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Sir Godfrey Tallboys Had Come Home From The Crusades Home To Knight S Acre But The Years Had Brought Many Changes And Not Only To His Estate His Wife Sybilla, Exhausted With Struggling To Keep Poverty At Bay, Had Grown Old Before Her Time And With Sir Godfrey S Return, There Was Further Change With Him Was The Moorish Slave Girl Who Had Saved His Life In SpainTana, Beautiful And Beguiling, His Mistress And Now She Was Expecting His Child Aflame With All The Jealous Passions Of The East, Tana Saw Sybilla As The Obstacle To Her Desire Her Arrival Was To Alter The Fortunes Of The Quiet Suffolk House And In A Way None Of Them Could Have Possibly Foreseen

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    This is the continuing saga of the house, Knight s Acre, and the Tallboys family residents and associated Intake farmers shepherds of its surround.Honestly, this one is the most authentic to the times of the War of the Roses in economics and in each class nuance that I have ever read This is not an easy era to be human in England It s not just the politics or the class conflict or the biologic reality either Entire economic structure is also changing This is so real in detail and yet gets the glory of the good times for reunion, an ecstasy Those who were forever lost for nearly a decade, found And at the same time fully exposes all the true darkness of choices and outcomes for the remaining days of these lives Medical issues Diet availability and process, dire Path to a work that pays or includes some avenue to not just profit but a lodging All of these coupled with trying to land on the correct side of overlords hierarchies.The story of Sir Godfrey and his wife, separated for nine years, and now reunited Plus the addition of his female savior from the Moorish mines and his slavery And still the Suffolk crowd, reduced now, in all kinds of flux upon his return The entire story just encompassed and put me into the 15th century real Especially upon Sir Godfrey s final decision to return to the upcoming fray and complete his purpose This is dark and this is real No fairy Godmothers or endowing foreigners to rescue Aging as it become actual, and SO quickly Far, far quickly than just a couple of centuries later Turning over of generations in both the healthy and whole as well as to the degenerate and impaired, for what s left or cleared for use This Suffolk tale goes on the grandchildren and the changing of the land to other crops and different methods of husbandry with the sheep But there are huge changes beyond that too Entire systems of knighthood itself and serfdom are ending or gone Those trained and fitted for them, left bereft of purpose or skill.One of Norah Lofts best And one in which we often don t understand what truly happened until reaction of later years within the thoughts of the survivors There are murders here never given that name or deed Much, much as it would have been.Cannot wait to begin 3 The Lonely Furrow to see where the Tallboys and Knight s Acre proceed Will there be additions as there was in this one for the pavilion Or will the decay and fall ins begin 4 brothers and of such different modes and mindsets Will Henry be able to hold the core Is that boring stodginess and resilience enough Or will the learned Richard of pen and duplicity of purposes prevail And we can t forget that grandchild being spoiled by the neighboring Lord s inheritance either.Lastly, this also has a tremendous depth to the stories of the servants and not just after their arrivals or placements to Knight s Acre either 4.5 stars

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    Ale would be very acceptable, the Bishop said graciously Henry fetched it himself Not good ale very thin and sour Sums up the story.After a first book that promised scope this mean second book offers characters you don t like and a story of drudgery.

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    An oldie but a goodie

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    Worth reading.

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    Brilliance and oddities in one book This book had a dark tone, and the characters were often on the edge of disaster The men in The Homecoming were fantastically characterised and unique, very endearing in their hardships and always dignified, despite their apparent single mindedness and illiteracy All the woman, however, were either mad, bad, cruel or too forward, which I found a little annoying I liked Sybilla and Lady Emma I think Henry was my favourite character He leapt off the pages An odd book, worth a read for a patient reader

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    Takes off where Knights Acre ended Is a surprisingly depressing, but really engrossing book Absolutely nothing good or nice happens to any of the characters, but it was still a compelling read I thoroughly enjoy period family sagas, and Norah Lofts is a great author of this genre.

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    As always, I adore the way Lofts writes spare, delicate vignettes that paint a rich and evocative picture.

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    Good sequel to Knight s Acre.