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The Latest Novel in the Exciting Liaden Universe® Space Adventure Series The Seuel to Scout's Progress Aelliana Caylon has endured much and finally she appears to have won all a spaceship comrades friends and the love of a pilot she adores Even better that her lover—the man who was destined for her a man as much a loner as she—is also the Delm of Korval arguably the most powerful person on all of Liad He has the power to remove her and protect her from the toxic environment of her home Clan Best of all he agrees to sit as her co pilot and her partner in a courier business Even happy endings sometimes show a few flaws Such as Aelliana's home clan being not as agreeable to letting her go as it had first seemed And the fact that someone is stealing pilots in the Low Port which falls within the Delm of Korval's honor Oh and the revelation that the man she loves—the man who is destined for her—isn't entirely the man she thought he was And finally she discovers that even the lift from Liad she'd so fervently desired is part of a larger plan a plan reuiring her to be someone she never thought she was or could be

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    I love this series but I was disappointed in this book I liked the preuel Scout's Progress much than Mouse and Dragon On the positive side there are some tender scenes between Daav and Aelliana It was good to see Aelliana abused so horribly for over a decade continue to grow a spine Their wedding scene was certainly unexpected and mildly amusing I liked the few scenes when Aelliana and Daav went off world beginning her courier business wanted of that thread and later found the short story Guaranteed Delivery in the ebook Courier Run It's also in a Constellation anthologyI also liked the few scenes with the children Pat Rin Shan Anthora Nova and their newborn son Val ConBut in general MD is boring Not enough action Very little humor except for some attempts to pun around with idiomatic language saying crimson fishes instead of red herrings Too much family drama with Daav's sister Kareen joining forces with Aelliana's mother to keep the lovers apart Kareen tries to force a worthier marriage — a replay of the discord Er Thom and Anne Davis endured from Petrella and Kareen in Local Custom I could care less about Kareen and Alliana's mother — I had than enough in SP The book would have been better if the drama were replaced with a interesting plot about the ghost out in deep space and the rising murder rate at Liad's Low Port Those plot threads felt underdeveloped Whatever came of the ghost? The attacks and deaths? Much later I found a short story that embellishes this plot thread a little The Beggar King was published in the duology ebook Necessary Evils and in the anthology A Liaden Universe® Constellation Volume TwoThe pacing is jerky in the last uarter After the day to day pacing of the bulk of the book we very suddenly skip forward several years ahead This abrupt transition happened than once Major spoilers coming up view spoilerAbsurd ending when sudden tragedy struck and Daav decided to view spoiler leave little Val Con behind on Liad his mother dead This is the son he yearned for so passionately at the beginning of Scout's Progress? Why not take him along? His son would be safe off planet for a few years and they could frame it as part of his education His father can teach him all about his heritage and duties from off world The balancing made no sense to me but I suppose I lack a sense of melant'i But the real kicker is that when Alliana found a way to start communicating with Daav and meddling in his life she didn't tell him to get his butt back home where she could watch over her son through him and via Tree Totally unbelievable hide spoiler

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    preorderThis is a very satisfying second half to the story begun in Scout's Progress filling in some of the story started there that eventually will lead us to the Fledgling Saltation ARC and tie us in to Plan BIf you have read all of the series there is the bittersweet knowledge of what is coming but I was never overwhelmed by that Sometimes when authors go back and fill in stories they can be constrained by that and it can smother the story Lee and Miller manage to transcend those restrictions brilliantlyI would hope that this eventually gets paired up with Scout's Progress since they fit together seamlessly and in fact I intend to go back soon and read at least the Local CustomScouts ProgressMouse and Dragon story arc Of course like the very best addictions this may end up in a complete reread of all of it so perhaps I should just surrender and start with the Crystal booksI love the mannered world of Liaden with melanti and the honor of its houses and their interrelationships Particularly Korval the house that defines itself and the explorations of duty and loveIn particular I love the heroine a brilliant mathematician who grows out of the pain of her family of origin and the circumstances she has grown up in

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    45; 4 stars; A The first time I read this series 'Mouse and Dragon' wasn't published Daav and Aelliana's story ended on a positive note at the end of Scout's Progress Yet as I meandered through the other parts of the this intriguing universe it became clear that 'events' had occurred A child was bornthe reader meets Val Con in the Conflict of Honors series view spoiler Also its is clear that someone is leading a double life and that alas the partnership meets a tragic end If not end exactly it at least undergoes a radical change hide spoiler

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    Daav has rescued Aelliana from her clan and offered her his protection which she gratefully accepts They are true lifemates but haven't formalized their contract Her clan doesn't want to let her go She also needs to heal from the abuses she suffered They both need to find their way to being partners Excellent romance in a wonderful science fiction universe

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    Though this book is a must for all Liaden fans for the very same reason it's a must I don't recommend new readers begin here Far better to read Agent of Change or even I Dare and enjoy the full range of Liaden tales which intersect like Keltic knotwork than in linear fashionTherefore no summary as just about everything is a spoiler I will state that this book forms the second half of Scout's Progress Readers are in the position of knowing what is going to come this book is all about how we got there revealing facts that have only been hinted at in other booksHighly satisfying and very poignant

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    Such deep characters and relationships one comes to count them friends at the least 42116 re read And we got a brief introduction to Norbears

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    SPOILERS FOR MOUSE AND DRAGON I DARE FLEDGLINGI enjoyed this book but was disappointed by the skips in time at the end of the book 85% of the book I would say is a direct follow up to the events in Scout's Progress Then it seems like Sharon Lee just wanted to link the book to the rest of the chronology There is a resolution to the dispute between Korval and Mizel and then a skip in time Val Con is born and then a skip in time Then Aelliana is shot and Daav flies off into the universe seeking balance Then we see him meet Kamele Waitley who will eventually become Theo Waitley's mother The end really felt like a series of codas than part of the same story It's like a Strauss waltz the codas just keep comingI also have to say Healers or no Healers there is a drastic difference in Aelliana in this book that I found slightly difficult to reconcile I guess with Val Con and Miri's lifemate bond they realize they pull on each other's strengths Maybe that's what happens with Aelliana and that's why she is so different here she's using some of Daav's strength and courage Maybe? And if Jen Sar is a Gallowglass scholar and Anne Davis funds the Gallowglass chairs how did they lose track of Daav? They never considered that someone so brilliant at his old field of study cropping up just when Daav went missing could possibly be the same person? I'm a little suspicious Or maybe I misunderstand Just an idea Er Thom and Anne missed something there I thinkFor all of these inconsistencies I still really liked the book Sharon Lee is a wonderful story teller and by this point I'm hooked It's really only a matter of time until I have devoured the entire Liaden Universe written to date

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    This book was a seuel to Scout's Progress one of my all time favorites in this series Mouse and Dragon while excellent wasn't uite as good The book was fantastic up until Daav and Aelliana became officially lifemated It was a lovely look at their relationship as they grew closer and Aelliana healed emotionally from her family's abuse and blossomed into a fully self confident woman However I really wish the book had ended thereAfter the lifemating though the book became fragmented It was no longer a coherent narrative and a story that could stand on its own merits Instead the plot almost disappeared It become of a string of connected scenes from Daav and Aelliana's life together view spoilerAelliana's death and Daav's balance hide spoiler

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    Lee and Miller are in fine form in this direct seuel to Scout's ProgressThough the book can stand alone it has a whole lot emotional weight if you have read Scout's ProgressIt looks like Daav and Aelliana are finally free to declare their love and forge a life together But that would be too simple Of course there are obstacles Her clan does not want to lose her members of his clan are reluctant to welcome her and then there are outside forces at work tooMarvelous addition to the Liaden Universe canonI really fear to say a whole lot for fear of spoilers for those unfamiliar with all of the books For those who have read all the previous books Yes this book does cover the event you think it will Tissues will be needed And the ending is a very very nice touchCue need for a few tissues Lee and Miller do a good job IMO in making Daav's course of action reasonable and palatable Indeed I really appreciated spending time with Daav and came to like him much than I had previously I have always loved Aelliana and this book just reinforced my feelingsNow for all you Liad fans why are you sitting there reading this review instead of reading this book for yourselves??

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    Whew hard book to review Not because it's not a page turning novel because it is do not start this when you have other things pending such as cookies in the oven children in need of transport or parents needing to be picked up at the airport Those of us who have read the books that are chronologically later know what has to happen in this book and that's what makes this a hard review for me So let's leave it asGreat book great read great plot great characters and have the later books handy for follow up readsThis book belongs to 'branch' in the main storyline Since Scout's Progress and Mouse and Dragon literally overlap don't read M D without reading SP Reading Local Custom first would be good but not urgently necessary Below is the way I order the booksGreat Migration Founding of Clan KorvalCrystal Soldier 2005Crystal Dragon 2006Older TerranLiaden historyBalance of TradeCurrent Generation Korval main lineConflict of HonorsAgent of ChangeCarpe DiemPlan BI DarePrevious generation Korval side branchLocal CustomScout's ProgressMouse and DragonFledglingSaltationMeets up with the main line in I Dare