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Everything Is Changing Around Lucy Loverling, And A Turning Point Is Exactly What She Does NOT Need Suddenly She Has To Make All Sorts Of Decisions Including What She Wants To Be And It Seems That Everyone Else Knows Who And What She Wants To Be Except Her Izzie Has Become Friends With The Glamorous Nesta, And Lucy Isn T Certain She Likes A Threesome Nesta And Izzie Look Sixteen, But Lucy, At Fourteen, Can Still Pass For A Twelve Year OldBut Then One Day Lucy Sees The Most Wonderful Boy Crossing The Street, And Things Do Start To Change In All Areas Of Her Life

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    I first read this series when I was about 13 years old, and they were some of my favourite books Now, years later, my reading tastes have matured, but I still really enjoy these books They re fun, girlie, easy, light hearted, and extremely quick I read this in only an hour or so I really look forward to rereading the rest of this series this year, and remembering my early teenage hood, where the only things that mattered were school, friends, and getting your crush to notice you.

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    To see full review click hereI remember gobbling these up when I was younger, so I decided it was time for a revisit.The result.Well, it s not terrible Oh, sure I still cringed quite a bit while rereading it But there are worst books out there I just think I ve really outgrown this series and instead of being labeled YA it should be middle grade.Well, maybe ten years ago it was YA.Let s face it, the genre has matured a bit in ten years Used to you d never see characters have sexual relationships with each and now..well, it s common place.Dates, Mates, and Inflatable Bras isn t really the best book And it hasn t held up well over time either Though to be fair it was a little bit behind the times when it was first published too, Leo Dicaprio was so late 90 s book.Whatever though.The characters, while flat were enjoyable Out of all the main characters in the series, I remember enjoying Lucy s POV the most so maybe that s what made this one was stomach able Nesta I remember way beyond shallow in the series I think one of the reasons I liked Lucy so much was she was the most levelheaded of the bunch and out of the cliche characteristics that this bunch had, hers was the most tolerable.Oh, sure she whines someone and is as boring as heck, but at least she s likable.Before I read this book I was reflecting on it, and I remembered I really liked the love interest But Tony is a bit of a bore to me now And honestly his relationship with Lucy is at best one sided insta love.Honestly, they probably shouldn t have gotten together in this installment I think a lot of my feelings for Tony were being mixed up with my feelings for Michael Moscovitz another series that I m planning on rereading in the next year or so Both of them are the brothers of the protagonist s best friend But Tony is no Michael with his Leo DiCaprio face and womanizing ways.And other than being pretty, I don t get Lucy s attraction towards him.I think they only interacted for about ten pages.

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    loved it

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    I decided to read Mates, Dates and Inflatable Bras as an IR book This was about a girl named Lucy who was trying to find out who wants to be and about her romance and friends Lucy lives in Britian with her best friend Izzie Izzie and Lucy has been best friends forever But she thinks this new girl named Nesta is gonna take her away She also has to deal with this mystery boy she saw and tries to do anything to meet him and know him When she finds out it s someone Nesta knows she keeps quiet Through out the book to keeps her mystery boy a secret and learns to be a friend to someone new Sh efindsout things evry step she takes I have a Text To Text connection to this book I connect it to a book i ve read called Love, Hollywood Style It s also about doing stuff to get to meet a boy Lucy goes around his school to find him And the girl in the other book tries to meet him through movie methods But they both find out that, that guy might not be all worth, or may not be the right guy I would give this stars I gave it 5 stars because it showed how she had to decide on things This bookdrew me in because every page seemed to get better from every juicy detailit gave me Especially with the mystery boy you would always wanna find out whats next I suggest this book to someone who like teen foction Who likes the romance and decisions.

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    This book is about A girl named Lucy trying to get her best friend back, Izzie from the new girl Nesta You see, Lucy and Izzie have been best friends since like forever and Lucy thinks because Nesta is new, that she might steal her best friend away I can connect to this because I fifth grade the same thing happened to me You see, It was in fifth grade and this new girl gloriela came along and she kept on hanging out with my friends And this is what happened to lucy, she felt like as if Nesta was stealing her friends I thought about Gloriela the same way.I really enjoyed this book It had all the details and all the drama I wanted in the other book Which is why I give this book exactly 5 stars I also learned a life lesson in this book That even though someone else is hanging out with your best buddy, you have to learn and try to give that new person a chance.

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    Lucy Loverling is a girl after my own heart She s short, and people are always assuming she s 12, when she is 14 Story of my life when I was in high school Mates, Dates, and Inflatable Bras starts off with Lucy in class Her teacher, whom she calls Wacko decides to assign the students an essay question, What makes me me The whole book then consists of Lucy s search for self, her search for her special talent and her first kiss I definately think this book would work well with younger girls What tween girl isn t obsessed with themselves I mean, when I was 13 14 15, I was boy crazy, self concious, and had no clue what I wanted to do with my life I think this book would have gone over very well with that version of myself.

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    I really enjoyed this book, it was really cute and easy to read I flew through it The book is written for of a younger audience so that is why I couldn t give it the full 5 stars, but I really liked it I can t wait to continue on with the series and see how the friendship of these three girls grows.

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    Cute with good messages I liked the audiobook narrator.

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    3 1 2 stars these books are light and easy to listen to Teenage girls are the same the world over.

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    loved it