Audiobooks Real Estate Modelling and Forecasting By Chris Brooks –

As Real Estate Forms A Significant Part Of The Asset Portfolios Of Most Investors And Lenders, It Is Crucial That Analysts And Institutions Employ Sound Techniques For Modelling And Forecasting The Performance Of Real Estate Assets Assuming No Prior Knowledge Of Econometrics, This Book Introduces And Explains A Broad Range Of Quantitative Techniques That Are Relevant For The Analysis Of Real Estate Data It Includes Numerous Detailed Examples, Giving Readers The Confidence They Need To Estimate And Interpret Their Own Models Throughout, The Book Emphasises How Various Statistical Techniques May Be Used For Forecasting And Shows How Forecasts Can Be Evaluated Written By A Highly Experienced Teacher Of Econometrics And A Senior Real Estate Professional, Both Of Whom Are Widely Known For Their Research, Real Estate Modelling And Forecasting Is The First Book To Provide A Practical Introduction To The Econometric Analysis Of Real Estate For Students And Practitioners