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I m putting this in the gothic category but it can t really be called a romance Intriguing An interesting take on the Constance Kent Rode Hill House murder. I had serious trouble reading this book For some reason, it really bothered me how Charlotte got blamed for everything and the true culprints went on with their life Maybe it was because I knew it was based on a true story I found the book a little strange, which is I guess the beauty of a Norah Loft s suspense story It was a good story, but it really affected me to the point that I almost stopped reading because I didn t want Charlotte to take the blame It may have been my mood, and quite possibly may give it 4 stars if read at a different time I kinda wished there had been a little detail on the rest of the story like Rose and Charlotte s family.NOTE I also found what I would call a big editing mistake in the beginning of the story that bothered me On pages 26, 81, 82, 83, 97, and through the remainder of the book Charlotte s father was referred to as John or John Vincent Cornwall But on pages 31, 36, 43, 50, 51, 57, 59, 78 he is referred to as Samuel Vincent Cornwall I am a detail person, so that just bothered me to the point that I stopped reading and flipped around to see where he was called what If you go to the trouble of emphasizing a person s name that much, I tihnk you should make sure it is consistent in the story When Young John Vincent Died, The Outward Respectability Of The Cornwall Household Was Undermined Strangers Pried, Asked Too Many Questions And Pointed Accusing Fingers At Charlotte Herself Eager To Escape From The Oppressive Atmosphere Of Her Father S Home She Fled Deep Into The Countryside And There Taught At A School Run By The Untrusting And Untrustworthy Mrs Armitage, Who Was Prepared To Keep Quiet About Charlotte S Past But Only Up To A Point When The Events Come To Be Recreated, Some Questions Naturally Arise Had Charlotte Been Responsible For The Death Of The Little Pupil She Loved And Has That Crime Been Repeated In Darker Moments, Even Charlotte Herself Cannot Be Sure I do recommend reading this book It s my first time reading for Norah Lofts and I was completely fond of the way she writes First of all, this book is based on true story which made the book even greater because the writer made you feel some of what the true girl who had been accused before with the same dead that the protagonist had been accused with..throughout the novel, the story of Charlotte Cornwall was told with passion and this what I liked the most about it However, the book shared exactly what selfishness means, all the characters were not thinking of anything except their oneself, mr Vincent for his own reputation, Rose for her own sake and her love and so as mrs Armitage who cares only for the reputation of her institution and mrs Augusta that cared only for her rules that in her own opinion, no one should break or interfere in However, except for Charlotte who cared for all the people that she has loved in her life, Starting with her family, specially Vincent, moving to have a new friend Mrs lamb, ending with her pupil Sophie For me, this novel will have a special place in my heart because it s dilemma is what made this novel exciting Last but not least, the novel carried suspense starting from the sudden disappearance of mrs.lamb to the reason how Sophie had died My overall opinion is that I really recommend reading this book because it can surprise you with it s events. I found this an interesting book about about murders and sudden deaths in Victorian England Some of the finer detail relating to housework and other household chores makes me wonder if it was written by a woman for the benefit of other like minded women am I allowed to say that but I suppose it does describe all aspects of Victorian life Quite a sad story, nevertheless And no foul language from Ms Lofts, unlike the produce of most of today s immature writers This is my second Norah Lofts book She does twisted characters well Several oh, no he she didn t moments throughout What kept it from being a 4 star was all the POV changes It s written in the all knowing narrator style where you get into everyone s head even minor characters While interesting, it distanced me a bit too much and I didn t feel as much sympathy for the supposed main character, Charlotte, as I could have if it focused on her People including family make horrific choices and she suffered Gothic, multi generation turmoil, great settings, wide cast of interesting characters. From the Companion Book Club Not sure when I finished this, but guessing 1974 I think this was the first Victorian themed novel I actually enjoyed. I remember reading Norah Lofts when I was younger, but don t think I read this exact book This is a great picture of life in Victorian England with a little mystery and a lot of empathy forthe young Loved it. Every story by this talented author is fantastic I would buy any book of hers sight unseen subject unknown.