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I didn t get it at all why Zoey tried to stay together with Brandon all the time and why she even believed they were together since she knew him and his use each woman only once and discard her method well before and it was clear that she hooked up with him spontaneously because of her helplessness concerning her family situation In addition, I really had difficulties to understand what her friends, the twins and others, were talking about, the strange dating conversations she has with them Zoey s in my eyes unnecessary paranoia in the cafeteria and at the swim meetings concerning what the others might say about her puzzled me to no end Also I didn t grasp why Zoey obeyed her father so much What could possibly happen to her if she just defied him In my head I shouted Go, Zoey, talk to the psychologist, buy a car, take that boy to your bedroom Give your shitty, self centered father a piece of your mind In the end he will not care, he has the most to lose i.e his face and consequently his smoothly running business and your mom is a lawyer and will back you up She never even tested the waters, which was pretty frustrating.I am a sucker for tormented, sensitive, love challenged guys, though I enjoyed the Desperate Doug moments tremendously, which results in a 3.5 rating Plus, Doug turned out to be half Japanese thus I didn t buy the translucent, green eyes and I pictured him bone meltingly drop dead gorgeous.And although they are always only short, frozen in the middle or switching into something else entirely, I have to admit Jennifer Echols has this talent to cook up incredibly sexy make out scenes Care to write an adult novel, Mrs Echols Thank you, Janina, for giving this book to me I do not consider the reading time wasted. After reading Going Too Far and The Boys Next Door, which were really good to excellent esp Going Too Far , I was excited to read to this book The description was interesting, something a little different from other books of this genre I had a hard time feeling anything for Zoey She was delusional about a relationship that was basically a one night stand with a friend, and that drove me crazy For someone that seemed to be pretty bright, and who knew how her friend operated, it seemed completely out of character for her to think the one night stand would be anything to him Her dad was a total booger head and her friends were so quick to turn their backs on her I found both to be such extremes in human nature I m sure there are people in the world who are like her dad, but it just seemed so unrealistic for a father to care so little and be so terribly horrible to his child who was just involved in a car accident pretty much immediately after her mother attempted to commit suicide just heartless I can understand her friends being upset, but I also feel they would have known a little about her home life so that they didn t overreact as much as they did The one character that I really did like and who I believe remained pretty constant was Doug What a dreamy guy with a contradicting personality quick tempered but patient at the same time He was probably the driving force in keeping me reading the book and rooting for a happy ending.Sorry, Ms Echols really wanted to put Forget You right up there with Going Too Far, but I just couldn t. 2.5 starsI am going to dub this the Awkward Second Date Book Let s back up a moment to Going Too Far, which I read earlier this month It was my first Echols book, and we hit it off I spent three days with Going Too Far, and I was quite enamoured with it, in particular with Echols well drawn characters and the intense chemistry that drove the story Fast forward one chapter into my second Echols book Forget You I found myself perplexed giving the book a quizzical raised eyebrow Was I drunk when I read Going Too Far Reading through the rose tinted glasses of book infatuation Pause to flick back through previous book No I was still feeling the charm of Meg and Johnafter s story And so, back to Forget You Where was it going wrong for me Besides the cover, which was causing people on the tram to give me the side eye The premise was sufficiently interesting and the plot device of Zoey s amnesia sets the story up for the required conflicts and tension between the characters While the withholding of information we initially know only as much as Zoey does is frustrating, it achieves its purpose of raising the stakes and piquing interest from the outset Of course, readers will swiftly put two and two together and realise the majority of what has unfolded during Zoey s lost night perhaps not the reasons why , but it is observing the characters interactions as Zoey puts the pieces together that makes the plot engaging Where this story fell down for me was the characters motivations and choices I really could not understand some of the decisions Zoey made, even with the justification explanation of the family trauma she had recently experienced She was not an unlikeable character, I simply failed to understand her at times On a side note here, I freely and without qualms slap the Unlikeable Character label on Zoey s dad He made my blood boil Which was probably the point In my opinion, the prickly, reckless Meg of Going Too Far was a sympathetic character, despite the fact that in reality, I am probably like Zoey Meg s motivations felt clearer, her actions very much in line with her character Conversely, Zoey felt hazier to me with none of Meg s sharp edges, she was less defined and difficult for me to empathise with I did come to feel invested in her as the book progressed, but she was never very easy for me to get a handle on Just when I thought I understood her, she d slip out of my grasp and do something like view spoiler insist Brandon was her boyfriend, when, hello Brandon is a scumbag who deep down you know very well does not give a flying banana about you and there is a hot guy right in front of you who has actively shown that he cares about you end ranting at character hide spoiler When I first read all the rave reviews of Echols Going Too Far, I was psyched to read it I love a good YA contemporary romance and am always looking for new authors Although I liked Going Too Far, I didn t love it, and I certainly didn t think it lived up to all the hype However, I did enjoy it and was hoping I d LOVE Forget You Alas, I liked this one much less than Going Too Far.Why Simple, Zoey The main character I, frankly, could not stand her On one hand I really felt sorry for her She has this horrible father I mean BAD Then her mother tries to kill herself and is admitted to the loony bin And her horrible father threatens her, demanding she tell no one about the incident, including her two best friends He then makes Zoey feel like she can t say or do certain things for fear people will also think she s crazy, like her mother.She s having a helluva tough time Right after her mom s incident her Dad and his new girlfriend head out to Hawaii to get married leaving the seventeen year old Zoey alone Sigh Talk about bad parenting So, I feel for her I really do However, the night her mother attempts suicide Zoey does something drastic and out of character which is understandable considering the ordeal she s been through by losing her virginity to Brandon, her man whore, player of a friend Maybe not the best decision ever but ya know we all make mistakes, we do stupid things when we re hurting or in pain That s not what bothered me.What bothered me was for the entire rest of the novel she referred to Brandon as her boyfriend and somehow equated this one time incident as a relationship I m sorry honey but a one time hook up does not a boyfriend make.I can somewhat understand her motivation behind this She s in this uncontrollable situation and keeping up appearances has always been part of who Zoey is Brandon is the football captain and having him as her boyfriend would, in her mind, help keep the appearance of a normal life.I can t express how obnoxious and annoying I found it every time Zoey said something to the effect of Brandon being her boyfriend I felt so bad for Doug, because you know he felt just as frustrated with this ridiculous notion I loved the scene where he suggested she get a card that she could whip out every time she was going to use the Brandon Boyfriend Excuse BBE , as I ve been referring to it in my mind.Doug He was the books saving grace for me I loved him The bad boy rep but really he s a nice guy I really wanted to smack Zoey upside the head every freaking time she used the BBE with Doug Bitch, he s not your boyfriend, grow a brain Gah Despite my complete annoyance with Zoey I have to say that Echols can really write one helluva love scene She manages to make it hot and sexy and completely believable between two teens I also loved that she doesn t shy away from generally tabooed topics such a masturbation The incident is brief but I cheered when I read it I remember my first time reading about gasp masturbation when I read Judy Blume s Deenie and I like to see authors tackling such subjects Overall, I was just so annoyed with Zoey s insistence that Brandon was her boyfriend that I could NOT find enough empathy to move beyond it And not even Doug could get me past it But never fear readers, I seem to be in the minority in my thinking If you can get past Zoey s bonehead assumptions you ll probably enjoy it However, I couldn t and it really impeded my enjoyment of the novel. I am having difficulty believing it was almost a year ago that I read Going Too Far It was a solid swallow in a single gulp read and, I have often thought of Meg s I am full of fear mantra and smiled I m happy it s received the welcome attention it has in the blogosphere and I knew her next romantic drama would meet with a host of eager readers When I first read the synopsis for Jennifer Echols FORGET YOU, I admit I was completely sucked in by the amnesia angle and the whole waking up to find you have a different boyfriend from the boyfriend you thought you had bit I mean, who s not up for that So many great possibilities when the protagonist herself doesn t know exactly what s going on Plus, I enjoyed Ms Echols writing quite a bit in Going Too Far And nearing the end of July as we are, this book was fast starting to sound like the perfect summer read to me and I looked forward to it with a high degree of anticipation.Zoey works at her dad s water park Slide with Clyde along with all seventeen other members of her high school swim team All except Doug Fox The boy who did a year in juvie and always seems to give Zoey a hard time As captain of the swim team, Zoey runs a tight ship in and out of the pool Her friends respect her and admire her for her work ethic and her seemingly perfectly put together exterior Then her dad knocks up his 24 year old human resources manager and Zoey finds herself racing the gossip home to her mother before things get any worse And for awhile it seems that everything will be all right Yes, she and her mother are on their own now as her father is going to leap into his midlife crisis with reckless abandon and marry Ashley In Hawaii, no less But then Zoey comes home to find her mother unresponsive on the bed next to a dangerously empty bottle of pills And suddenly her vaunted ability to keep tight control over her life has disappeared without a trace Forced to move back in with her furious father, while her mother resides indefinitely in a mental institution for evaluation, Zoey tries to exert a modicum of control over her life and decides to sleep with her longtime friend and player with a capital P Brandon The next thing she knows she wakes up in the hospital, having apparently crashed her car after the party And, even mystifying, Doug Fox is attached to her hip The large gap in her memory appears to include several vital things and Zoey is determined to find out what they are.I ll just go ahead and start by saying that FORGET YOU is an example of another great setup that fell very flat for me Much of the problem was plotting issues, along with an abundance of confusion throughout the story So many character traits and decisions just didn t add up and I felt like I was constantly scratching my head, like I was missing puzzle pieces than poor Zoey I liked Zoey I felt incredibly sorry for her Her mother attempts suicide and then gets locked up in the hospital, where no one will allow Zoey to visit Her father is like something out of a nightmare and the boys that she lusts after are neither of them anything to write home about Her commutation of a one night stand into a full blown relationship with Brandon can be chalked up to her completely understandably disordered mental state For awhile But unfortunately I was only able to suspend my disbelief so long She knows his reputation She knows the reality of him And, smart as she is, it seems beyond unlikely she would persist in such an unbelievably unrealistic scenario, when presented with the lovely young hottie by the name of Doug, who clearly wants her Yesterday And despite the fact that she so wants him back, she treats him pretty poorly And he takes it I mean, he snarks at her a bit, and definitely tries to get her to see the light But ultimately he takes it It was hard for me to keep a torch for Doug burning when he kept turning belly up And not treating her very nicely either, come to think of it These two were undeniably drawn to each other, but they didn t seem to much like each other I have difficulty signing on for that sort of deal I guess I just need a little than attraction to go on I couldn t feel the connection between them, much less want them to be together They didn t leap across the page at me and their magnetism alone just wasn t enough And so what I hoped would be an absorbing, sweet read ended up an extremely confusing and fractured one As evidenced by the links below, some people feel similarly and many do not If you ve not ready any Jennifer Echols yet, I highly recommend starting with Going Too Far and working your way out from there. I really enjoyed Forget You Jennifer Echols really knows how to write about real teen problems It was a powerful and honest novel that deals with divorce, depression, sex and realtionships It was one of those books I had to finish in one sitting or I wouldn t have gotten any sleep that night if I didn t have everything resolved Thankfully I finished it and I got the ending I needed.Zoey was a complex character who I liked I can see that she will annoy some people It is frustrating that she kept talking about Brandon is her boyfriend when clearly everybody else can see he is not, including him I wanted to yell at her but in a caring way I understand why she thought it and needed to say it She didn t want to deal with the truth and this story is about her growing up and learning about realtionships Doug, he is by far the best character in this book He is at the beginning portrayed as the bad boy but clearly as the story unravels you find out what an amazing guy he is He is sweet, caring, dedicated and gorgeous even hotter than John After from Going Too Far Doug and Zoey s chemistry was HOT Seriously, there was one scene in the book where I thought this was an adult book So be warned there is a lot of sexual content in this for a young adult fiction There was also a lot of characters in this book who made me mad I wanted to punch Zoey s Dad I wanted to punch Doug s Dad too And Brandon I just wanted to slap him for being so stupid Overall, another great book by Jennifer Echols and I can t wait to see what she writes next. I don t think I could be obsessed with a book I love this book so much I almost started rereading it as soon as I finished it I was such a giddy dork while reading this, it was really quite embarrassing, luckily I was by myself I love all of Jennifer Echols books so I was impatiently awaiting the release of this one And when I got it in the mail I was so excited But I was afraid that I had built it up so much in my mind that it wasn t going to be as good as I hoped But don t you worry it was even 10x s better than I expected Oh Lordy I think it would be really cool if she made a sequel to this book and maybe did the same story but from Doug s point of view But really I ll read whatever she comes out with she is an amazing author Going into this book, I didn t expect too much I really liked Jennifer Echols Going Too Far a lot, but I read quite a few negative reviews about Forget You.And I got what I expected Although I was hooked and finished the book in a few hours last night, it has quite a few flaws that can t be overlooked in my opinion.First and foremost, these flaws are closely linked to Zoey s behaviour I simply didn t get her There were moments when I thought What are you doing Why are you obsessing about a relationship that basically doesn t exist And why do you keep changing your opinion all the time without reason or explanationI felt confused fifty percent of the time And I don t think this confusion was due to fact that I couldn t grasp the complexity of the plot, but due to it being poorly executed with quite some holes.Zoey s father was too one dimensional for my taste He was simply a jerk, and there was nothing in his behaviour that showed he cared at least a little about his daughter, or explained what caused him to become the person he is I know that there are probably even worse parents out there, but did Echols have to make him all bad Despite all that, Zoey s relationship with Doug was portrayed in a believable way Echols definitely did a good job at that I could feel the chemistry between them and I really liked Doug as a character Nevertheless, even here Zoey s behaviour annoyed me She always persisted in being with Brandon and not wanting to cheat on him.I know that parts of Zoey s re actions can be explained by her emotional state after everything that happened to her in such a short time, but after a while I just wanted her to see clearly again I couldn t believe that Doug came back to her every time she treated him in a bad way.Altogether, I wouldn t label this a must read I would rather recommend giving Going Too Far a try. Why Can T You Choose What You Forget And What You Remember There S A Lot Zoey Would Like To Forget Like How Her Father Has Knocked Up His Twenty Four Year Old Girlfriend Like Zoey S Fear That The Whole Town Will Find Out About Her Mom S Nervous Breakdown Like Darkly Handsome Bad Boy Doug Taunting Her At School Feeling Like Her Life Is About To Become A Complete Mess, Zoey Fights Back The Only Way She Knows How, Using Her Famous Attention To Detail To Make Sure She S The Perfect Daughter, The Perfect Student, And The Perfect Girlfriend To Ultra Popular Football Player Brandon But Then Zoey Is In A Car Crash, And The Next Day There S One Thing She Can T Remember At All The Entire Night Before Did She Go Parking With Brandon, Like She Planned And If So, Why Does It Seem Like Brandon Is Avoiding Her And Why Is Doug Of All People Suddenly Acting As If Something Significant Happened Between The Two Of Them Zoey Dimly Remembers Doug Pulling Her From The Wreck, But He Keeps Referring To What Happened That Night As If It Was , And It Terrifies Zoey To Admit How Much Is A Blank To Her Controlled, Meticulous Zoey Is Quickly Losing Her Grip On The All Important Details Of Her Life A Life That Seems Strangely Empty Of Brandon, And Strangely Full Of Doug