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From Beginning To End A Sinfully Delicious Story Of One Woman S Struggle To Trust Who She Is Inside And Accept Herself As Well As The Love Of The Man That She Loves With All Her Heart Book JunkieAndrea Wants To Submit, But Not To Just Any So Called Dom He Has To Be Tougher Than The Slum Bred Bullies She Grew Up With She D Given Up Finding A True Dom When Her Friend Finagles Her A Place As A Trainee In An Exclusive BDSM Club With The Powerful Shadowlands Masters Andrea S Thrilled And TerrifiedForced To Accept An Unknown Submissive Into His Carefully Run Trainee Program, Master Cullen Is Furious Not Only Is The Young Woman New To BDSM, But She S Unsuited To Her Role Armoured In Leather Like A Domme, She S Liable To Punch A Dom Than Kneel He Decides To Push Her Right Back Out The Door But As He Ruthlessly Intimidates Her, Punishes Her, Then Cuddles Her, His Glimpses Of The Woman Inside The Emotional Armour Intrigue Him And Her Utter Surrender Captures His HeartAlthough Master Cullen Is Famous For His Unfettered Lifestyle, Andrea Believes He Might Be Interested In Her, Until She Discovers He S Not Just A Bartender He S A Cop Maybe He D Overlook Her Past Brush With The Law, But When Another Trainee Accuses Her Of Stealing Money, Andrea Knows She S Lost The Master She Wanted With All Her Heart

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    3.25 stars I m beginning to wonder if maybe this series just isn t for me Or if I m going in with too high of expectations I ve been looking forward to Master Cullen s story from the very first book And I m pretty much left wondering when he ll get a story because this book certainly didn t feel like the Cullen that I got to know over the course of three previous books There were barely there sprinkles of his personality, but not enough to piece together the man that I thought I knew a bit about Now, I understand that when he s in the role of Master or Trainer he has to be serious and turn on his professional personality, but even when we got his POV during off time he didn t seem himself Also, based on what I thought I knew about Master Cullen, Andrea doesn t really fit the picture I had in my head of the type of woman he d end up with Size and build, yes..personality, not quite Andrea was too stubborn, too self conscious about her poorer background, too insecureeven though she was suppose to come off strong and independent Another thing about Andrea is I understand that she was Latina, but the Dios was way overkill and the Spanish insertions felt forced and didn t come naturally.it screamed Look I have a POC character in my book It just didn t feel authentic All the other parts of the book that I ve come to expect certainly did not disappoint Ms Sinclair certinly knows how to maneuver you around the Club and fully visualize what the atmosphere must be like And it was great seeing how the other couples are doing and catching up with them Master Z sure does have an inventive and entirely unfair way of playing volleyball in the pool Major points for creativity We are introduced to Master Marcus in this book and I m looking forward to seeing how he applies his southern hospitality and charm to a sub of his own

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    This is the fourth book in the Masters of the Shadowlands series and we finally get to have Cullen s story From the beginning, I loved this bartenders laid back manner His easy, sexy smile and wicked sense of humor has made him one of the most popular Masters at the Shadowlands Not interested in any kind of relationship that involves commitment, Cullen is content to enjoy the fruits of his labors at the club, and as the head of the sub trainee program, he s got than enough fruit to pick from.Andrea Eriksson wants to be dominated, but her street tough ways aren t exactly conducive to submission She doesn t like answering questions or asking for help What she needs is to find herself a Dom who can deal with her take no crap attitude and not try to change her or that s what she thinks, anyway Lucky for Andrea, her best friend Antonio is owed a favor by none other than our very own Shadowlands bartender And what does Antonio want He wants Master Cullen to accept Andrea into the Shadlowland s sub trainee program For many different reasons, this makes the bartender very, very unhappy.Having found myself instantly attracted to Cullen all the way back in the first book of the series, and having that attraction grow with each subsequent book, I was sure his story would be amazing However, I really did not like Andrea at all, and so I found fault with everything she did and at no time was I hoping for them to get their happily ever after.That said, Cullen did manage to have enough good sense not be caught up in her drama, knowing what he was and wasn t willing to put up with If he had just stuck around ooohing and cooing at her I would have been totally put off by the story because that s just not true to his character In the end, I was pleased with the turn of events that led Andrea to see the light and realize what she needed to do to get what she wanted.

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    Master Cullen finally finds his perfect sub Andrea wants to submit but she is confused whether she should submit and to whom She is a tough cookie a strong stubborn character who just needs the perfect master to dominate her She will give control and trust to Cullen, although she needs to struggle a lot with her inner alarms Cullen is a cop Cullen is too scary Cullen will hurt her.Cullen on the other hand is a real catch One of the most favourite Masters in the series He will be sweet and patient in this book He tried to keep his distance from the subs under training in the previous books and now Andrea will prove to be his weakness.Overall a really entertaining book that it can also be educated if you are curious about the BDSM clubs Nothing says I love you like a well made implement of pain.

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    AwwWhat to say about this book Cullen Oh, dear God Cullen He is sooo my favorite this far I think I fell in love with a book character again.My CullenReading about him in the previous books I expected a player, someone who would play hard to get due to commitment phobia and I was partly right He was a player and he liked screwing around until a certain sub walked into his life I like the fact that in this series the heroes aren t afraid to go after what they want, they don t resist because of some innate need to be free If I was into BDSM for any reason it would be the fact that doms know what they want and get it In theory and in books it seems great I m sure if I came across someone like this in real life I d test how much damage my fist can cause A pity really.AndreaWith an attitude equal to any Domme, Andrea has a hard time finding the right dom for her until she walks into Shadowlands and a very attractive trainer decides to take on the challenge I both liked and disliked Andrea I loved her humor and the way she didn t give up and disliked her insecurities concerning her background and family I strongly believe that origins don t matter, just what a person does with himself or herself It s rediculous to be ashamed of what other people do.I like how the books in this series gradually evolve and each hada interesting story than the previous Yes, it s still erotica and has all kinds of sex scenes but the author gives us substance The story behind every person, a development in feelings, a consistent ending.I also loved the fact that Cullen didn t want to share Andrea I enjoy the BDSM side of things but I still can t stomach the fact that these people are willing to share their partners even with boundaries I would be constantly green with jealousy if my bf even kissed someone else I ll take territorial and jealous in a certain extend over this any day.

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    Lean on Me by Cherise SinclairGenres Adult, Contemporary, Erotica, Romance4.75 StarsWell, I may change my favorite in this series so far.I really loved this one Andrea and Cullen were fantastic characters Their interactions with each other was off the charts fantastic I easily felt the connection to both of them and absolutely adored Andrea She is just so normally neurotic She sees herself as independent But she is really obsessed Her refusal to ask for help no matter what goes to the point of self harm Cullen is hot and sexy and completely smitten But he sees how dangerous her refusal to ever show what she considers weakness can be All of this leads to a very hot and steamy romance This one burned up the pages I laughed out loud many times Other times I swear my toes curled for the steamy adult scenes There isn t much of any suspense as far as crime The action is mostly between Cullen and Andrea But, honestly I did not miss it Cullen and Andrea s story didn t need it They created their own action suspense And lord have mercy did they have Action I don t think there was any room for anything else but them They were just that fantastic of a couple Definitely recommend this to lovers of Erotic Romance

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    Cullen looking like BoramirRAWR Liked Cullen and Andrea s story but I did have some problems with itThere was a situation with Andrea and Master Dan Master Asshole and Master Marcus took care of it And then when Cullen was brought aware of it and pointed it out to Master Asshole, he took a step back and felt bad about it Whatever Thought they were too harsh on Andrea Then they blame Andrea and her pride for not crying about it I was like, SERIOUSLY I would have love to take a flogger, especially on Master Asshole.Now one part that I really liked was the scene with Master Marcus and Andrea and that was H O T HOT That scene did for me than any scene with Andrea and Cullen.

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    Liked the characters, good story, hot read Now on to the complaints Cherise Sinclair makes the same mistake as many romance authors when writing a Latina Hispanic character she has her using random Spanish words to make her seen authentic To all writers out thereDON T DO THAT Maybe non Spanish speakers don t notice, but those of us who do know the language can tell you that there is nothing less authentic than a bilingual character mixing up both languages when speaking to someone who only speaks one of them It s particularly egregious in Lean on Me, because 1 Andrea was born and raised in the US, which means she s fluent in English and therefore wouldn t randomly throw in a Spanish word 2 Her mother was Hispanic, but her father wasn t And since her mother died when she was a child and she lived with her father until her late teens, that makes it even less likely that she would think in Spanish It would have been realistic to make her not very fluent in Spanish Every time she said or thought, Oh, Dios and Jesus, Maria, y Jose and Senor, I was taken out of the story Another issue I had was Andrea s cleaning business Now, I was perfectly happy to let that stereotype slide, but making her broke on top of that Did Sinclair not do any research there Because cleaning businesses make big money And Andrea OWNS her own cleaning business, she has employees, and her clientele includes offices What, did Sinclair fear that a financially successful Latina business owner would be too much for her readers to believe

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    Quite liked this story but did not like the continual use of the word Dios just bugged the hell out of me.I realise she was of Spanish origin and maybe it is because I do not hear this type of language in RL not being from the US.I wasn t keen on Andreas personality either.I did enjoy the smexy scenes, but was wondering why the writer did not give us the full detail of their first night together in his bed I thought that was a very special occasion and we only get glimpses of it in flashback.I did not enjoy this as much as the first books in the series and that may be the problem They all run along the same plot lines and maybe I am just not as interested in that plot device as I was when I initially came across this series.Having said that I would read another Masters book as the environment was comfortable and familiar.

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    I liked Cullen in the previous books I guess when he s in Master Mode, its a little harder for him to be a playful guy However, each book in the series so far gets and emotional depth, and bring up some big issues.

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    Love this book I can t wait to read the next