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Again, I could not get into this one The first 15 pages were pretty good and then it just got slow and bogged down, and I quit around page 40 or so I guess I m not destined to be a Lofts fan after trying several novels by her I did give her an honest try. amazing What Destiny Awaited Love In A House Cursed By Fate The Old Priory Had Stood Abandoned, Shrouded In Whisperings Of Doom, For As Long As The Townspeople Could Remember Now It Belonged To Arthur Tresize, A Returning Seaman Who Purchased The House, The Land And His Fate, With Gold Ill Gotten From A Noblewoman Veiled In MysteryTresize And His Family Grew Richer With Each Passing Year But Strange Mishaps And Tragic Misfortunes Befell Them With The Vengeance Of A Curse Unheeded Death, Betrayal, Madness, Heartbreak, And Murderous Hatreds Worked Their Evil Through Three Generations Until The Family S Pride And Prosperity And All They Had Built Were As Broken Dreams In The DustYet In A Young Man S Passion For A Beautiful Woman Was The Promise That The Sorrow Haunting The Old Priory Might Now Give Way To The Joy Of Love A slimmer Lofts house book, this one takes place from the late Elizabethan period We follow the former priory for over a century and through 3 or 4 generations.This one has of the occult and superstition Some of it the pulp of legends and some other quite substantiated But throughout we have excellent and deep characterizations From sea captains who came from the sea to the land with great relief, to others that are newly rich and formerly pirates of suspicious renown and also to the builders and masons, this one holds interest at high levels And also to the details of that new and dubious plant, the potato.This priory place sees inheritance for sure But it also sees sale during this period Possibly the most connecting factor from beginning to end is the deep and richly chestnut hair as a human marker in the inhabitants And also by the entity that leaves when confronted by spiritual goodness And then yet returns. Here was some good ol 16th 17th century drama. The story of three generations. A delightful story about three generations living in the same old house Vintage Norah Lofts There is murder, love, revenge, dreams, cruelty, superstition, and I read all I can get hold of that Norah Lofts wrote. RereadAnother good one that tracks several different people on a 17th century English estate. This Lofts book, one of her slimmer volumes, deals with three generations of a family that live in a house built on the grounds of a priory that was dismantled in the 16th century and rud to be cursed Its emphasis is on romance than history, unlike many of her other works All the main characters are multi faceted and the story is briskly paced. I think there may be as many as 5 narrators which I had forgotten Its a fascinating story and similar stuff is in another book as there must have been too much intermarriage in Norfolk and Suffolk You can easily read this exciting tale in a day if you can find a copy