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Alright, So Chloe Knew It Was Just A Little Crazy To Have A Crush On A Sexdroid, Be He Ever So Cute And Great In The Sack, But She Did, And She Wasn T About To Let The Company Disassemble Him, By God, Even If She Did Have To Rob The Ranger Station To Rescue Him Jared And Kane Didn T Think She Needed The Fucking Fuck Droid, Not When They Had The Same Gods Damned Programming And Were Ready And Than Willing To Practice Their Own Pleasure Droid Programming On Her But Chloe Armstein Wasn T An Easy Woman To Dissuade When She Set Her Mind To SomethingRating Carnal Erotica Graphic Violence And Sexual Encounters, Multiple Sexual Partners, M Nage Of FourGenre Futuristic Romance

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    She glanced around the room at the cyborgs The ship s old and not very comfortable, but make yourselves at home and help yourselves to the supplies Captain Chloe is a very nice girl who for some reason likes to collect and save stray cyborgs Firstly she will save Jared and Kane from the frozen planet, then she will save Damon her first lover and three prisoners Lucien, Sebastian and Thor from planet Thagorous Apparently all six of them will fall in love with her like stray puppies who need a home.While they try to escape, they will find Reuel that we met in The Awakening and his cyborgs and Chloe will try to lead all these homeless cyborgs to their new paradise, a planet where they will be free from humans and they can create their own city and evolve .The book is really funny Especially when riots start in the ship because of the sexually frustrated cyborgs, their jealously and possessiveness Basically most of cyborgs are virgins and they have just started feeling sexually awakened and they are not sure what they are supposed to do with it.If you like reverce harem books and sci fi romance, I could definitely suggest this book and this series.

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    3 As many Cyborg dicks as your heart desires StarsJaredKaneDamonCaptain Chloe,And let me see there were three guys, Sebastian, Lucien, and Thor I should have posted pictures for them but really that s just three dicks than Captain Chloe had holes for But she was a trooper and managed to satisfy her six cyborgs She even tried doing three at a time once, but that just turned into a nasty fight when the other three walked in on the orgy and got jealous LMAO I m still laughing over that scene.Captain Chloe was beyond stupid for the first 45% of the book, but managed to redeem herself by the end Let me just say I am not a Prude and I am all for some multiple partner sexcapades but six guys is three too many I am still loving this series Reuel, my favorite of the Cyborgs, shows up in this one and is just as Yummy as Ever sighs I think these books are listed in the wrong order This was listed as book 6, but the events in this book take place right after The Awakening and before Abiogenesis so it should have been listed as Book 2 of the series I hate it when books get mislabeled, but it did not ruin the story for me.My Cyberevolution reviews The AwakeningTotal RecalAbiogenesisCyborgIlluminationCyborg Nation

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    DNF 14%The first book in this series was so good but I see the rest have devolved into ridiculous plots with stupid heroines and a silly attempt at humor which falls flat.

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    12 21 2015 I ve read this before, but it s been a few years and I don t really remember this story I m raising my dating from to because I just love Kaitlyn O Connor s humor I have a lot of her books under this pen name and others, and I re read some if them several times a year.I took off 1 star this time, because 6 cyborgs are just too many And, there was the spot where Damon became Damien Also, I didn t recall reading a description of Chloe, and I like a physical description of book characters There was about the cyborgs than about Chloe.When reading Ms O Connor s books I really try to put myself into her ditzy heroines than with any other author I think her stuff is highly amusing such a head game in most of her books I don t understand how someone can actually think this way, much less write it Much different from any other writer I ve come across I can see how Chloe is not used to being around people, and her experiences in general are very limited because she lives on a space ship with never than 3 others Pairing that with cyborgs, whose communication skills are decidedly lacking, and there s plenty of fodder for this story I actually like her quarrelsome cyborgs they are like grumpy siblings.I recommend this whole series start at Book 1 It s my favorite cyborg series and one of my top menage series but I like all of her menages.

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    I adore Kaitlyn O Connor s books, especially the Cyborg novels Total Recall was no exception.It s rare for me to read a book out of order and enjoy it, but Total Recall was the perfect opening to the Cyborg world It was wonderful to see Reuel before he met his match It was even better to read how the Cyborgs ended up on their new world O Connor does a wonderful job of making you believe in her world, in her characters Heat, humor, and fast paced writing all combine to make Total Recall an amazing read Hell, she s going to make you fall in love with a Cyborg and you ll love every minute of it I hope she isn t finished with this series because I d love to read her world

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    2.5 stars DNF at 85% Cyborgs The thought didn t appeal to me at first then I remember reading Absolute Boyfriend, Vol 01 from a few years back and then I m likeCyborg lover wait. six cyborg lovers When s the next crew sign up Enter Captain ChloeOccupation Salvager of stuff across spaceSee she and her dad stumbled upon broken cyborgs Kane and Jared when they salvaged Xeno 12 and she was pretty adamant to save them Now both boys work for repairing ships and taking orders and sometimes playing board games with the captain to pass the time.But oh no total recall happened and the company wants the boys back to disassemble them and she s like fuck no i ll keep this piece of eye candy.But what about her Damon sexdroid back in the brothel from where she popped her cherry Her sweet, loving and super pow wow at bed Damon Okays, so she gets him then saves a bunch of these cyborg dudes along the way namely Lucien, Thor, Sebastian That was great More eye candy And just when you think the plot will be lost beyond redemption..swoops in Rogue leader Reuel to save the plot along with you guessed it mooooooooore cyborgs Captain Rogue has great idea Maritime Sex Act whoop dee doo.As enthusiastic as I want to be for this, my eyes kept skimming over the pages.I HATED the dialogues between the 6 cyborgs HATE IT HATE IT They would have been a lot charming if they didn t speak at all WHAT S WITH ALL THE GOD DAMNS FUCKING SWEARING I have nothing against swearing but this book Why would you inject every cyborgs dialogues with gods damn fucking Seriously, it s getting old.And honestly, Mayhap and Gods damn fucking in one sentence Seriously Don t Get Me Started With The Sex Scenes I was 50% percent confused all throughout the entire scenes The writing was seriously confusing I needed to reread a couple of lines than a few times to understand.What is this Sex scenes and dialougues aside, the plot and world building were great is all I can say.

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    2nd time reading Another wonderful read I ve upped my rating because I enjoyed it so much Had me crying through a third of the book, which I love I had read a comment from another Goodreader who said that this author s heroine s are pretty much the same I had the opposite conclusion This woman was so different than Abiogenesis Dahlia Chloe is rough around the edges but extremely caring The one thing the women do have in common is they look at actions and try to find out what the ulterior motive was, even criticizing themselves when they feel they contributed to any disharmony In between my library books I m planning on going through the entire series again Previous review 07 01 11 I should actually be book 1, it takes place about 6 months after the war on Xeno 12 and is when they find their own world I think this is the last book in the series And with the mix of humor and pain sometimes both emotional and physical , it has become one of my favorite series view spoiler hat I don t get is in the other books they talk about they re not having humans on their world, but after reading this book that s clearly not true hide spoiler

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    I ve always enjoy a Kaitlyn O Connor book and this one is no exception I will say that a O Connor book is not for the faint of heart There is group sex and than one partner She tells a good story and this book is no different.

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    Okay this was very amusing But in the same vein as that first book in the series that I liked the most They used the same jokes over again and just added 3 guys who weren t clearly differentiated and were basically gimmes Still amusing, gonna try one and then if no good then SWITCH

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    Really in love with the cyborg I d like to have books to read