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William Broderick s Father Anselm mysteries are my go to books when I can t sleep late at night Strange choice Ordinarily a mystery would be a last option during an insomnia battle, but these are in a category of their own Yes, there is an overarching riddle or puzzle to be solved, something that is difficult or impossible to understand or explain but the reader is treated to an enigma which also sets him or her to pondering the larger questions of life and death.In A Whispered Name an elderly man and his middle aged daughter come to the monastery in search of a monk who can shed light on a decades old mystery concerning the man s long dead brother, who was apparently court martialed during World War I Unfortunately for their quest the monk is long dead This opens up a case where his own brethren are surprised to learn this saintly priest was among those who condemned this apparently innocent man to death But wait, no one in the community had ever heard Fr Herbert Moore ever served in the Great War much less sat a courts martial Why if that was the case would he have never mentioned such a momentous event in his life to any of his fellow monks And anyway, was the executed man innocent as the family claim As Fr Anselm sets out to investigate, he discovers layer upon layer of events, lives, and deaths, which cross and collide over the years and continue to reveal new truths The story is deeply moving as is the beautiful writing style of Broderick Don t read this if you are looking for an action thriller You will be sorely disappointed But if you like a book which slows you down and makes you think about what matters in life, this book is for you, as are both of the previous books I have read by Brodrick, The Sixth Lamentation and The Gardens of the Dead I have one on my shelf and I will save that for another tough night And I just discovered that the author has written two new mysteries deep happy sigh When a story covers the horror that was Passchendaele, it takes real skill to make one particular death significant Brodrick does just that, and He gives this death meaning, and a sort of beauty, while gazing clear eyed on the fear and horror of it A Whispered Name is the story of a young Irish soldier, and of the people whose lives were interwoven with his The events of 1917 are threaded through a investigation in the late 20th century I would have liked to have been given a clearer indication of just when the later narrative was taking place as far as I could tell, it was the 1990s , with a handful of characters present in both time periods A man was charged with desertion, and sentenced to death, because he was for a short time absent from his unit But something is strange about this case the narrative told by its paper trail has too many blanks These absences of information begin to look deliberate Through the eyes of Brother Anselm In the present day, and through a gradual unfolding of events in 1917, we discover what led to the decisions that determined Joseph Flanagan s fate in 1917, and the lasting effects of that fate on many others.I sometimes had difficulty keeping track of all the named soldiers, and I never quite understood Seosamh s motivation for enlisting But those are small reservations For the prose that s so often musical, especially when it s of and about the Irish characters, and for the stark evocation of place and time, this story will long stay with me. The third book in the Father Anselm series, second that I have read Deeply hidden secrets of the Priory founder, and importantly Anselm s mentor, become the focus of Anselm s investigation into World War I events Father Herbert Moore featured in.This is unlike any other book I have read covering the difficult terrain of World War I In order to survive, most soldiers had bottled up their experiences, or changed their way of talking, to make it credible, to bring it properly dressed into decent society It was the same for Herbert He said nothing to his brother monks, but he was still haunted by the face of Quarters he still had to steel himself to watch those eyes vanish in a spurt of mudCertain tragedies require silence as an epitaph Library Loan Engaging mystery thriller series with a likable monk previously lawyer One day, keeping his bees at the abbey the good Father Anselm is approached by a young lady, Kate, and old man who implicate the now deceased Fr Herbert in a mystery Herbert had been in the British army in World War I and had been one of the officers at a court martial of a young Irish soldier, Joseph Flanagan, for desertion What was the meaning of the court martial to the young man Kate feels there had been a good reason When Anselm starts to investigate, some of the official papers are missing Why The story has several subplots present day and the investigation and two in the past involving Joseph and another involving the different officers who pursue his case The World War I background involves the horrible Battle of Passchendaele.A real page turner, a cerebral mystery thriller I hope to read about Anselm by this author Highly recommended. There are so many aspects of World War 1 that can shape a novel and take its reader to a time and a place that few can imagine The event that took place in this novel may have been fictitious but is based on a reality that I find difficult to understand While the subject saddened me I found myself gripped by the story as it unfolded I found this book on the library shelf It was one of those rare times when a cover intrigued me and so did the description on the flap I liked this book not for the reasons I expected a main character who s a monk , but because of the mystery itself it was set during WWI While I ve read a lot of books about WWII, this book took me into the trenches in France and while it was hard to read some of the scenes and imagine the loss of life, I m glad I read it.I also did enjoy Fr Anselm and his fellow monks I liked the descriptions of the rhythm of their lives and the way those rhythms were disrupted.I m definitely intrigued enough by this book to try others in the series Given that I ve nearly caught up with Louise Penny in the Gamache novels, I could use some good mysteries in my reading life. To Keep Quiet About Something So Important Well, It S Almost A Lie, Wouldn T You Say When Father Anselm Meets Kate Seymour In The Cemetery At Larkwood, He Is Dismayed To Hear Her Allegation Herbert Moore Had Been One Of The Founding Fathers Of The Priory, Revered By All Who Met Him, A Man Who D Shaped Anselm S Own Vocation The Idea That Someone Could Look On His Grave And Speak Of A Lie Is Inconceivable But Anselm Soon Learns That Herbert Did Indeed Have Secrets In His Past That He Kept Hidden All His Life In , During The Terrible Slaughter Of The Passchendaele Campaign, A Soldier Faced A Court Martial For Desertion Herbert, Charged With A Responsibility That Would Change The Course Of His Life, Sat Upon The Panel That Judged Him In Coming To Understand The Court Martial, Anselm Discovers Its True Significance A Secret Victory That Transformed The Young Captain Moore And Shone A Light Upon The Horror Of War Here is how I know I m reading something special the closer I get to the end, the slower I read it because I want to savor it The Father Anselm series started out being billed as a mystery, but the time of the second and third, that switched to a novel That is appropriate because if you take this up, as I did, as another in a series of mysteries, you may not be prepared for a serious novel of the mystery of how one makes meaning in one s life, all stemming from WWI Simply a splendid novel Be prepared for war and peace. Slow moving book but one that packs a strong emotional wallop Father Anselm starts to try and unravel a WWI case to understand what really happened in the process of uncovering what happened he lays bare a deep, emotional and fresh story of the cruelty and heroism of WWI.A great book highly recommended. Really amazing story that made me think about it a lot even after I finished the bookThe beginning didn t catch me much, but it turned out to be a very remarkable story from World War 1, bringing out the questions about the morals, humanity, good and evel being turned upside down in the times of war, with a bit of mystery and suprising turns