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A retelling of the myth of Perseus, the Medusa, and Andromeda as a YA novel The story focuses on the relationship between Perseus and Andromeda than it does the quest to kill the Medusa, but that s no bad Perseus is a teenage boy, well brought up, thoughtful, but a bit stronger than his peers, and not at all phased at being the son of a god and so immortal Halam s AKA Gwyneth Jones treatment of the Greek gods is interestingly different almost science fictional, in fact Enjoyed this one quite a bit. Ann Halam retells the story of Pursues and Andromache Perseus takes his life very easy on Serifos, but this happiness doesn t last for long as Gods and politics come in the way That s when Perseus meets Andromache, a beautiful stranger from another disaster zone Perseus s main challenge in this book is choosing whether to leave with Andromache, or go face to face with Medusa.I rated this book 2 stars because I found it very boring To me, the author describes characters with very few details, making it hard for me to picture in mind I do enjoy reading about Greek Mythology, but I just find that there was a lack of detail I would recommend this book to anyone who likes historical fiction PERSEUS, THE GOD TOUCHED Son Of Zeus And A Mortal Princess, Takes His Easy Life On The Island Of Serifos For Granted, But He Knows He Lives In Troubled Times First The Gods, Now The Politicians, Send Trouble Rumbling Across Land And SeaWhen A Beautiful Stranger, A Fugitive From Another Disaster Zone, Arrives On The Island, Perseus Is Smitten But Andromeda Isn T All She Seems She Must Die To Save Her People, And A Stunning, World Changing Discovery Will Die With Her, Unless Perseus Abandons Everything To Confront The Medusa Quest From The Hardcover Edition I love Greek mythology, but I read the first chapter of this novel and couldn t really get into it. Book Talk Perseus lives a quiet life on a small island with his mother, until one day he meets a beautiful princess on the run from her parents Before long, Perseus own father, Zeus shows up to complicate his life further and set him on a quest to kill Medusa, whose looks can literally kill The old gods of the islands are on the decline as the new Olympian gods rise, but where do humans stand Are they ever anything than the play things of these gods, subject to their whims Is it possible for a mortal to assert his own will in the face of divine intervention Will he be able to complete his fated quest Will he be able save the princess from her own fate Perseus doesn t know that if can, but he knows that he must try.Rocks My Socks In addition to re telling the myths of Perseus and Andromeda there is also a lot of interesting information about ancient Greek politics and society It reminds me of Mary Renault, but for children I also love the female characters in this book they are strong and layered and full of life I always enjoy it when, during re tellings, famous romantic couples are allowed to actually meet and get to know each other and fall in love over a longer period of time than it takes to kill a dragon and steal a kiss There s also some good substance to the book and commentary on current events using the lens of the past that are rather thought provoking, which I always enjoy.Rocks In My Socks There are some modern elements and view points incorporated into the text which are a bit annoying in that they are anachronistic, but seem to be done intentionally Mostly it s in a modern perspective, which I don t really mind being incorporated into historical fiction Others are obviously just meant to be jokes, though, like the invention of various modern foods by the chef at the tavern It also doesn t sit right with me that the lovely, intelligent Andromeda resigns herself to her fate, but I guess Halam had to get her to her proper place in the story somehow.Every Book Its Reader I d recommend this book to teens who enjoyed the Percy Jackson and the Olympians series Although set in ancient times, there are enough similarities in pacing and subject matter that fans should enjoy this story about Percy s namesake There s great, strong characters of both sexes, so both boys and girls will have great characters to identify with, and the romance is pretty understated Adults who enjoy fairy tales and myths re told will find plenty to satisfy them as well Read of my reviews at I tried to read the book Several days in a row I think I had problems because it was an advance reader I got from a teacher friend, but the opening two chapters were too tough to get into The relationships between characters seemed wrong, a few quotation marks in those chapters were missing, and overall I was confused I m all for retellings, but I ll pass on this one. I m a sucker for mythology the old traditional mythology I grew up with Some of the current gods in modern times books have been entertaining, but I love the old stories best.Ann Halam here retells one of my favorites that of Perseus and Andromeda Did you realize that they are the ONLY couple in the traditional myths with a HAPPY ending Halam re imagines the tale a bit She adds some in jokes and contemporary touches, but they integrate well into the story and won t make it seem dated in a few years Her characters are well drawn and engaging.All in all, nicely done I m not sure that the Rick Riordan crowd will all love it, but it s worth a shot especially with the girls. We ve heard the story of Perseus and Medusa, but we ve never heard it from Perseus s point of view before Here you ll meet a cast of characters both familiar and new, including Andromeda, Cassiopeia, Dictys, Jason and his crew and many, many others It s an interesting enough retelling, told with a bit humor than most Yet it still somehow seems to drag and I found myself struggling to keep interest in the story, even though I love Greek mythology and the concept of re envisioning classic tales This one just didn t work as well for me as others have, even though I can find no real problems with the writing, characters or plot In fact, I still can t quite put my finger on what made this book less than memorable for me Alas, these things happen. Snakehead was like a breath of fresh air for my summer reading The author retells the story of Perseus best known for chopping off Medusa s head and Andromeda best known for being chained to a giant rock as a sacrifice to a sea god monster The book starts with teenage Perseus living a quiet life on a small Greek island, just waiting for the chance to prove himself and rid his home of its unjust king Andromeda is fleeing her role as sacrifice and arrives on the island of Serifos in disguise as Kore which, of course, doesn t last for long as her past catches up with her Both of them are swept up in the machinations of the Greek gods, and leave the safety of Perseus home for a fantastic, perilous adventure I really liked the blend of epic and everyday, and the way that the mythical comes to life as believable and relatable Beautiful descriptions, a great sense of humor, and plenty of romance I am a big fan of historical fiction and retellings of myths legends Unlike the popular Percy Jackson books which takes place in modern times , this story takes place in ancient Greece, although the author intentionally sticks in some anachronisms which seem out of place The author uses both first person for Perseus and third person for everyone else s point of view , which makes it sometimes confusing The first 2 3 of the book moved at a leisurely pace and it was great to be in the ancient world The last 1 3 was much faster, and I was sometimes not sure how the characters were getting from one place to another, it was a little too mysterious and confusing Even so, this book would be worthwhile to mention if someone asks about books on this subject.