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Jude Deveraux S Newest Novella, Promises, Is A Story Of Passion And Mystery Set On A Th Century Plantation Where A Beautiful Young Writer Finds Herself Falling For The Last Man She Ever Expected To Love Promises Is Available EXCLUSIVELY As A VookPromises Will Captivate Old And New Fans Alike With Romance, Mystery And Breathtaking Original Videos That Immerse You In Life On A South Carolina Plantation In Ethne McTern Knows Exactly What She Wants In Life To Observe The World Around Her And Write About It The Last Thing She Is Looking For Is A HusbandJamie Armitage Is A Son Of One Of The Wealthiest Men In The Country In Order To Avoid The Arranged Meetings With Women His Family Wants Him To Marry, He Escapes To The Unchartered Territories Of America, Becoming A Renowned ExplorerThe Two Meet On The Armitage Plantation In The Most Unlikely Scenario And Soon Find Themselves Trying To Unravel A Murder Mystery Watch And Read As You Follow The Story Of Jamie And Ethne S Love And Connect With Your Friends And A Community Of Romance Readers Through Links To Social Media

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    The idea of combining video and writting is a fun theory In this case it fell flat, the videos felt repetative of the writting and seemed to break up the flow of the story the least interesting of the Edilean series to date, readable for the fact that it brings back some of the fun secondary characters from Scent of Jasmine.

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    Loved it ButI wish it were longer This is a novella I don t know how she does it, but Jude Deveraux s writing grabs you and pulls you in I love her stories, including this short novella.

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    This is a digital only novella, published by Vook also available on Not worth the 4.99 I paid for it, as it s very short The videos were distracting than enlightening, and many didn t seem to reflect on the story at all they were really their own separate beast, and I could have done without I didn t bother watching the last few The story itself is set at Gracewell Plantation in South Carolina, in 1800 It takes place after the events in The Scent of Jasmine James Grady Armitage, explorer and the last unmarried son of a wealthy landowner, is home for the summer Ethne McTern of Edilean, VA, daughter of Tam McTern comes to the plantation ostensibly to teach the family s children, arranged by her dear friend and cousin Cay Harcourt McDowell daughter of Angus and Edilean Harcourt McTern She s also secretly the author of a very popular column with the pen name Stephen Ptolemy They meet, fall in lurve, find a dead body, solve a mystery, all very quickly I d have preferred this story in a paper novella form as it was, it felt a bit frivolous.

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    At first, I didn t think I d get to read this bc I thought it was only available for certain kinds of nooks and I don t have one But you can get it for iBooks It s extremely short and there are awful videos that accompany the story You really don t need them as they simply show what the story is talking about I thought they were cheesy and unnecessary I really love the Edilean series but could have done without this book with its rushed plot line.

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    Love love love..Jude DeverauxI have been reading her books since middle school, which was not appropriate reading, but parents where happy I was READING Her writing then was very traffic They have great stories, oh the Montgomery s.Her books, lately, have intimate scenes that are tasteful and leaves things to your imagination Which I enjoy a lot.

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    Good enough story, but there were no videos in my edition The publisher vendor should say which devices are able to play the videos, because I probably would not have paid 4.99 for a short story if I d known I wasn t actually getting a vook I have a NookColor that is able to run Netflix and other videos, so I don t know why the vook thing isn t available for this device Typical BN.

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    Thought the story was very romantic and lovely, but like most other reviews for the price and the length it was a bit disappointing Should of made this a full novel I would of been gripped all the way through.

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    This is a short story, I thought it was interesting how she combined the videos with the story in visualizing the scenes, you can still read without the videos and still understand the story, its just a nice added feature I should also warn that this vook is only for nook color or ipad.

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    This was my first Vook Actually I had never even heard of one before this, I am just a big fan of Jude Deveraux At first it was confusing, but once I caught on I thoroughly enjoyed it It s a cute story and I am glad I read it.

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    Not her greatest book Very short, so story gets kind of chopped First e book for me and wasn t really down with the book video combo.