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A bumbling, hilarious, over the top and pitch perfect gem of a read The story of a small town in Italy that goes to extraordinary lengths to protect it s wine the purpose of the town s and it s inhabitants very existence during a German occupation towards the end of World War II Laugh out loud funny Hard to find, but if you can, it s absolutely worth getting. I read this book when I was 16 and it was the only book that made me laugh out loud I just loved it What a pity Robert Crichton wrote only two books. For many years, this was my favorite book A beautiful, comical story of a very small town in the mountains of Italy in WWII, the book features some unforgettable characters and one of the best prologues I can remember It will make you laugh, cry and rejoice at the resiliency of the human spirit. WOW Reading this was a bit like reading the Guernsey Potato Peel Pie Society, and a bit like watching the 1953 movie Wages of Fear Exciting, moving, funny, wiseand shocking, too I have to admit it took me about 100 pages to really get into it, but then I couldn t put it down. I read this book for the Wine Store Book Club I moderate for my library I would not have read it otherwise, in spite of the fact that I chose the book as a selection for the club The plot sounded amusing A small wine making village in the hills of Italy tries to hide close to one million bottles of wine from the occupying Nazis Amusing isn t quite the word I used once I finished the book The story takes place near the end of WWII, just after Mussolini is executed The Germans are occupying Italy, and gathering assets A small German unit is sent to the wine making town of Santa Vittoria to acquire their wine for the Fatherland Of course to the citizens of Santa Vittoria, this is the absolute worst thing that could happen to them The author states, ad nauseam, that the wine is their very blood, the wine is their life It is everything to them Don t worry, author Crichton won t let you forget it.The Mayor of Santa Vittoria is Bombolini He is a clown who proves himself to be a competent leader of the town He is also a student of Machiavelli s The Prince, having read it scores of times One of Machiavelli s basic tenets holds that being crafty and sneaky, even deceitful, are justified in regards to obtaining and maintaining political power These are sacred words to Bombolini, and he decides this is how he will deal with the Germans He and the townsfolk hide the wine from the Germans They must conceal well over half a million bottlesI won t tell you howand just get it squirreled away just in time before the German unit arrives They keep a portion of the wine in the cellar and will tell the Germans that is all they have.Bombolini s nemesis is Captain von Prum As Bombolini is a student of Machiavelli, von Prum is a devotee of Nietzsche The German is thebermensch, the superman Von Prum writes in his journal, Deep in the nature of all these noble races there lurks unmistakably the beast of prey, the blond beast, lustfully roving in search of booty and victory Victory is theirs, von Prum arrives for the booty He wants to acquire said booty in a reasonable and cooperative fashion He is deployed to Santa Vittoria with a unit of only eight men He asserts he does not need any than that, as he plans to enact a bloodless victory Thus begins the 400 page battle of wills between the clown and the superman Bombolini s first trick is to hide most of the wine, but leave some, convincing the Germans that portion is their entire stock He gets von Prum to agree to only taking half of this small amount Upon delivery, von Prum is informed by his superiors that the number of bottles delivered should only be a minute portion of what the town should have, based on past delivery and sales records He s been made a fool Bombolini brushes this off by declaring the records false The battle of wills rages on as von Prum searches for the missing wine The situation takes its toll on von Prum s mental state and military career He s being pressured and threatened by his superior officer, but he s making no progress with the town and their secret It reaches a point at which Bombolini and the rest of Santa Vittoria s citizens are downright cruel to von Prum and his soldiers Bombolini and his Machiavellian sneakiness wreak havoc on the Nietzschean superman Cruel to a Naziyou say Absolutely Ever since humans discovered how to fight with each other, to the victor went the spoils The occupying force takes what is wants because they won This is true of countries, pirates, and bullies on playgrounds everywhere Unless the loser is wily like Bombolini The Germans are doing what victors do, and they really try to do it nicely They don t come in to town shooting people as many Nazi troops would have done The bloodless victory von Prum is trying to implement doesn t work out very well, even though he s pretty friendly for a Nazi, or what one would expect a Nazi to be The people of Santa Vittoria don t know how lucky they are to get someone like von Prum showing up to ask for their wine They re lucky anyone in town survived at all.Does von Prum ever get his wine I won t spoil it by telling you.Overall, for me, this book was a chore to read The writing style is very old fashioned, even for 1966 when it was written Repeated flowery passages about the ideal of being Italian, what Italians do and how Italians think and feel, overloaded the plot Crichton somehow manages to keep many characters two dimensional, despite describing them in painful detail The overly dramatic descriptions of the grape harvest, wine pressing, etc., repelled me instead of drawing me in I m giving the book a three star rating, based on the Machiavelli vs Nietzsche plot being interesting, once I separated the plot wheat from the flowery chaff. Hidden away with my family s things, my nonno mentioned I may enjoy this book He knows me well Come to find out this book was a NY Best Selling book in its day It s funny, it s witty, and loved the storyline Once again, another WWII book I seem not to be able to escape this genre , but in this case, it s a humourous tale of how entire Italian town tricked the Germans occupying it by hiding their prized wines My grandfather also mentioned it became a movie Now I m off to find it because I m sure the cinematography will be amazing yet the acting will be a little kitchsy. Really torn on this book, as I remember the movie that was made from this a movie that was a huge box office disappointment Maybe it is because I am Italian, maybe it is because the sites in the book all come from the region of my ancestry Le Marche on the Adriatic Coast and maybe it is because of the fact that this is an older book based on WW2 I wanted to like the book that is sort of classified as a comedy but at the same time there are vast parts of this book that deal with the horror of war that, while realistic, really gave me a different impression on the book.The basic premise is that the town of Santa Vittoria is a great wine growing and producing area, and is the wine used to make vermouth After the US invasion of Italy the Germans move into the area and a small group of 8 or 9 soldiers are told to take the town and get the wine The town, after the fall of the Fascist government, elected a new mayor who is charitably described as a Sicilian clown, except he is a much deeper thinker than they realize and he does things to help the town including hiding the wine This is a book about occupation and resistance, about the Italians appearing dumber than the Germans and yet have outwitted them the entire time Seen as that there is definitely amusement in the book.However, the scenes of torture by the SS, sacrificial citizens unwittingly being led to torture, a village hostage who is left tied up in the village square before being killed, the substitution of another citizen for sacrificial death, etc all is a lot than I expected and to me the book drags through these parts, as the citizens are forced to do all of this to protect their One Million bottles of wine Not that realistic that wine is important that people and dignity, and dignity is what is lacking in this book as the Italians are made to look like fools and in the end the German occupiers are made to suffer the same fate.Also, cannot stand the character Tufa who plays an important part in the book and certain storylines appear not to have been successfully tied up by the end of the book.A fast read, and at times a fun read, but not one I would really recommend. Wow There is so much to like about this book It starts off a little dry and old school After a few chapters it hits its stride though Well developed characters and great pacing Surprising suspenseful Machiavelli is worked well into the story Not that I have anything to go on, but it feels that this book captured what a small hillside Italian town was like back in the 1940s One thing that really disappoints me after finishing it is that book isn t as real as the introduction or parts of the book make it out to be Googling revealed almost nothing about the story behind this book I could find a lot about the movie from 1969 but little about anything else It s a long book and bit of it explains the materials found that go into telling the story behind the story This whole conceit isn t needed An omniscient narrator would have lead to a come compact book. After visiting some of the hilltowns in Tuscany, I wondered what it would have been like to live through WWII there Based on a true story and the author s personal experience, the book clearly told the story of one small village and their ordeal It was light and humorous, insightful and introspective, and the narrator was excellent In my mind I placed the book in Montepulciano, the heart of wine making country and a town with many of the same characteristics as the one in the book The characterization of the townspeople was spot on they came alive, as did their German occupiers.Quite a gem From The Independent They thus missed the book s remarkable strengths its versatile depiction of characters, its unpretentious but subtle prose Based on the true story of an Italian village that hid its wine from occupying German forces, and probably derived from Crichton s own experiences as an American infantryman fighting his way up Italy, The Secret of Santa Vittoria painted a rich tableau of foreign life for notoriously parochial American readers Comic, occasionally mawkish, the novel can still veer sharply away from excessive sentimentality Having bamboozled the dozy occupying Germans, for example, the village s inhabitants find a different treatment in store when a crack Wehrmacht unit retreats through their town They never looked at us They moved through us with the assurance of men who know that if so much as one shot was fired at them by some Renaissance fighter, they would burn the town to the ground. 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