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It S Tough Living In The Shadow Of A Dead Girl In The Five Years Since Her Bad Girl Sister Xanda S Death, Miranda Mathison Has Wondered About The Secret Her Sister Took To The Grave, And What Really Happened The Night She Died Now, Just As Miranda Is On The Cusp Of Her Dreams A Best Friend To Unlock Her Sister S World, A Ticket To Art School, And A Boyfriend To Fly Her Away From It All Miranda Has A Secret All Her OwnWhen Two Lines On A Pregnancy Test Confirm Her Worst Fears, Miranda Is Stripped Of Her Former Life She Must Make A Choice With Tremendous Consequences And Finally Face Her Sister S Demons And Her OwnIn This Powerful Debut Novel, Stunning New Talent Holly Cupala Illuminates The Dark Struggle Of A Girl Who Must Let Go Of Her Past To Find A Way Into Her Own Future

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    FINALLY DONE What an EMOTIONAL ROLLER COASTER journey it has been Whew After losing myself in this book, crying my heart out, my ripped and crashed 4 chambered heart is now recovering The ending whipped up in a nice way The story kinda reminded me of the 5 stages of grieving Denial Anger Bargaining Depression Acceptance Though the story didn t go through all of it, but the thought is that Rand Mandy lived up to her late sister Xanda s shadow, when she was a live and still after her death Five years after her sister s death, she still hasn t gotten over it Causing all her relationships with people around her to mess up I think it s kind of true that these things happen especially now, many teenagers get pregnant She was caught up with her mother s fake facade plasticness, her father being under her mom s wing, her trying to be Xanda and Delaney..she getting pregnant Her pregnancy was wrapped up in depression She was ALONE Relying on her fellow mother to be online friends and herself When finally she came around Andre helped, i think and started to build up courage and face the truth, that her supposed to be friend is the one messing her life well, most of what s happening to her in the present, that is , her baby wants to come out An emotional wreckage, we might call her, but because she came through because of FORGIVENESS It did a LOT to her and her mom Turned out she was like her mom in attitude and life pattern It was such an eye opener for her That somehow, because of her attitude blaming others and pretentions to be like Xanda,and forming her own image of Kamran after Andre The end was really good, lots of RESOLVED issues With her BFF Essence, her Mom and Dad view spoiler her dad went away after Rand gave birth, after the opening night of the play hide spoiler

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    This was such a heart wrenching story Rand is such a fantastic character She swept me into her world and wouldn t let me go until I devoured every last page She s strong and vulnerable at the same time She s not sure who she truly is, trying to act like her dead sister in order to feel closer to her, she begins to lose the parts of herself that make her, her When she finds out that she s pregnant, she tries to deny it, until it gets to the point where that becomes impossible She finally tells 2 friends in confidence, only to be overheard, and before she has a chance to break the news to her boyfriend or her parents, someone else has done it for her Everyone is in a rage after finding out the way they did, and poor Rand is left to deal with it all on her own.This story was really touching for me, teen pregnancy is a tough subject to broach and Holly Cupala did this with such grace and style I myself was pregnant at 17, I wasn t treated as harshly as Rand was, but it s a tough thing to go through I felt her pain and mine all over again as I watched her friends suddenly abandon her I cried like a baby through some of the emotional scenes This was just a story that ate it s way right through to my heart.There was also alot of great supporting characters, Xanda, the sister who died, felt like a real character as you learn the secrets of what really happened to her Rand s Dad, who can never stand up to her Mom, and blames himself for his daughters death Rand s Mom, who is harsh and judgmental The boyfriend, who s confused and scared, and is getting fed alot of false information The friends, Delaney, who turns out to not really be a friend at all Essense, who was the former best friend, but turns out to be a better friend than she expected And my favorite character of all, Shelly, who is Rand s boss at work, and really takes her under her wing The situations that Shelly has been through reminded me alot of a friend I had when I was pregnant We were pregnant at the same time, and experienced all of the crazy firsts that go along with that at about the same time What happens to Shelly happened to her as well, and I was so touched by her character and strength.I just have to thank Holly Cupala for such a wonderful story that I will be thinking of for a long time to come I recommend this read to anyone and everyone

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    Wow Just wow An unassuming concept for a story glows in the talented hands of Holly Cupala, who captured my attention on the very first page.Miranda s narration is easy on the eyes and mind Through her, problems that could ve been easily overdramatized become painfully real expressions of emotions that anyone can relate to grief, fear, desire, and While there is never much physical movement throughout the story, the emotional arc is so poignant that, towards the end, I found myself bursting into tears at certain lines or gripping the book with shaking hands as I rushed to find out what would happen, if things will turn out alright, in a way that reminded me of the frantic and passionate mood swings of PMS.It s true that very little seems to happen, and that Miranda s past with her sister doesn t entirely convince me that it s driving her present day decisions Miranda herself is definitely a quiet protagonist, so those who like their female main characters snappier and wittier will not find that here Still, there is a way about Miranda that endears her to readers, that draws us into her problems and concerns and misconceptions Quite, good girl Miranda is a fully realized character we see her flaws but love her all the for them.TELL ME A SECRET is a heartwrenchingly good contemporary YA read Holly Cupala proves herself to be a powerful writing force with this one, and I can t wait to see what Holly will write next.

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    This one for me was one of those that I started just wanting to read the first few chapters and then three a.m came and I closed the book, finished It was THAT addicting Not only did it suck me in but it also broke my heart a little AND made me happy I m no longer in high school I couldn t put TELL ME A SECRET down, but it was the story that kept me reading, not the MC While Miranda wasn t my favorite narrator ever, I did appreciate the ending she got Character growth real life feel I now like you a lot , Miranda.

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    When you read description of this book, you may think it s a usual YA novel with girl falling for boy, firsts , friendship and family trouble If you re expecting light summer reading, you should probably search for other book But if you want to read something that will make you think twice about it, about your own life and choices which you take for granted, this is book for you Tell Me A Secret is one of the best debut novels I ve read so far.

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    Have you ever read a book that made you want to leap into its pages and throw cats at the characters No, well I guarantee that Tell Me A Secret will change that I can t remember the last time a book pissed me off so much I don t mean this in a negative way Sometimes it is good when a book pisses you off I gave Tell Me a Secret 5 purrs because I cannot remember the last time I became so emotionally invested in a book I experienced anger, sadness, and happiness at different periods throughout the book I even found myself getting a little teary eyed a couple of times actually cried like a baby shhh.Miranda is such a well written character that you cannot help but react emotionally The loss of her sister Xanda leads her to make some very stupid choices One of which is ditching a long time friend to become besties with the ultimate mean girl Looking for a replacement for her sister, Miranda instead winds up pregnant and friendless There were time when I wanted to throw a cat at Miranda for being so stupid, but alas I loved her too much to stay mad at her Miranda was impossible for me now to like because she was so strong I don t think I could have handled her situation as well as she did.It also doesn t help Miranda that her family is completely dysfunctional Miranda basically has no one to help her through her pregnancy until she meets a new friend at work I thought that the issue of teen pregnancy was handled rather well in Tell Me a Secret Miranda considers her baby to be a replacement on sorts for his dead sister, but the author never shies away from the negatives of being a teen mom Miranda s pregnancy is never romanticized nor glamorized.Miranda s relationship with her family is very complex Her mother is a judgmental bitch and her father is emotionally distant However, as Miranda s pregnancy progresses her relationship with her family changes drastically By the end of the story they come to an understanding of sorts Though I honestly don t know how Miranda could ever forgive her mother for some of the things she did.I could go on and on about how amazing this book was, but I don t want to bore you all Tell Me a Secret was a real page turner The pacing and format of it was perfect I was never bored or confused by anything that was happening I pretty much picked Tell Me a Secret up and didn t put it down again until I was finished.

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    I have really mixed feelings about Tell Me A Secret, on the one hand I thought the teenage pregnancy aspect of the story was extremely well written The things that Rand goes through during the pregnancy and her labour painted a realistic picture of what women go through, especially a teenage mother I really enjoyed that aspect of the book although I did find the scenes after the birth where Rand spends weeks hiding out at the hospital were unrealistic and I wanted to see her grow up and take responsibility for herself and her life.The problem I really had with the book was the fact that I found it extremely difficult to like any of the characters Rand has had a lot to deal with since her sister Xander died 5 years ago, she has never really dealt with her grief and her parents haven t helped by refusing to talk about Xander now she is gone Rand seemed to think that Xander had been perfect but the I found out about her the less likable she became I absolutely hated their mother too, she was so self obsessed and only cared about what other people might think of the family It didn t seem like she cared for Rand at all and after the way she acted throughout the entire book I found the turn around in her attitude at the end of the book was completely unbelievable.I found it hard to feel any sympathy for Rand when she was so cruel to the person who was supposed to have been her best friend for years Even knowing she was grieving and then later struggling with her pregnancy I found it hard to forgive her treatment of Essence and that meant I just didn t care about what she was going through It annoyed me that she couldn t see through her new so called friend Delaney, yes I could understand why she wanted to see the best in Kamran Delaney but you ve got to be pretty stupid not to put two and two together and come up with four.I downloaded this as a free audio podcast from Holly Cupala s website and the only thing that kept me listening to the end was that I wanted to find out what happened with the baby The scenes where Rand gives birth and the following few chapters were heartbreaking and kept me on the edge of my seat wanting to know how things would work out Perhaps this book would be enjoyed by teenagers I m hardly the right age to be included in the books target audience and hopefully it contains enough information about teen pregnancy to make them think twice about getting themselves into Rand s situation.

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    First off, I ve got to say I LOVED Tell Me a Secret Of course, from the very moment I saw the cover, read the title, met the author over the internet and through her massive book tour blow out I had a feeling that this was going to be one sweet book It was anything I could have expected It was exactly the kind of book I needed No, I m not pregnant, or labrinths y or have an ex sister, so to speak This book goes from a completely hopeless point in a teenage girl s life, when her perfect girl image crumbles at the seams, and she s broken and lost and just trying to find something to cling ontoto a realisation and acceptance of that which is reality.Teenagers have issues, and, I believe that Holly Cupala s debut novel Tell Me a Secret has successfully and effectively established and developed the idea that, yes teenagers have problems and issues, but there is always some little inkling of hope and, well, faith manages a recurring message in the novel I think this is something that teenagers could walk away from the novel with, because it just makes so much sense, to me Also, despite being a definite YA novel, there were so many analytical elements of the book that I couldn t help thinking Hmmthe ____ means ___ , as though TMAS was a book I had to read for english class believe me, if I did, I d be doing a whole lot better in english Tell Me a Secret was a hard hitting, emotional read and, while it explores deep and serious issues pregnancy, death , it was really quick and easy to read through to the end This one is a page turner, as others have declared Oh, and just so you know, I m trying to be subtle and not give any spoilers away HoweverHere s a teaser A blue patch of light stretched across my sketch and I smiled, remembering how Xanda and I used to draw pictures of the minister and choir We would sit with Essence as far back from the minister as we could get away with Even at twelve my drawings were smooth, balanced, carefully rendered Xanda s were angular and dramatic, with dark lines and unexpected details Like the eyes of the soloist, one of them bigger than the other, or the too loose blouse on the Elder after her mastectomy Essence drew them as stick figures, acting out their secret sins on a stage and sending Xanda and me into snorts of laughter pp 43 44

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    I had assumptions when I picked up Tell me a Secret by Holly Cupala I guess it had been a while since I read all the reviews for this book and of course I didn t read the back cover because I had heard so many positive reviews that I knew I just wanted to read it Needless to say, I was surprised by the contents of this book Rand, the main character, has a lot of issues to deal with throughout the course of the story Just to name a few, she s dealing with her sister s death from 5 years ago, her mother is a little bit off her rocker and way too controlling and her father is absent, she s almost positive her new best friend is trying to steal her boyfriend, plus she hasn t had a period in 3 months and she thinks her old best friend is telling people she s pregnant That s a whole lot to deal with if you ask me This book started off a little slow for me, but once I passed about page 100 everything started to pick up pace and it really start to dig into the depths of this novel and let me tell you, it had depths that I never imagined it would get to Which is probably the reason that I enjoyed this novel so much You really have to read it yourself to understand what I mean when I say, this novel was full insight, self discovery, and is a long road to forgiving people for all the things that they did when they thought they were doing the right thing, but it wasn t exactly the best course of decisions.I had problems with how easily this book ended because nearly all of the people that surrounded Rand neglected her in her time of most need and as the book began to close they suddenly morphed into decent human beings I understand it, mostly, but I would have liked to see of the change in some of the characters That s really the only complaint that I have about this book I really enjoyed reading this story, it is a terrific debut novel and I am looking forward to seeing what else Holly Cupala will come up with and if this book is any indication of what is to come, I can t wait for stories with depth that will surprise me.

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    3.5 out of 5 ratingFirst off, let me say that I think this would be an interesting book for teens to read I think it could be a semi accurate portrayal of being pregnant while being a teen That being said, I didn t really feel any connection from Miranda I don t know if it s that I found her personality boring or that she was a downer, but I just didn t really care for her Or any of the characters for that matter Her new friend, Delaney, was just a witch and I have no idea why Miranda would have chosen to be friends with her And her old friend, Essence, wasn t any pleasant And her mother my god, it makes me glad that my own mom is as great as she is While I get that it could be reality for a mother to be so unaccepting of her pregnant teenager, it horrified me to read it And then Kamran was not the guy I wanted him to be once again, I realize that this is reality and many guys freak when they find out a girl they slept with is pregnant I did however really like Shelley What a sweet, understanding character It was nice for Miranda to have someone to look up to and have take care of her And I felt bad for Miranda s dad You could tell he cared about Miranda and wanted to care about the baby, but was intimadated by his wife I think the pregnancy leading up to the birth could be pretty accurate, but after the birth was another story There is no way that the hospital would let Miranda sleep there, and even if she was hiding, it wouldn t last that long Anyways, I think that this could be a good book for teenagers to read and possibly even parents of pregnant teenagers.