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Newbery Medal winner and master storyteller Sharon Creech spins a wonderfully funny and tender taleAs nine year old Dennis confronts the ghost of his uncle Arvie Arvie's eccentric antics and wonderful wordplay keep the reader laughing But at its tender heart the story reveals the holes left in our lives when we lose the ones we loveEver since nine year old Dennis's dad died a veritable parade of ghosts has been passing through his bedroom When the ghost of his uncle Arvie blows into his room on a warm breeze Dennis isn't surprised but Uncle Arvie is the first ghost who wants something from DennisDennis would love to help Uncle Arvie but he can't uite understand what Uncle Arvie is asking for What for example is Fraggle pin Heartfoot a wig pasta? Dennis has to find out because this is one ghost who isn't going to leave until he gets what he came forUncle Arvie's antics and Dennis's attempts to please his ghost form the heart of this touching story

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    Dennis has been seeing ghosts ever since his dad died One night a familiar ghost glides through his bedroom window the ghost of his eccentric Uncle Arvie Poor Uncle Arvie had a stroke when he was alive so he can never uite manage to articulate his thoughts Uncle Arvie had had a stroke and words were twisted in his brain He knew what he wanted to say but the words that came out of his mouth were not the words he chose Sometimes they weren't even words at all or at least not words that most people knew like riggle and fraggle Uncle Arvie wants Dennis's help with three favors which he refers to as three pleases hence the title Pleasing the Ghost Uncle Arvie's befuddling dialogue is amusing but it can also be a bit tiresome Uncle Arvie put his hands to his eyes and formed two circles as if he were looking through binoculars Fraggle pin Heartfoot Heartfoot that's your wife right? Aunt Julia? You want me to see her? Yin He held his hands out palms up and pushed them at me What? You want me to show her something? Yin yin yin Fraggle pin Heartfoot a wig pasta Though it's a chapter book the writing is sometimes surprisingly lyrical Another ghost arrived last week It came on the wind like the others It's not an ordinary wind that brings these ghosts it's a bare whisper of wind that tickles the curtains No one feels or hears this wind except me and my dog Bo Riggle said the ghost brushing himself off and rushing to hug me His hug felt like tickling cobwebs One of the subplots in Pleasing the Ghost has to do with Dennis hoping the ghost of his deceased father will float through his bedroom window Unfortunately the author neglected to capitalize on this heartwarming element of the story Otherwise it's a charming book both funny and sweet

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    25 🌟🌟A cute story but not really suitable for the targeted age group

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    an uncle with unfinished business returns to haunt his nephew It's funny and not dark at all and may encourage a conversation about death

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    I pulled this off of my daughter's and fellow Creech fan's bookshelf Today at my granddaughter's authors' picnic where she read her first grade persuasive writing to me we had time to read the first three chapters of this while she finished her lunch Oh how she giggled at the way Uncle Arvie talked She took the book home with her to finish later and it was an altogether beautiful hour of reading

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    Cute little story but I found it a bit confusing for the targeted age group

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    I had kind of hoped that Uncle Arvie's speech would be code that Dennis breaks and that everything would be clear by the end of the story It didn't happen and that was a disappointment for me it would have been nice to suddenly have a light turn on and be like oh that's what he's talking about and then go back through the book and see all the things he's been saying that didn't make sense originally but now make a ton of sense At the end of the book there are still words you don't understand and that Dennis never figured out that's part of why I rated it three starsThe plot is very simple and the book is very short It's about third to fifth grade level so if you're like me and you're not even in grade school any it's not going to be as enjoyable On the other hand there are two or three parts that are funny and it's not boring it's just not action packed or plot twist yIt had to move fast because it's a short book but I felt like the characters aren't as developed as they could have been and a couple things could have been expanded on or made interesting and it didn't happen made me feel like I was kind of left hanging after that Also I wasn't too sure what his purpose was for being there I knew he was trying to keep the aunt from marrying Colin tho it never makes Colin seem mean or rude just kind of boring and I understood that he wanted to give his wife the things he hadn't been able to give her when he was alive but it doesn't seem like intricate enough to write a book about I think I'm getting too nit picky now so I'll be doneThere's not much to this book and if you're going into it expected Walk Two Moons you will be so disappointed If you go into it expecting a simple kids book you'll probably enjoy it it has a flavor of Richard Peck's short stories The Ghost Belonged to Me A Season of Gifts Here Lies the Librarian and while it kind of lacks in plot it's uick and enjoyable for younger kids

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    A very good book This is a kid's book probably for grade three and up This book is funny and heartwarming There are 89 pages in the book in 14 chapters I'd say this is for kids who are just starting into chapter booksFor me the best part of the book was the warm emotions between the main character his uncle his aunt his mother and his father The second best part of the book was the fond portrayal of a person who has had a stroke and cannot speak normally uses nonsense words or the wrong words Also one of the characters who is at conflict with the main character has an interesting problem and is presented sympathetically

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    i enjoy Sharon Creech as a intermediate student author Her stories deal with loss and tragedy in a way that intermediate students can relate This is a very short and sweet book The main character has recently lost his father Every night he wishes to see his father's ghost but only other ghosts come Until one night his Uncle's ghost comes with a reuest for helpThis is a very moving story that helps children explore their feelings of loss and longing while dealing with bullies and grief

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    Ruby read this in 3rd grade and told me we had to read it She said “It doesn’t sound like it would be a good book but it is” How could I turn down a recommendation like that?It’s a uick read and a sweet story and I can see exactly why it’s a good book for third graders to read and discuss

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    This is The Book for me It was the book that got me into reading the first book I can remember reading and enjoying the book that made me want to read other books simply because I had never before known that books could make me have emotions uite like this I was seven I haven't stopped reading since Thanks Ms Creech