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Adventures in the Liaden Universe® Number 16Two Stories of a Tumultuous TimeThe Department of the Interior's bloody plot against planet Liad has failed at least for now but Clan Korval's firing upon Solcintra Liad's capital city to save it from the release of ancient killer machines has resulted in the clan's banishment Korval has accepted this ruling with glee but not everything is solved yet especially with the clan's urgent Plan B still in effectHidden Resources deals with untested pilot uin yos'Phelium a halfling suddenly in charge of the escape ship for the clan's youngest members as the eldest face several mysterious vessels most likely bent on revenge His father missing in the larger fray uin's job is clear but resolve alone may not be enough to pull him throughIn Moon on the Hills the focus is on backworld Surebleak Korval's refuge after their exclusion from Liad Surebleak is a half tamed place still ruled by territorial bosses and Boss Conrad while trying to tame it must deal with finding a landing zone for Korval's clan house and the tree that is the center of the clan Yulie Shaper is the unknown factor the road runs through his land and he's not all that fond of changesThe authors' craftmanship is top notch recalling the work of Elizabeth Moon and Lois McMaster Bujold Publishers Weekly These authors consistently deliver stories with a rich textured setting intricate plotting and vivid interesting characters from fully realized cultures both human and alien Elizabeth Moongood solid space opera a very fine piece of entertainment Don D'Ammassa Science Fiction Chronicle

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    About 70 pages Two fairly interesting stories Hidden Resources and Moon on the Hills They each take place after Plan B and I Dare These two short stories are also published in anthologies including A Liaden Universe® Constellation Volume TwoIn Hidden Resources 35 starsSetting Runig's Rock and Surebleak Characters Juntavas Sector Judge Natessa The Assassin Pat Rin's life mate and young uin Pat Rin's teenage son a newly minted pilot trying to be brave and smart The story also features uin's grandparents Luken and Kareen and his four cousins Padi Shan's teenage daughter Syl Vor Nova's pre adolescent son and Anthora's infant twinsDanger at the rock All hands on deck Good action scenes As for relationships I was curious to see how uin would respond to first meeting his new stepmom Natesa but that piece was too thinly sliced We briefly see how Kareen greets her brother Daav for the first time since he went to Delgado about 20 years ago Luken's anger at Kareen is mentioned but not explained To find out why Luken cannot and will not forgive or forget what Kareen did see Lord of the Dance in With Stars Underfoot Cross series discrepancy In Hidden Resources Daav first meets the kids at Surebleak Spaceport but in Necessity's Child Syl Vor remembers how they first met Daav at the house He had been in house when Syl Vor and Padi and uinn arrived from The Rock and had immediately made himself known to themIn Moon on the Hills 35 stars Edger the Clutch Turtle's huge ship arrives at Surebleak in their huge asteroid like spaceship it looks like a small moon hence the title It is time to deposit Korval's Tree and house but first Pat Rin must convince the edgy neighbor to let Korval lease road access The neighbor Mr Yulie Shaper is inconsistently portrayed Sometimes he seems pathetically frightened and prone to panic attacks Other times he is a killer and tough negotiator Of course he loves cats Mr Shaper's POV hopped from past to present Irritating and confusing especially since it was mixed in Pat Rin's POV all in a short story It was fun to see Tree settle into the new land Fun to see the effect on people and animals However I wanted much of this type of thing I wanted Tree's perspective and maybe even Jeeves' POV so I felt disappointed I like Mr Shaper but was bored by his long rambling meditations on the past involving his dead brother Rollie — a waste of space — and his esteemed grandfather Gramps The scene with Pat Rin negotiating with Yulie was mildly interesting We get some history of how Surebleak came to be so bleak and lawless contrasting favorably with the arrival of Boss Conrad's honorable leadership style We find out about the irresponsible mining and farming corporation that abandoned Surebleak decades ago breaking its promise to the new investors and landowners including Gramps and about Korval's new property located at the end of the world or world's end — some such thing Actually even though it had no bearing on the plot I liked Pat Rin's reminiscences of Liad in the days immediately following the Skyblaze attack We learn a bit about how he was welcomed and esteemed by Val Con and Miri Anthora a special hug and Shan etc Even Nelirikk featured in his reminiscences Loved the remembered scene when his houseman Vesker pel'Tolian pledged the loyalty of his Naisington Alley establishment But I was slightly frustrated because this series is beset with inter book discrepancies Moon on the Hills differs from Ghost Ship in terms of the clan members present when the Clutch ship delivered Tree and House

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    45; 4 stars; A Both of these stories take place after 'I Dare'The first story concerns the return of the clan's children from the hiding place they took up when plan b was put into effect It would have been a much better story IMO if the fight between Natesa Kareen and the invaders was told in detail Still a good story and we see Kareen re united with her not so beloved brother at the end of itIn the other story Pat Rin has to find a place to put Jelaza Kazone and integral clan house which was graciously transported from Liad by the Clutch turtles Pat Rin's diplomatic abilities are tested once again but at the end the clans kin Jela's tree is safely moved

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    Hidden Resources is another short story set at the same time as Ghost Ship it shows the coming home of Clan Korval's treasures the young children who had been spirited away to safety They are supposed to be taken home by Pat Rin's lifemate Inas which is a tale in itself Moon on the Hills is also set in the timeframe of Ghost Ship Jelaza Kanzone has to be set down somewhere and it has to be near the rest of the main port of Surebleak so ideally it should be at the end of the main road but what happens if you can't find the nearest landowner so easily because he's incredibly shy? I wouldn't have minded if that story had been novella length oh well

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    I am loving every single one of these short story collection

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    Two short stories that fill in a couple of gaps in the Liaden universe post I Dare definitely worth reading for Liaden fansI liked the first story especially as it focused on the characters who have been off stage in the latter books as well as giving a glimpse of the next generation of the Korval clan

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    I found Hidden Assets to be a bit short I'd like to know exactly what Natesa and Lady Kareen did to repel the invaders As to Moon on the Hills I had wondered how the Tree would settle on Surebleak since it's removal from Liad had created a lake Overall it was a good read

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    'TheTree' arrives safely on Surebleak big sigh of relief Liad o phile

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    One thing I know a Liaden story from Lee and Miller will always please and I was not disappointed Some suspense a dose of humor and added background for characters from the main series made this two story collection a nice addition to my collectionThis one gives us a vignette of two of my favorites uin and his father Pat Rin yos'Phelium The stories are set during the midst of the Plan BSurebleak story arc and without having read the main novels of that arc these two stories probably will not make sense so read the main novels firstI enjoyed both the stories in Halfling Moon very much and I hope Lee and Miller continue to release these 'side jobs' in the Liaden universeThank you

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    4 starsThe first story is about the kids who have been packed off to Runig's Rock with Luken and Kareen uin is Pat Rin's son and is aware that his father is the only one who hasn't reported in since Plan B has been enacted Then Inas arrived on the Rock followed by an enemy ship and uin had to lift off as Pilot in charge These Korval kids definitely don't have much of a young and carefree childhoodThe second story is about Yulie Shaper who will end up as Korval's neighbor on Surebleak Pat Rin had to make arrangement with him to obtain land for the Korval House and Tree I'm still trying to visualize how the Clutch ship managed the whole relocation Again 2 very informative short stories that added to the whole Liaden saga

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    Goid book but short