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Carlos Fuentes doesn't want any part of the life his older brother Alex has laid out for him in Boulder Colorado He wants to keep living on the edge and carve his own path just like Alex did Unfortunately his ties to a Mexican gang aren't easy to break and he soon finds himself being set up by a drug lord When Alex arranges for Carlos to live with his former professor and his family to keep him from being sent to jail Carlos feels completely out of place He's even thrown by his strong feelings for the professor's daughter Kiara who is nothing like the girls he's usually drawn to But Carlos and Kiara soon discover that in matters of the heart the rules of attraction overpower the social differences that conspire to keep them apartAs the danger grows for Carlos he's shocked to discover that it's this seemingly All American family who can save him But is he willing to endanger their safety for a chance at the kind of life he's never even dreamed possible?

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    SIMONE ELKELES Hola ElleELLE Oh Hi Simone ElkelesSIMONE ELKELES WTF Elle? You gave my first book in the series Perfect Chemistry only two stars? Explain yourself Senorita ELLE Well Simone Elkeles I just thought it was a bitSIMONE ELKELES I know I know I hear you cariño It was too intensely POWERFUL a novel for your mind I accept ELLE um actually no it was that ISIMONE ELKELES Si chica I feel you I suspect the hot teen sex on filthy garage floor scene was far too EXTREME for you ELLE Well no not really In fact I kinda’ thought it was a bit lame andSIMONE ELKELES And were you not AROUSED by the Adonis I created in Alex? Did he not get your sangre going?ELLE Well y’know Simone it takes a bit than a 17 year old boy toSIMONE ELKELES And then there’s my EPIC CLEVERNESS Because they meet in Chemistry class and I titled the book Perfect Chemistry DO YOU SEE WHAT I DID THERE? ELLE Yes Bravo Simone SIMONE ELKELES And then you must have been completely PERPLEXED by all the twists and turns and UNEXPECTED occurrences throughout the journey?ELLE Yes well all that nonsense aside Can we talk about Rules of Attraction now? Because this one was so much better and I really enjoyedSIMONE ELKELES Si Indeed my talent has no end I will continue on until I have achieved complete Young Adult Romance world dominationELLE right But as I was saying I was quite impressed withSIMONE ELKELES And they will name an entire genre after my gift It shall be called Young Adult SIMANCEELLE SIMONE ELKELES Did you notice how I gave the heroine a stutter so that I would have a tool with which to demonstrate the IMMENSE HEART ACHE from within our little chica? Again my cleverness is beyond all proportion Is it not?ELLE SIMONE ELKELES Your silence is praise to my humble ears Senorita Now I must warn you You simply MUST prepare yourself for the third instalment of my grand trilogy of greatness Behold Chain ReactionELLE There’s another brother? SIMONE ELKELES Si ELLE Is it going to be the same f’king story with the same f’king characters and the same f’king outcome?SIMONE ELKELES SiELLE Balls SIMONE ELKELES Are you telling me that you will no longer succumb to my magnetic pull?ELLE I haven’t really decided I think I might just wait and see what otherSIMONE ELKELES Nonsense I insist that you YEILD to my supremacy I will be keeping my obscenely talented EYE on you my little villano Hasta luegoELLE balls Dear GoodreadersI wish to make it perfectly clear that I have not nor have I ever claimed that I have interviewed Simone Elkeles The above dialogue is intended as humorous fictionSimone Elkeles did not actually say any of the above to my knowledge oOAlthough I bet she wishes she had thought up YOUNG ADULT SIMANCE herself ay?Regards Elle EDIT The lunacy