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    My continuation of reading the five final books in this series that I never got to in my teen years takes me to book 12 Eclipse I had absolutely no idea what this was going to be about, seeing as I read book 11 quite some time ago now I like that though the blurb s on the back of these books never really give anything away, so you can essentially go in blind.I enjoyed the fact that this was told from a dual perspective both Morgan and Alisa Alisa is a relatively new character, and I did find her to be a little insufferable at times she s an angsty teen who s mean to people for incredibly childish reasons, and her hatred of magick distressed me a little Morgan I have always loved as a narrator, so I was happy to come back to her, but her life was so full of trouble and distress that the breaks to Alisa were welcome at times.I was surprised at how much happened in this book that doesn t even reach 200 pages However, there were some things that just felt too convenient, and the pacing was a bit off with most of the action happening within the last 50 pages.Overall I enjoyed this, but it doesn t have the nostalgic factor of the others for me.

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    four stars but still not perfect like the rest maybe because its coming to the end of a HUGE series it will be abit weird and not really enjoyable i think its because i know that this series will end for me soon and it makes me sad to think about it so i just keep having negative thoughts towards the series

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    This series has been in my life for the last maybe 12 years it s time I finish it haha it wasn t my favorite but not the worst either I m not a fan of Alisa so her chapters weren t that great for me.

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    Uhm, this is going tooooo fast, and tooooo easy Come on, at least give them some struggle A dark wave that no one never has been able to stop before should not be an easy task for a 15 years old witch who recently discovered that she is get rid of Please.

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    PlotFour books later and we re finally getting to a resolution with Amyranth and Ciaran Basically, it s been a lot of hoopla for not much It s a very simple solution given to a nearly four hundred year old problem The solution seems to have been pulled out of thin air or the author s butt and takes small pieces from Eclipse and the previous two books There wasn t much of a buildup, though there was at least a climax WritingOn one hand, I think parts of the writing in Eclipse was done very well Each alternating chapter switches between Morgan and Alisa The difference in their voices is much greater than between Morgan and Hunter or Rose It was well done, I believe However, there is some bad parts to this book s writing There are two major plot holes continuity errors that I found The editor should have caught this and made Tiernan go back and fix it With them in place, the plot for the book actually falls apart because it doesn t make sense given what was already stated as fact in previous books.There s a lot of very clumsy exposition in Strife The way things were set up was so clunky It was very obvious where things were going and there was nothing that the reader couldn t immediately and correctly guess It was terribly done, which is weird because while there s nothing the reader couldn t guess before, it has never been this bad CharactersHalf the book is in Alisa s POV so we get to experience with her that isn t in the form of journal entries Unfortunately, she s very unbearable for the majority of the book She s very judgmental and very rude to her stepmother to be, Hilary She has no real reason to be acting the way she does and nobody ever calls her out on it She improved somewhat by the end of the book, but I m not looking forward to spending time with her in Reckoning, the next book in the series Things I LikedI liked that there was a clear difference in the POV between Morgan and Alisa You could tell, even without looking at the chapter title, who s head you were in That was well done I also liked how the part where Alisa was creating the spell against the dark wave was written It was a very tense couple of pages and the stress Alisa felt was very palpable Things I Didn t LikeThere were to gaping plot holes, and there was no reason for them to be there An editor should have seen and had them corrected The first plot hole deals with Ciaran Literally in Strife, three books ago, the reader and Morgan are told that Ciaran was in custody That s why they reversed the spell on the witch s jar There wasn t an explanation that said that the council lied to them about Ciaran or anything so it s best to assume it was a major error on Tiernan s part The other plot hole deals with the dark wave We know for a fact that the dark wave can and has killed non witches The Presbyterian minister in Origins and countless other non witches in Lillipool were killed by the first dark wave But now, all of a sudden, non witches aren t powerful enough to be hurt by the dark wave Then why did Morgan worry about the members of Kithic It makes no sense, and neither does Alisa being able to perform the spell and live because she s half and half.DiversityAlisa has been confirmed to be half Latina The actual term used is Hispanic , but she s Latina OverallIt s taken forever to get to this point in the story, and now that we re here it seems a bit underwhelming The scene dealing with the dark wave was great, but the series is a little long, and there s still three books to go Eclipse has its problems, but it was must easier to get through than the other books, probably because it was set at a faster pace Here is a link to my notes.

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    This book made me realize how different I m from Morgan or Alisa Both of the girls tell that they are not the heroine type And it s not because I want to brag, it s actually not a very good trait I m a person that can think quite cleary when under pressure That s a good trait when you ve got projects at school, deadlines It s not a good trait in friendship I had a clique My best friend was like Morgan Shy, not outspoken, still had an opinion but she barely said it She only was a liar, something I don t think Morgan is However when you are the person who keeps everything together, it s horrible to have this trait I was annoyed by everything without a planning or another example my best friend never made her homework and she was failing junior year I helped her but she still didn t do it We of course had a fight about something so silly I rather not have this heroine trait as Morgan calls it Especially not now any I tried to put it away but that s not who I am And I m done with running away I m done with being someone else Alisa her quote about being someone for fifteen years to find out you are someone else I had the same when I was fifteen and I m glad who I am now I don t want to be that person before I was fifteen again I want to be myself, no longer lie who I am I know that it includes bad traits but everyone has them and you just have to learn to live with that I know I can be mad very easily but I also know that friends are like my family Everyone has good and bad traits and so has Morgan She is honest, puts friends, family etc on the first place and sometimes she keeps a secret Not a problem I like her I believed that we would be friends She is not my ex best friend, actually Morgan is better.

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    Finally, the culmination of several story lines come into fruition After so long in the series, I have to admit that part of me was getting impatient for this moment, when we d finally see Morgan do battle against her blood father.This entry in the series is narrated in two different voices Morgan Alisa Morgan s blood father Ciaran is still on the loose worse he s managed to get rid of the watch sigil that Morgan inscribed on him He s given Morgan an ultimatum join him or perish Meanwhile Alisa has been struggling with not only the realization that her soon to be stepmom isn t going anywhere, but that her mother was a witch a powerful one at that I really enjoyed this book It has a great storyline to it I didn t really mind the story jumping from Alisa to Morgan all that much Parts of the book were interesting to me than others, especially some revelations concerning Morgan what her role might be for Woodbaynes everywhere on earth.If you ve been following the series faithfully, rest assured this book will thrill you If you ve put the series aside for whatever reason, I really suggest that you pick the series back up so you can get to this book It s worth it this is a fantastic read I know that there s 3 books left in the series, so I m curious to see how the story could be extended past this point.

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    I dont even know what to write here any Like seriously the series is so good I love it and i know it will only get kore awesome Wtf is going to happen in the last 3 books idk but im excited to find out

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    I loved it, only the chapters from Alisa weren t that interesting I like to read in Morgan s POV not Alisa s.