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Brace Yourself For The Battle Of The ExesHayden And Nick Used To Be A Hot Item, But Their Brief Affair Ended With A Highly Publicized Breakup Now The Two Are Just Friends, Excluding The Occasional FlirtationWhen Hayden Wins The Girls Division Of A Local Snowboarding Competition, Nick Is Unimpressed, Claiming That Hayden Wouldn T Have A Chance Against A Guy Hayden Calls Nick S Bluff And Challenges Him To A Head To Head Boarding Contest Their Mutual Friends Quickly Take Sides, The Girls On Hayden S And The Boys On Nick S, Making For An All Out Battle Of The Sexes This Friendly Competition Is Bound To Get Heated And They Might End Up Igniting Some Old Flames

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    A Fast Five review 1 The Ex Games is about Hayden and Nick Nick and Hayden started dating when Hayden first moved to Snowfall yeah, the name is a little ridiculous in year 7 The went on four dates then Hayden broke up with Nick Now they hate each other, or at least thats what Hayden thinks When Hayden wins the girls division of a local snowboarding competition, Nick really doesn t care, saying that all the guys in the boys division were faster then her This then leads to a bet, a bet that has their friends taking sides Boys vs Girls 2 The book is a fairly light and quick read I finished it all in two nights 3 What makes this book different from other books from this genre is probably the fact that the characters fought a lot and the attraction was there but it wasn t a flat out We should get together We shouldn t lot s of flirting in the end we are together everything is resolved it was a lot of hidden attraction and you really didn t know why how Hayden and Nick would get together.4 I think the end all came together to fast, but in some ways that was sort of a good thing If it had been a slow book I probably would not have enjoyed it as much It ended well, predictable, but nice.5 Overall it was a good read and I recommend it to anyone that likes Jennifer Echols I actually recommend it to anyone that likes this genre It s worth reading D

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    What a fun read It has everything you need in a good romantic comedy escape Great characters, plenty of laugh out loud moments and some steamy kisses Highly recommend this book if you looking for an light and entertaining escape

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    Another comedy hit for Jennifer Echols, but after reading so many of her books, I ve noticed a pattern she s good with humor, not so good with drama The characters in The Ex Games are likable and funny Echols creates some seriously amazing characters when she s on her game and the plot is simple and sweet, but there s one glaring problem that keeps me from rating this book any higher than two stars the drama is borderline nonsensical I was really having a hard time getting past it Nick likes Hayden likes Nick, so this should be resolved fairly quickly once that comes out, right Wrong Every time they d get close, one of them would inevitably accuse the other of having some ulterior motive Every.fucking.time Just imagine I like you , I like you, too , We should make out , OK kiss kiss kiss, rub rub rub So, the bets off now, right WHAT Is that the only reason you made out with me this is followed by stunned silence, then either one or both of them walk away in a huff The only thing keeping these two apart for the entire book was their own stupidity Characters who have that particular flaw really get to me, especially when they re portrayed as pretty no nonsense in every other area of the story Inconsistency is a killer.and it bogs down the story something fierce.Other than that Cute, sweet, and funny If you re not bothered by badly crafted hurdles like I am, you d probably enjoy this .

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    23 2014Challenge information This book has been in my TBR since November, 2012 It qualifies for Genre Romance in my February Book Blast and for the Mt Kilimanjaro challenge.I wanted a quick romance read This one definitely fit the bill, although the annoying factor was quite high as well.What I liked it was sort of cute, and very snowboardy I am not a snowboarder, but I grew up on skis and there were a lot of aspects of this book that hearkened back to my days as a junior racer in a good way.What I didn t like it was just too juvenile for me The romance was very simplistic and not very believable The resolution was unconvincing.Also, and let s get to the point the bet between the girl who was supposedly an expert professional class snowboarder and the boy who was a recreational snowboarder just pissed me off It is true that when equally skilled men and women compete head to head, typically men will beat women However, a professional woman basketball player will blow the freaking doors off the guy who plays a round of pick up basketball once or twice a month And Venus Williams on her worst day, sick with food poisoning, with one arm tied behind her back, is going to beat the pants off the average man at some tennis club somewhere.The idea that Hayden who is allegedly ready to go pro would lose a race to Nick who is a recreational boarder just annoyed the shit out of me If she is that good, then she should win Period.Skill wins Unskilled penis does not beat skilled uterus And basing an entire book on the idea that it is does annoyed me to no end.So, yeah That.

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    THE EX GAMES is a cute love story that with two bitter leads Hayden and Nick their battle of the Ex s After their publicized break up back at the 7th grade,a little misunderstanding and their secret will to reconcile, is what finally throws our scroned lovers back into it,a bet..a game, something that actually broke them up in the first placei found the book to be both light and brezzy defiantly a 3 star deserving for all the fun and skate boarding this book went on about.the leads were both fun and chramastic enough to keep the book entertaing to the end with hardly any angst in the plot RECOMMENDATION Try picking this up when you want something light and breezy to read through.

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    Chick chick chick Chick litI don t remember but there was an ad of a chewing gum that sounded like thatIt was a sweet rom com and a fast and easy read I liked the detail about snowboarding.Cute story You may need to ignore the fact that the couple moves in a never ending loop of fighting and making out for no reason Case 1 When Nick confesses that he always sort of saw Hayden as his girl Fighting after that was so stupid Case 2 During the comp, Nick declares Hayden as girlfriend and girlfriend thinks he only said that to set an example for his father What s with all the skepticism I can understand that for an older girl, like myself but for teenagers, I thought that was a bit much.

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    AWWWW I m not even surprised I m giving it a 5 5 once

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    You had a bet You couldn t lose a bet If you had a choice between me and winning, you ll choose winning every time It s still true. I had so much fun reading this book It was hilarious, sweet and cute.There were a couple of times that I found myself awwwing and sighing and giggling as I was reading this book.There was so much chemistry between Hayden and Nick.They were scorching hot without even trying Hayden and Nick used to be a thing back in seventh grade.That was until Hayden found out that it was all just a bet.Four years after their friends started going out with each other leaving Hayden and Nick both single among their friends.Hayden was a snowboarding enthusiast and is aspiring to go pro someday.Nick was not impressed however which caused Hayden to challenge him on a snowboarding contest.Their friends took side of course.It was girls versus boys.Would Hayden be able to prove to Nick that she could do it Or will Nick be able to prove to Hayden what she really means to him Gosh this book was cute I loved everything about this book.Let me rephrase that.I loved everything about this book except the cover.I wasn t exactly a fan of that but what the heck The story was just ooohhh ssoooo cute and hilarious.I liked this book because I was simple.It doesn t have a complex plot but it still keep you hooked to its pages because how the author developed the character and their relationship with each other.What I found really funny was how Nick despite of his natural charisma towards girls was not able to really confess to Hayden how he feels.It was like he never outgrew 7th grade.Some boys really do have a weird way of expressing their interest towards someone they like.Nick was a very good example.He made Hayden feel that he doesn t like her when in fact he does for the longest time.I mean OMGosh What the hell But yeah the whole up and down of their love hate relationship was very entertaining to read.It was silly but really amusing Sometimes I just find myself smiling about how ridiculous Nick and Hayden has been because both of them really doesn t know to express each other too well and when they try to they old end up fighting.They were a weird couple but seriously cute I liked their friends too.Chloe, Liz, Gavin and Davis were equally as our weird couple Hayden and Nick.They were fun to read too.They were as multi faceted as the two main characters.Once in a while I just want to read a feel good book like this one.I highly recommend it if you are looking for a light and amusing book that would keep you company if you re just out in your backyard or sunbathing on the beach.This is my first Jennifer Echols books and will definitely be reading .I already have Going too Far on the to be read pile so I will need to get to that soon I am giving this book a perfect 5 stars Despite my not liking the cover, the contents wholly compensated for it.

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    This book wasodd.Plot wise, it was all over the place I like stories about exes that secretly still care for each other so I was excited for this one, but.yeahno I was expecting witty banter, not Hayden to think what a hottie, we need to make out over and over again And Nick My goodness, what did she see in him He was horrid They kiss, then fight, then kiss, then fight This book was setting up a major battle of the sexes, but it felt like little kids fighting in the sandbox Their fights didn t make sense either Hayden was an odd character Her entire thought process was bizarre and in one scene which I think was supposed to be funny she came off sounding like a creepy stalker not that I made a habit of standing there and staring at him as he worked out That would be creepy I watched him on the surveillance cameras behind the reception desk What How is that NOT creepy Also, what was her obsession with owning her brother s pants with BOY TOY printed on the butt First of all, what girl wants to wear her younger brother s pants Second of all, what girl wants to wear men s jeans in general And what 14 year old boy would get BOY TOY printed on the butt of his pants Surely there s a better way to keep his sister from borrowing them than sabotaging his own clothing I will say that despite the weird obsession with the jeans, I enjoyed the interactions between Hayden and her brother the best I liked the little rap songs that he wrote to cheer her on There were also some phrases repeated numerous times that were weird Examples he flicked his dark hair out of his eyes with his pinkie I ve never seen anyone use their pinky to push their hair back I just tried it with my own hair and it felt awkward my blood spread the life giving oxygen throughout my body I mean, yes, that s true, but it s just a weird comment to make, and she says it at least 4 times fire crotch this phrase was used CONSTANTLY, probably at least 20 times Awkward, weird, and made the characters seem really young and immature tripped over Doofus first of all, that s a horrible name for a dog, especially the cute Irish setter that this dog was supposed to be Second of all, what was the point of having every single person in the family trip over Doofus whenever they walked into a room Literally, Hayden makes a point to tell every time someone trips over this poor dog Josh and I pulled on our layers of boarding clothes tripped over Doofus and headed outside for the bus my mom headed toward me with a plate of oatmeal and fruit tripped over Doofus and managed not to spill anything The slapstick humor really annoyed me, and it s not like Doofus is a small dog like a chihuahua How can you not notice a dog that big This was an odd one for sure 1.5 stars

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    Hayden and Nick once dated on the seventh grade but things did not work out with the two of them Now that their friends Liz and Davis and Chloe and Gavin are dating the entire school are wondering and hoping that the the two of them would rekindle their failed romance A snowboarding challenge might be a ticket to this But will this bring them back together or tear further apart FUN FUN FUN The book was a lot of FUN I was laughing the entire time that I was reading this It was a fast read for me and very light I liked the characters in the book Liz, Chloe, Gavin and Davis are the most supportive friends anyone could have Liz and Chloe were able to help Hayden get over her phobia while Gavin and Davis continue to be supportive with Nivk And together the four of them continue to patch things up between Nick and Hayden Whether they are patching them up to become friends or something else they were always behind their back I envy Hayden and Nick for having such great friends This book was like a breath of fresh air For a change There were no popular girls trying to sabotage the lead character, no ex boyfriends or girlfriends trying to tear them apart, no third party in their love story and no parent trying to separate them What s there are good friends trying to help them Hayden and Nick and them trying to move past their differences to move on or rekindle their love It is all about fighting your own issues in this book I will not tell you which of the two actually happened you ll just have to figure that one out by yourself hehehe. These things makes us see that while other novels make us picture high school as sort of like a battle field we have to survive for four years it is not always like that High school can also be a place of true friendship, fun and love As for Nick and Hayden I was rooting for them all the time Their flirting was so fun to read and their retorts towards each other s so called insults makes me laugh I don t know what to say both characters have great personalities This book is guaranteed frustration free A book you can t help but love