit your pants because of the fear you feel when he looks at you So please cut the crapOh and it has a love triangle It’s mild but still there removes one star from the ratingI’ll take back my star thank you very much

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    1st read March 20122nd read March 2019Alex Craft is a witch and she uses her grave magic to help her in her job as a Private Investigator Her magic allows her to interact with ghosts but she is mainly asked to contact shades which are like an echo of the person who died they have the person's memories but no emotions so they can answer uestions about their lives but are unable to lie Alex works for family members who need some kind of closure and she also works with the police to help allow murder victims to identify their killers When her latest attempt to raise a shade results in a ghostly attack that should have been impossible Alex finds herself drawn into a web of dark magic with a serial killer at it's heart The closer she gets to identifying the killer the at risk her life becomes and she must work with detective Falin Andrews to solve the case before her time runs outI'm a big fan of the urban fantasy genre so it is always exciting to discover a new series particularly one as engaging as Grave Witch was This was the first book I've read by Kalayna Price but I can't wait to continue this series and I'm also planning on buying her Haven books ASAP In the world the author has created the public have been aware of witches and the fae for about 70 years and although there is some prejudice between them and the humans in general they are accepted With the Humans First political party gaining popularity this could change in the future though I was really interested in finding out about all the different kinds of witches they each have very different abilities and Alex's grave magic is one of the rarer forms There are also all kinds of fae creatures to watch out forI found Alex a likeable heroine her power has limitations meaning she doesn't come across as too perfect to be real and she has a lot of the same worries as normal people do which makes her easy to relate to The after effects of using her grave sight were fascinating especially the developments towards the end and I thought Alex was brave to continue using the sight considering what happened to her afterwards She isn't a perfect PI in fact she missed uite a few clues along the way but she is determined and once she sets her mind on something she will do whatever it takes to see it through even it that does mean bending the rules a littleAlthough the story focuses on the murders and the mystery of who is behind them there is also the start of a very promising love triangle I have to confess I'd thought that I was sick to death with triangles and that I didn't want to read any of them but Kalayna has me hooked on this one Normally I find it very easy to pick a team and once I've chosen it is very rare for me to change my mind but in this case I still can't tell you who I want Alex to end up with she has a choice between two very delectable specimens First you have Death a soul collector who she has known since she was a child and has built a friendship with He is very much a mystery man and definitely left me wanting to know but I liked him from the minute he stepped onto the page Falin is a detective who also has his secrets that I think we have only just started to uncover At first I was annoyed by his attitude but he uickly won me over as you get to see his caring and protective side I'll tell you now I swung back and forth between Death and Falin each time they appeared At the moment we know a lot about Falin but I'm hoping we'll see much of Death in the next book and his confession at the end of the book left me desperate for There is an interesting collection of side characters but I didn't feel I got to know any of them well enough I'm confident that this will change as the series continues though What was really nice is that Alex has some supportive female friends I uite often find that other female characters are shown as jealous and petty so it is nice when there is genuine friendship there instead I was a little freaked out by Alex's dog PC although I laughed when we found out what his name stands for but hairless dogs scare me and that is down to personal taste if he'd been any other breed I would have been enchanted by him I would absolutely love to have a gargoyle like Fred guarding my house thoughOverall I thought that Grave Witch was a great start to a new series and it had me so hooked that I will be picking up the second book as soon as this review is written that's rare with me as I usually have a break between books in a series I enjoyed the mystery loved the romance and want to spend time with these characters Definitely a series I'll be recommending to urban fantasy fans particularly if you like witches and the fae