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The Medieval Kitchen Is A Delightful Work In Which Historians Odile Redon, Fran Oise Sabban, And Silvano Serventi Rescue From Dark Obscurity The Glorious Cuisine Of The Middle Ages Medieval Gastronomy Turns Out To Have Been Superb A Wonderful M Lange Of Flavor, Aroma, And Color Expertly Reconstructed From Fourteenth And Fifteenth Century Sources And Carefully Adapted To Suit The Modern Kitchen, These Recipes Present A Veritable Feast The Medieval Kitchen Vividly Depicts The Context And Tradition Of Authentic Medieval Cookery This Book Is A Delight It Is Not Often That One Has The Privilege Of Working From A Text This Detailed And Easy To Use It Is Living History, Able To Be Practiced By Novice And Master Alike, Practical History Which Can Be Carried Out In Our Own Homes By Those Of Us Living In Modern Times Wanda Oram Miles, The Medieval Review The Medieval Kitchen, Like Other Classic Cookbooks, Makes Compulsive Reading As Well As Providing A Practical Collection Of Recipes Heather O Donoghue, Times Literary Supplement

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    This book covers the basics of medieval eating, and then plunges into the recipes They start with the text they were working with, comment on decyphering it and what substitutes, if any, they had to use, and then they describe it as a modern recipe A lot detailed I can t tell you how good they are, because I got it as a reference for a character who s a cook in a medieval ish setting Recipes are, unsurprisingly, weighted toward the wealthy.

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    I learned than I ever thought I could learn about Medieval dietary customs and habits from this book The foreward is fascinating The authors present the original French or Italian text alongside a modern English translation, add a brief discussion of how they chose to interpret the recipe, and then, a recipe written in modern terms that the home cook can make quite easily Everything I have made from these recipes has been delicious A real window into the past

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    Exceptional contextual history to fine dining in the medieval period and great adaptations of many recipes.

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    Since I am reading about the crusades and early religions, I was curious to learn what people ate at that time This was a fun book to read, listed many recipes from the 14th and 15th centuries, and did give some insight into medieval meal planning and recipes I found an interesting recipe for asparagus All in all, time well spent.

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    Great book Love the background that comes with the recipes

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    This book not only includes recipes from Medieval France and Italy, but it has a lot of incredible history as well.I did not realize that butter was not used in cooking nearly as often in the Middle Ages as it is today So many of today s recipes start with butter, but at that time it was pork fat.The author s say that the use of pork fat was universal in recipes, which made me smile and say to myself except for the Jews and Muslims I really enjoy this book, even though I m not much of a cook and have not used any of the recipes except for research.

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    This is one of my favorite Medieval cookbooks Whenever I host a medieval themed dinner, this book comes off the shelf The author provides some menu ideas for meat and non meat days, number of guests and time of year.It contains vegetable, meat, fish, poultry and dessert sections as well as sauces and how to make a hypocras.

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    I love culinary history and this book sets up medieval food perfectly The recipes have definitely been modified for modern kitchens lots of food processor action going on But they are still very much medieval as evidenced by the amount of eel used.

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    This book is very well researched but still accessible It gives a detailed history of medieval cooking and then many recipes, given in both their original forms and then adapted for the modern kitchen I learned lots of interesting things although I don t think I ll be cooking many of the recipes.

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    It s an interesting book and a look at how people ate in medevil times how every I don t see myself making the recipes.