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This Follow Up To Mate, Dates, And Inflatable Bras Is Told By Cool And Sassy Izzie Foster Desperate To Make Sense Of Things After Meeting The Divine Mark, Izzie Spends Her Time At Home Waiting For His Call When She Loses Her Perspective And Sense Of Fun, Lucy And Nesta Give Her A Reality Check

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    This book is mostly about Lucy s story Lucy saw this guy at a shop She liked him a lot He said she will call her , but he never did So that had Lucy going crazy It was tearing her away from her friends and family It was all about Mark calling her There was an external conflict between Nesta and Izzie when Izzie was getting happy about Mark Nesta kept saying the opposite and that made Izzie feel bad This took place in London The main characters are Izzie, Nesta, and Lucy Text to Self Izzie was confused about guys and how they were She was confused when Mark went out with her and then didn t call She kept wondering if he still liked her I could connect to this because a while ago, this guy said that he did like me But he never called or texted me So I was confused about him and how he felt about me I gave this book 4 stars because I agree with everything said in this book Guys are so confusing Izzie said why should the guys take control in the relationship I agree, the girls should also be able to call the guys, etc Why should the girls have to wait for the guys to call Izzie started to take control and I thought that this was a good idea.

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    I thought that the opening tone was going to make for super cringey reading but over the course of the book, it turned into something that younger me would have loved reading on a sunny afternoon The poems songs were a fun touch and the way the main characters handled their respective issues was fairly awesome and grown up.I do wish the word tart hadn t come up so much, but then again, this was written back in 2001.The major plus to this being set in North London in the early 2000s was that it mentioned Camden in it s glorious alt days Huzzah

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    loved it

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    Some random lady at a used bookstore recommended me this book Annnddd here we are This was a short and easy read I m not sure if I m going to continue the series but they would definitely look good on my bookshelf.

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    After reading the first novel in the Mate, Dates series, I knew I had to read the second novel In Mates, Dates, and Cosmic Kisses it follows and tells the story of a fourteen year old girl named Izzy, and her two best friends Nesta and Lucy After seeing a boy at a craft fair one day, Izzy was convinced the feeling she had toward him was love She gave the boy her phone number, but after she declined many invitations to go out with her friends due to waiting for a phone call from him she realizes something was wrong She shut out her friends Nesta and Lucy because of a boy that said he would call her, but didn t This Realistic fiction explains how Izzy realized that her friends were important than a boy that may not even feel the same way she feels toward him I read this book very quickly Once I got through the first three chapters, I could not put the book down Each chapter was something new It always had some form on conflict in it, which I really enjoyed reading.

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    This book was funny and cute and true I only wish I had read it when I was 14 It s than fiction it s like the girls guide to adolescense The relationships in this book so closely mirrored the relationships I had myself as a teenager and I think if I had read it then I could fully understood what was going on Cathy Hopkins had one underlying resounding lesson throughout the book and that was confidence Boys don t find anything attractive than a girl with a solid back bone and a girl who isn t going to let them mess her around If only I had realized that sooner a lot of heartbreak and nights by the phone could have been avoided You live you learn but I highly recomend this book Not just to, but especially to Preteen teenagers.

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    This book is amazingborrowed it from library, read it 10 times PIt has some really good messages for girls aged 14 izzie is a very relatable character who is trying to figure lads out.The main messages I got from this book are to never, ever neglect your friends, and don t let a guy mess with your head something I read about too late P This book would deffo help teens figure out stuff in their own life.Loved the lists with tips and advice in this book, although I have to say that the song lyrics were than a little depressing READ D

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    I really enjoyed these books when I was younger I ve definitely matured, and not sure I d enjoy them too much now But great for younger readers, say about 11 14 Silly and fun but you get to love the main characters

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    I loved this book and the ending was really good There were many surprises in the book but they were all good surprises I ve been reading many books but I forget to put them here on GoodReads so I will be updating you guys soon.

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    Review by N.O Really interesting Different perspective than previous book Still good, though.