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I absolutely fell in love with Bink and Gollie It may have something to do with the fact that they remind me of my two oldest daughters Bink and Gollie are two friends that appear to have nothing in common, yet somehow, they have a wonderful friendship In this book, there are three short stories about the two friends, and how they get along even though they re so different They complement each other perfectly and find a way to meet halfway most of the time The illustrations are wonderful They are simple, yet show so much emotion on the faces of the characters through excellent details Although there is not very much text on each page, there are some difficult vocabulary words baffled, implore However, the illustrations provide excellent support for the reader and provideinformation that the text does not include This would present an excellent opportunity for a lesson on using context clues to determine meaning of unknown words This would also be an excellent book to use with a unit on friendship.I would use this book with readers that are transitioning to chapter books in 2 3 grades It is a Theodor Seuss Geisel Award winner. Two friends with very different personalities must reach an accommodation with one another in the three stories found in this entertaining beginning chapter book from co authors Kate DiCamillo and Alison McGhee Extroverted Bink goes right for the colorful socks in the first selection, whilereserved Gollie is horrified by her choice Both must learn to compromise, after Gollie attempts to use their pancake breakfast as a means of separating Bink from her new footwear In the second selection, Gollie embarks on a voyage of the imagination, exploring the Andes Mountains all whilst in her own home , while an impatient Bink can t quite grasp that her friend doesn t wish to be interrupted In the third and final story, Bink s new goldfish leads to tension, until she Bink realizes what is causing Gollie s resentmentI greatly enjoyed Bink and Gollie, which, with its gentle tales of two friends who, despite their differences, are loving companions to one another, reminded me of Arnold Lobel s classicFrog and Toadbooks That is high praise I appreciated the way in which the two of them negotiate their differences, and eventually reach a compromise, as it is clear that there is true affection behind their disagreements The conclusion of the book, in which Bink assures Gollie that she and not the goldfish is the most marvelous companion of all, provided a satisfactorily heartwarming end The artwork, created digitally by Tony Fucile, adds to the fun, perfectly capturing the differing personalities of the two friends, and the drama of their various confrontations Recommended to anyone looking for simple chapter books featuring engaging characters. Meet Bink And Gollie, Two Precocious Little Girls One Tiny, One Tall, And Both Utterly Irrepressible Setting Out From Their Super Deluxe Tree House And Powered By Plenty Of Peanut Butter For Bink And Pancakes For Gollie , They Share Three Comical Adventures Involving Painfully Bright Socks, An Impromptu Trek To The Andes, And A Most Unlikely Marvelous Companion No Matter Where Their Roller Skates Take Them, At The End Of The Day They Will Always Be The Very Best Of Friends I was searching my library s e book selections forbooks by Kate DiCamillo because I ve found her to be a reliably good author when I want a children s book that s written well and isn t condescending I d never even heard of the Bink Gollie books before, but the library had 1 and 3 typical , so I picked up the first one to give it a try As soon as I was done, I downloaded the third book as well.This is a super cute depiction of friendship The pictures themselves are adorable I love Gollie s house up in the tree and Bink s wild hair , but combined with DiCamillo and McGhee s wonderful writing, I felt like I was watching an amazing animated film I could almost hear Bink s cute little voice in my head she has some of the best lines DiCamillo never shies away from using big words, trusting that kids are smart enough to figure out what is meant through context The result is a story that is enjoyable for a much wider age range than one might normally find in a children s book.The stories are simple, but they all tie together by the end, and the girls friendship is reinforced evenI wish my library had all of the books in the series, because I d love to read aboutof Bink and Gollie s adventures.Quotable moment Hello, Gollie, said Bink Do I smell pancakes You do not, said Gollie Will I smell pancakes said Bink Perhaps a compromise is in order, Bink, said Gollie What s a compromise said Bink Use your gray matter, Bink, said Gollie You remove your outrageous socks, and I will make pancakes. I must say, these were three rather strange stories The characters are very appealing, but I wasn t immediately sure if Bink was a boy or a girl And do they both live alone Not a sign of families anywhere Very odd Though this book was a 2011 Theodor Seuss Geisel Award honor book for beginning readers, I found some of the vocabulary to be way too advanced for someone in first, second, or even third grade outrageous, compromise, bonanza, marvelous, companion, unremarkable, extraordinary, accomplishment, interruptions I do, however, like Gollie s treehouse Wish I had one Recommended with caution for beginning readers. I loved this book It is completely charming and remarkable in how clearly it is able to convey both the joys and frustrations of close friendship I was actually surprised how short quick to read this book is since it looks like a longer picture book early chapter book but it took me nothan ten minutes to get through The words are chosen sparingly and sublimely and it s brilliant how well they, coupled with the absolutely marvelous illustrations, convey the tone and characters thoughts and expressions I worried at first that some of the ambiguity would bother me why, exactly, are Bink and Gollie friends since Gollie seems so much older and does Gollie just hang out in an elaborate tree house or is that her actual home but it just ended up adding to the sense of fun and atmosphere for me The illustrations could almost tell the story by themselves but I just love the added nuances of character and the wittiness of the dialogue I don t want to hype this book too much but I know it s already receiving major accolades from the professionals and I think they are deserved It really warmed my heart. Enjoyable little episodes in a close friendship all tied together with a bright rainbow sock. Ah I loved this book It is cute, quirky, and fun I have been putting off reading it to my library classes because it appeared too long for my 15 minute storytime I was wrong It took a little longer, but it was well worth it This is a deceptively simple tale about two friends which accurately captures the relationship between two girls One of the best things about this book is that the relationship stands completely alone The first time I read it, I thought the girls were sisters At one point, Gollie actslike a mother Their ages are unclear, and irrelevant Similarly, their homes arefascinating and understated and unusual One girl lives at the bottom of a tree, another in a modern abode on the branch of a tree The sit on bench on a branch to eat pancakes The housing is both not important, and at the same time, extremely interesting The illustrations are absolutely wonderful and help to keep the emphasis squarely on the two girls Much of the drawing is in black and white, while the girls and their immediate task are in color My first and second graders noticed this distinction right away Why they wanted to know Why were only the girls in color A wonderful discussion This book also nicely uses quite a lot of big words, and uses them in a way which helps explain these words to kids There are three short stories within the book and the first one is all about compromise. The last one is about the meaning of companion. I really cannot express how much I enjoyed this book I think it works best with an adult reading along to assist with the vocabulary. This book lifted my spirits and helped me smile today These two friends are very different with big vocabularies They learn the art of compromise I love how the pictures are as much a part of the story as the words and how they meld together to tell this special friendship Also, it looks like such an amazing treehouse they have.They deal with personal space and time, compromise of friends and goldfish and it all swirls into a wonderful whole What we need now is a Bink Gollie nation.This book warmed my heart and brought bubbles of happiness Maybe it would do the same for you and your kids I think this is between children s books and middle grade A kid learning to read could start with this gem My niece loved this book and wanted to read it again tomorrow You can count on Kate. Although this book is 81 pages long and has 3 chapters plus a short postscript, it is not a children s novel as I was expecting, but an advanced picture book, at least in my opinion It is quite advanced because the vocabulary language used is sophisticated and definitelyadvanced than in most picture books, though because the illustrations tell so much of the story, even the youngest children will understand it.I love the story of this friendship between two very different girls In every way, this is a lovingly created book Both the story and pictures are so charming and funny, and they really capture the complexity of friendship.I love the way color and art style were used in the pictures.My favorite part was the imagination shown by Gollie when she climbs the mountain, and the humor shown in the notes on the door Gollie s pancakes definitely made me hungry, and I read this very late at night very early in the morning, not a time when I really wanted to eat And, I like colorful socks Everything with the fish was adorable too.I d like to read further Bink Gollie books.This would make a fitting gift to give to a friend of any age , especially if the relationship is ever tumultuous or strained, or simply close.The authors illustrator s bio section on the inside back cover is cute too.4 1 2 stars.I enjoyed this book so much, I entered to win a copy at Goodreads First Reads giveaway program, a giveaway ending on 12 20.