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I love the storytelling style of Ms Lofts She is able to create characters that are lifelike and interesting and the surrounding environment is historically accurate By linking her story to one location over time, it both extends and telescopes time She is a once and present author whom I have enjoyed and will continue to read in the future. I have to say that I resent the cover here It s packed full of history and this cover makes it look like a bodice ripper. A Wayside Tavern Tells, In A Series Of Dramatic Incidents, The Story Of A Suffolk Drinking Place From The End Of The Roman Occupation Of Britain, Until The Present Day The Roman Veteran, Crippled And Left Behind, Worshipped Mithras, So The Place Became Known As The One Bull And Down Through The Centuries It Accommodated Itself To Changing Times And Became A Clearing House For Contraband, A Miniature Hell Fire Club, A Fashionable Hotel, A Mere Pub I solemnly swear that the copy I read from the library did not look like this Covers like this I personally find cringe worthy. This book is one of the very last that Lofts wrote And it is long in page count for her house books But it starts in the 4th century with the Roman s camp in Mala, Britain so there is much of dozens of generations to tell And Paulus, the first character in this book, IMHO, is one of the best characterizations that Lofts ever did Down to his donning his helmet and cape at his final reveal.It s filled with memorable characters from the most ambitious to the least changeable and for every gradient of learning and erudite desire There are devious, dramatic, lazy, uninterested, calm, and nothing but workhorses in harness within the residents of the One Bull Excellent emotive studies and myriads of work process and art inclusion in this one too Loved the sections under Cromwell, and the Victorians And it twice just barely misses obliteration as a building or a venue concern by the minutia of minutes But the last 2 sections lost a star for me Lofts did NOT do modern times as well as the other IMHO, she was too close to home War, attachments, that style of mid century flattens the characters to generic types without much individuality Maybe myopic to her own time s decision making for war roles and the sobering personnel choices most made At times it seems that particular message overcomes the usual Lofts of far deeper characterizations And the result, regardless it seemed to put too much melodrama into the 1939 and 1975 groups Melodrama without getting to know these 4 youngest offspring This is the book that begins with Mithras and ends with a religion that is merely some quasi traditional ritual to create a funeral service Mallow in England Come join the pub in Suffolk BTW, the cover pictured here has absolutely nothing to do with the copy This is not a romance, or a bodice ripper in any sense Not even in a singular description It must have been a marketing technique of the 1980 s Regardless, St Cedric s and the One Bull Pub are the central stars of this one. Paulus, a crippled Roman soldier deserted by his legion at the end of the Roman occupation of Britain, and Gilda, a former slave girl dedicate a wine shop with a mosaic patterned floor to Mithras the god whom the soldier worships So it was from such humble beginnings that the One Bull at Mallow was born Yet, from the fourth century right down to present day Suffolk, the building has remained in the hands of one particular family, known as the Gildersons And, through the years the building has served a variety of different purposes wine shop, ale house, coaching inn, hotel, and a pub of varying reputation yes, the One Bull at Mallow has always provided respite for many weary travelers during its long and rich history.Just across the inn s courtyard, stands the church of St Cerdic, dedicated to the memory of a sixth century martyr someone who died at the hands of the Danes Since its creation, the church has been closely associated with the One Bull and St Cerdic was venerated until the dissolution of the monasteries His image was commemorated in a stained glass window which even a carefully hidden pig of lead couldn t protect yet his grave, once a place of miracles, still remains a place for remarkable changes of heart.Yet through all these centuries of upheaval while the One Bull expands and contracts over the ages battling for survival as a smuggling post, a secretive men s club, as well as the site of murder and suicide, it has remained in the hands of the Gilderson family throughout the generations However, the One Bull has always represented a source of hope and disillusionment for the family as well A Wayside Tavern is ultimately a story of survival survival of a place, of a people, and of the legacies that they leave behind them.I have to say that as with so many of Norah Lofts books, I thoroughly enjoyed reading this story I found it to have an intriguing plot that was historically accurate and that really captured my attention right from the beginning Although having said that, I must admit that at least in my own opinion, A Wayside Tavern by Norah Lofts was perhaps not her best work However, I would still give this book a very definite A How Lofts uses place a house, a priory, and here a tavern to weave spell binding stories of multi faceted characters while also seamlessly imparting centuries of England s history is magical When I finish one her books, I often seek out non fiction works dealing with the periods that book covered She is the invisible teacher provoking the student reader to learn A Wayside Tavern spans 1,600 years in the life of one family s tavern from the retreat of the Romans in the 4th century to 1975 The history that my teachers and the texts they used featured Big Events and Big People This book, like all of Lofts that I ve read to date, paint vivid pictures of how little people were affected by these events and leaders, thus rendering for me a comprehensible history I think of this when I hear people say that they re not political They may not be but their lives are touched and shaped immeasurably by the clashing values and beliefs that give life to political actions and decisions, whether they are conscious of that or not This Lofts book makes this truth especially clear. Very enjoyable trip through time with Lofts chosen spot the One Bull tavern inn brothel bar as time goes by From Roman times on up to 1975, with stops through the Danes, a canonization, the Middle Ages, Henry Viii, the Regency, Railroads, WWII As always, the little snippets if history are integrated well Fun. Despite a salacious cover in the thumbnail of some editions the edition I read was a bit less mills n boon in the cover art than some others it was quite a good read A definite forerunner to Edward Rutherford s historical novels which are about a place or family through the ages I preferred this as with Rutherford s there was too much unrealistic repetition of events and or family traits, although both are well written otherwise The author covers the history of a tavern and the Gildersons from Roman times to the 1970s.If you enjoy historical fiction it is an enjoyable read. I love historical fiction, and this book was wonderful because it bridged the history of a small wayside tavern and the church that is built beside it from 383 AD through 1975 The stories were enthralling as well after each one, I found myself wanting to know how things turned out for the characters, and occasionally the following story would give some clues.