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Theo Waitley is a Nexus of ViolenceThrust mid year into a school for pilots far from the safe haven of her birth home on scholarly Delgado young Theo Waitley excels in hands on flying while finding that she's behind the curve in social intricacies as well as in mathAfter surviving a mid air emergency with a spectacular mountain top landing in her training soar plane Theo's notoriety brings her attention from local thugs as well as a gift from Win Ton a scout pilot she enjoyed a flirtation with on her first space voyage When Win Ton appears on campus Theo throws herself into a relationship even as he's on his way to a Liaden marriage bedMeanwhile her mentors try to guide her studies and training into the channels best suited to her special abilities and inclinations including suggesting that she should join in the off world student association a plan resulting in mixed success After a series of confrontations fights and ultimately a riot after which she is thanked for not killing anyone Theo is named a nexus of violence by the school's administrationFacing suspension and carrying little than hastily procured guild card a pistol taken from an attacker and the contents of her pants pockets Theo must uickly decide if she's ready to return to Delgado in disgrace or launch herself into the universe as a freelance pilot with credentials  she's already earned

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    35 starsA direct follow up to Fledgling Saltation finds teenage Theo Waitley at pilot school learning that her natural talents come with benefits and drawbacksCharacterization along with the comforting gentility of Lee's and Miller's Liaden Universe are the selling points here Sometimes the pacing is a little slow but the reader's patience is rewarded

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    55; 5 stars; AI really enjoyed this book It focuses on Theo's late teen years and her time at the piloting academy The story is a delightful exhibition of the 'luck' that swirls around these blessed burdened? with the yos'Phelium genes There are uite a few interesting developments in Theo's life and it becomes clear that the plot line is heading towards clan Korval The last few pages are identical to those of 'I Dare' thus bringing the two stories together in time

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    The second book of Theo Waitley is even better than the first and that's a feat It's good old fashioned space opera with elegant writing well drawn characters and enough hooks for future development to keep all series fans happy for almost as long as it takes Lee and Miller to produce the next installment Fledgling is the first book of this arc but if you really wish to dig in there's a whole universe built around Liad Theo's paternal ancestors are Liaden although her mother is earth human Eventually I'll put up at least brief reviews of all of the many Liaden novelsTheo having escaped the ultra safe world of her childhood courtesy of a scholarship to piloting school bounces to the opposite extreme finding danger wherever she goes As a student pilot she follows directions faithfully and pilots her unpowered craft so well that a she avoids being shot out of the air by government planes pursuing an insurrectionist and b becomes a celebrity among pilot kind The clumsiness which plagued her childhood has resolved into extreme physical skills which show up as a pilot as a dancer and a ball player She does not have the ability to fly under the radar and remain anonymous and therefore even playing a sort of super handball a game popular among pilots she is considered DANGEROUS If I go farther along this line I'll need to click the spoiler alert Sharon Lee and Steve Miller as co authors guarantee a book with breathtaking action characters who endear themselves to the reader and serious issues of individual responsibility

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    A great story 42516 re read Well Theo's life gets and interesting I love how the books in her series synch with the main series Superb 2019 re read The ending always makes me laugh with utter joy

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    This book was much better than Fledgling I did feel that there were parts at school that could have used a bit explanation than was given I do like authors that don't info dump but rather sprinkle info in But here there was a little too little in spots The story was not real linear in that unlike for example Conflict of Honors earlier in the series where there was a strong plot with action and reaction closely following it was here's some stuff that happened to develop Theo's character over the course of 4 or 5 years So plot was lacking a bit Like another reviewer said I thought the end was rushed I love the whole Korval is pilots and ships thing so I would rather have seen of her actually piloting and of Win Ton I knew that the book would end where I Dare did It just seemed obvious So now that I've read these two I really want to read what happens next which is the book I've been waiting for since I first read I Dare when it came out I really want to see the scene where Theo finds out she is part of Korval Please don't skip that scene when the story goes on And please let the story go on from here So it could have been better here and there but any Korval story is better than no Korval story And any Liaden story is better than most sci fi out there Write faster

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    The continuing saga of Theo Waitley In this seuel to Fledgling Theo goes off to pilot school sponsored paid for by her friend Pilot Cho Starting in the middle of the term with a small group of students she again feels like an outsider amongst her peers She makes friends with her unlikely roommates concentrates on her studies and finds herself embroiled in events beyond her control and political understanding Once again purposefully misunderstood by uestionable authority figures she is eventually unfairly decreed a Nexus of Violence What happens after that finally closes the gap and ties into the final scenes in Lee Miller's Liaden Universe novel I DareAll of the above was from reading the online first draft I just finished the published version and it was fabulous A lot depth then the 1st draft and now I am left hanging waiting while the next book is being written Update 1 year later Ghost Ship is out and after 30 pages I realize I don't remember enough of the details of this part of Theo's journey Since Ghost Ship starts up mere minutes after Saltation I Dare end I thought I'd better revisit Still loving it

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    Miller Lee are pretty much THE best at working the micro view of personal stakes with high stakes macro view happening in the background This book is no different and of course it's couched in the uniue Liaden verse Although publisher Baen doesn't identify it as such it's the second of two books about Theo Waitely and is tied into the series closely enough so this second book ends at the same point as I DARE I believe there's to come

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    Excellent followup to Fledgling

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    Genre Science Fiction Saltation was a disappointment after Fledgling It felt like a book without a plot It’s obviously the middle book in the series and it seemed mainly to focus on getting Theo from the end of Fledgling up to the point in time when we met her at the end of I Dare eg she has to develop a complicated problem that is worth bringing to Delm Korval whom Theo doesn’t know and in fact doesn’t even realize that she has a claim on KorvalNow I think the complicated problem is interesting – in that I’ve been wondering whenif Lee Miller would get back to the “Old Tech” stuff that was strongly hinted at in Balance of Trade However I’m not sure that I see it as a compelling problem for anyone but Theo and Win Ton I’m not sure it should compel Korval to act Even if Theo is Korval’s problem Win Ton isn’t so I’m still not sure a positive result from the application is justified except that long time readers know Korval has a tendency to stick their noses in business beyond their own There’s also the uestion of does Korval agree with the Scouts on the uestion of Old Tech? On a meta level I’m sure they don’t ‘cause that would mess up Theo’s story by putting her in an adversarial role but there’s no reason internal to the story to believe that Anyway I found it rather disconcerting that the entire compelling problem is plopped in Theo’s lap in a rather long “info dump” scene near the end of the book It doesn’t build up or get out of control nor is it slowly discovered during the course of the book; instead it’s presented gift wrapped at the end The book is rather choppy First Theo’s in school and we meet all those people then she’s kicked out and starts working as an apprentice pilot and we meet new people and an entirely different set of concerns Finally Win Ton comes back onto the stage and dumps his complicated problem in Theo’s lap The only real through line in the book is Theo and Win Ton’s romance and it’s hardly much of a thread; they have two scenes together an a couple letters over the course of 3 5 years where in both have other off screen intimate relationships Plus their relationship went from close friends to mutual romantic infatuation during the interval between Fledgling and Saltation which robbed me of the fun of reading about the transition Not that it wasn’t clear in Fledgling that Win Ton was meant to be Theo’s romantic lead but their relationship hadn’t developed that way yetI think part of the reason the book feels like it has no plot is that except for her romance Theo lacks agency She spends the entire book reacting to outside forces which are different in the different phases of her career so there’s not even that consistency Theo doesn’t take the initiative and act which makes Theo running to Korval with her and Win Ton’s complicated problem a less then satisfactory solutionThe entire series has an over arching theme of fighting against anti foreigner sentiment and conversely propounding understanding between cultures We see that again in this book during Theo’s time in school However previously the main characters were actively engaged with the problem Theo just gets caught in the cross fire It also seemed a bit repetitive given that this version of anti foreigner sentiment seen in Saltation is very similar to that propounded by the Department of the Interior in Liad However the world isn’t Liaden there is presumably a different political agenda at work I think Fledgling was much successful at showing a previously unexamined ways such anti foreigner sentiment plays out and affects the societies that spawns it The anti foreigner issues in Saltation just felt like a repeat of stuff we’d seen previouslyThere were a number of inconsistency errors mostly between Fledgling and Saltation that I could shrug off but I think it’s telling that I noticed them rather then being too caught up in the story to do so I realize this sound like a very negative review Despite all my complaints I don’t feel like the book was a waste of time I like the Lee Miller’s Liaden novels a lot so I had high expectations I think my disappointment is mostly due to those expectations The book is extremely good at making me want to read the as yet unwritten seuel Which rumor says is named Ghost Ship and is due out in 2011

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    Saltation Theo Waitley #2 is good enough that I finished Fledgling Theo Waitley #1 then read it in one sitting It simply has the sort of momentum that doesn't allow for good stopping points — something that is true of many of the Liaden Universe novelsAt the end of Fledgling Theo was sponsored into pilot school by Scout Cho sig'Radia Saltation begins with her time there just as politically naive as ever but a much confident person than she was at the beginning of Fledgling Many of the characters from Fledgling reappear including Win Ton Kamele and Jen Sar There are new characters too though such as Kara ven'Arith and Orn Ald yos'Senchul who by the way also appear in a free story Landed Alien that has just been released at the Baen web site and should be read after SaltationTheo is a legal adult now but a very young one and she has plenty of growing up left to do That said this is a young ADULT novel not a children's book — while it isn't discussed specifically Theo does take a lover She continues to flex and stretch into an admirable heroine She isn't perfect by any means being sometimes short tempered and not understanding social cues easily She's someone readers can relate to though and that is important We were brought up concurrent with the end of I Dare which was vastly satisfying I will go right on with reading Ghost Ship because I definitely want to know