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A brilliant multifaceted chronicle of economic and social change The New York TimesNo praise can be too high The New York Review of BooksAt the outset of the 1870s the British aristocracy could rightly consider themselves the most fortunate people on earth they held the lion's share of land wealth and power in the world's greatest empire By the end of the 1930s they had lost not only a generation of sons in the First World War but also much of their prosperity prestige and political significanceDeftly orchestrating an enormous array of documents and letters facts and statistics David Cannadine shows how this shift came about and how it was reinforced in the aftermath of the Second World War Astonishingly learned lucidly written and sparkling with wit The Decline and Fall of the British Aristocracy is a landmark study that dramatically changes our understanding of British social historyCannadine has produced a great book one that is comprehensive in its scope and of critical importance                                                                     London Review of Books

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    Honestly I bought this book after watching Downton Abbey I thought I would learn about aristocratic families but it was a of a historical account of their lives in general not an account of particular families This does not mean the book is not good no This book is about 800 pages full of information but some are repetitive Still one does not feel bored while reading it maybe because I love historyThe book in general is a detailed account of the change in the British social history The author spends many years collecting the material of his book I enjoyed reading the book because it really provides me with insights regarding a lot of historical incidents which are new to meBottom line I recommend the book for anyone interested in the British history