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Okay, to be honest, I might never have picked up this book, if Adam Selzer had not been such a huge supporter of The Book Lantern And what a mistake that would have been Reading reviews for this book, I am shocked by the number of people who simply don t get what this book is about a trend I have found disturbingly common in YA satire Spoofs No problem, every one knows when to laugh, and at what, so they re still considered witty and amusing Satire Not so much Similarly to Bumped, I m frustrated when people critique the story without understanding that it is, for the large part, tongue in cheek THIS IS A SATIRE, people Okay, so there s this girl who s smart, witty and funny but then she meets this paranormal creature and falls madly in love in the space of a few days and loses her sense of humor, her coolness and even decides to give up her future plans and her mortality to stay with him 4eva and eva, the end Or not quiteSounds familiar Yeah That is because this is a smart, funny, cleverly done satire on Every Paranormal Romance Today However, unlike Bella who s not very interesting, and Nora, who s not very smart, Alley short for Algonquin Rhodes is actually witty and smart and interesting until she meets the love of her life, who she slowly discovers is a paranormal creature a zombie, in fact But despite the smell of embalming fluid and the greyish tone of his skin, and his inability to perform several acts of a sexual nature, Alley still finds him kind of hot And then they start dating seriously, and a vampire who s in love with Alley because of her rare blood type get it, get it gets into the picture, and Alley tries to rearrange her life around her boyfriend, even going so far as to consider conversion into a zombie but since she s actually smart, she ends up doubting her decision to die and give up her mortality forever and ever cough Bella Swan cough This is a fast, fun, zippy read of only a 114 pages or so It s a little sad, a lot gross in parts and sometimes moving and in the end, very empowering I d totally recommend it to people who want to have a little laugh over the YA pnr genre today, and do it with a heroine who s funny and intelligent, as well as really knowledgeable about music Fun times Algonquin Ali Rhodes, The High School Newspaper S Music Critic, Meets An Intriguing Singer, Doug, While Reviewing A Gig He S A Weird Looking Guy Goth, But He Seems Sincere About It, Like Maybe He Was Into It Back Before It Was Cool She Introduces Herself After The Set, Asking If He Lives In Cornersville, And He Replies, In His Slow, Quiet Murmur, Well, I Don T Really Live There, Exactly When Ali And Doug Start Dating, Ali Is Falling So Hard She Doesn T Notice A Few Odd Signs He Never Changes Clothes, His Head Is A Funny Shape, And He Says Practically Nothing Out Loud Finally Marie, The School Paper S Fashion Editor, Points Out The Obvious Doug Isn T Just A Really Sincere Goth He S A Zombie Horrified That Her Feelings Could Have Allowed Her To Overlook Such A Flaw, Ali Breaks Up With Doug, But Learns That Zombies Are Awfully Hard To Get Rid Of At The Same Time She Learns That Vampires, A Group As Tightly Knit As The Mafia, Don T Think Much Of Music Critics Who Make Fun Of Vampires In Reviews WARNING You are about to read my severe rant about one character If you want to skip that and read all the OTHER reasons I hate the book, feel free to skip it It took me roughly five minutes to realize that I hate Alley Rhodes She begins the book as a witty individual, filled to the brim with awesome jokes and coolness and common sense that made me like her, but as the book progressed into chapter two, she quickly became a doey eyed fool for Doug, the goth who sang for the worlds crappiest band The kid who never changes his clothes, smells like dead stuff, and is so painfully obviously a zombie that it almost physically pained me to read her ignorance 1 She begins the book by briefly explaining WHY there are Vampires in her school This has a lot to do with Zombies, and place called Megamart, where they were slaves 2 They later stop at Megamart to pick up Doug s medicine which he gets for free due to a legal settlement, at which point the main character goes into a whole story about the Zombies and Megamart, and yet she still doesn t connect the freaking dots Even when her classmates are calling him a zombie Gah If this weren t bad enough, she s already sending the poor boy Thinking of you texts after one date, and picking out her prom dress before they even hit date number 2 I might actually feel bad for Doug and any of the characters associated with her, if they actually had, well, character of any kind It amazed me that her and all her friends trash the vamps and the goth wannabes, and yet they all dress like goths themselves Not only this, but Alley has spent her entire teenaged like treating every boy in town like poop on a shoe because she doesn t want to get stuck in Des Moines, but is willing to skip her big Seattle dreams for Doug, the kid she s known for about a week and two dates She even seriously considers becoming a zombie herself, something which she would have laughed in the face of any Vampire loving girl for rant over My little tangent being through with, I ll say that aside from my pure hatred or the main character, though this book still sucked, it was a good concept, and could have been done really well, but I found that the author wrote like this was his first book, or as if this were his first book for teens, and he usually writes for the kiddies I felt like They mentioned the Mega Mart Scandall, but it didn t really play into the plot much, same as the mention of both ghosts and Werewolves I think the author tried to shove way too much into such a short book, which is funny since the plot was pretty thin It reminded my of a fanfiction, in the way that the characters were often going places, but nothing of event was really happening We went on a date and paragraph of nothing interesting We went on another date repeat then we went to a party and repeat once again Generation Dead did it better. Esta ha sido una historia divertida para pasar un rato interesante.Como bien se puede deducir por el t tulo, posee cierto contenido paranormal, que da una base para el mundo en el que se desarrolla la historia y para los hechos principales.Gonk es una adolescente que trabaja para el peri dico escolar, eso la lleva a conocer a Doug, un chico bastante particular con el que entabla una relaci n especial a partir de sus gustos musicales.A lo largo de las p ginas podemos observar c mo este nuevo mundo que acepta a los seres paranormales se basa en unas nuevas reglas y costumbres que afectan al comportamiento general de la poblaci n humana.Aunque a primera vista es una novela m s de romance juvenil paranormal, destaca hacia el final por poseer un giro que es inesperado en esta clase de tramas, y que le da un punto extra.En general es una historia entretenida para pasar el rato, con sus buenos momentos rom nticos, dram ticos y humor sticos. Okay, I read this book because of our discussion on whether or not authors could cross a line when redefining a supernatural creature A zombie human relationship is the one we felt would cross that line with the Eew factor So in the name of research I read this book The Good I liked the message at the end which was don t take life for granted Don t throw it away and enjoy it for the incredible gift it is Plus, there was quite a bit of humor added in and this was not meant to be a serious romance.First Kiss before she knows he s a zombie she thinks he s sick There re a lot of things I can t do, he says With my health side note from me, Lisarenee Thank Goodness lol Well, I say, can you kiss girls He nods, and I lean over and give him our first kiss Whatever it is that he has makes his mouth cold and dry, and I can taste the medicine on him, but he leans into the kiss If you really like someone, it doesn t matter what their mouth feels or tastes like The kiss is still awesome Page 42The Bad The first kiss had an Eew factor of 7 out of 10 on the Eew scale, but the fact she made out with the zombie although not in great detail thank goodness brought it up to a 9 out of 10 on the Eew scale Then there was the last scene which brought the Eew scale to 10, but I m not going to spoil it for you with details lolThe ugly Zombies Duh Thankfully, I do not see a bunch of Zombie Human romances in the near future I say don t do it authors It s just too gross So with the good, the bad, the ugly out of the way I give this book a 3 stars It had me alternating between chuckles and Eews and had a nice message at the end. I bought this as a joke The whole zombie craze, which I will admit I was once a part of, has become ridiculous Seriously Some days it seems like every new author who has realized that anyone can write and publish a book thinks they can write a zombie book, so the market is saturated Overflowing. Some really good books have actually come out of this movement, but I ve been too inundated with them so have grown a little wearisome of zombie fiction Not that I don t still read the occasional z book, the lure is too great Anyhoo, when I saw this book a couple of years ago I had to laugh because it was another sign of the zombie fervor, and also well, EWWWW So I got it as a joke, thinking I might give it to someone at some point.Here s the thing though it didn t totally suck. I Kissed a Zombie, and I Liked it is about strangely named Algonquin Alley Rhodes, who so happens to have kissed a zombie and liked it She can t help but fall for Doug, the uncolored, unchanging, undead zombie of a hunk who might just be able to thaw her out from her ice queen identity Of course, the structured society of her school doesn t exactly agree with their relationship so they ll have to fight to keep it alive.To put it blatantly, this book was nothing but a parody There was no real plot, no interestingly developed world, not even a smudge of character development, even This novel is one to take at face value it would interest someone if they re looking for a book about an unsympathetic heroine who falls in love with a hopeless zombie It is guaranteed to disappoint anyone else Finally, the cover is atrocious. OH MY GOD.What a horrible book I know you shouldn t judge a book by its title, but I think that this would be a worthy exception The shallow and lifeless characters got on my nerves so much and I don t just mean the zombie guy, I mean both of them, they were as generic and melodramatic as a high school girl s diary , and Selzer s attempt at humor is just pathetic The plot was nothing if not predictable, and the writing was choppy and dull. Adam Selzer, I Kissed a Zombie, and I Liked It Delacorte, 2010 Man, this book had two and a half strikes against it before I even picked it up It s obviously titled to capitalize on the success of Katy Perry s song I Kissed a Girl as well as the current undead teen novel craze which brings up the question in my head of whether Katy Perry is actually alive, but we won t go there right now But it hit my TBR list nonetheless, and on the same day, my wife picked it up at random at the library for the kid to read Providence, right So I got stuck waiting around for something and it was the only handy book in the car, and it looked short, so I picked it up and started reading And there I was laughing out loud, something I rarely do when reading, by the end of page one A couple of hours later, I d finished the silly thing, and what do you know It was miles better than I expected it to be, though Selzer did tone down the comedy a good deal after the first fifty pages or so That wasn t the best possible idea, but by then, I was hooked.Alley Rhodes is one of the snarky girls on her high school s newspaper, a clique known as the Vicious Circle She spends her days coming up with one liners and avoiding getting emotionally entangled with anyone Until, that is, she gets an assignment to review an awful high school band and falls for their part time lead singer He seems attracted to her, too, and everything s going great until she discovers this isn t a spoiler, given the title that he s actually a zombie She s got to decide what to do about interspecies dating Worse, one of the school s hottest vampires is chasing after her Why her, when he could have any girl in school with a glance Yes, there s a lot of clich to be found here, and Alley is just a little too hip cynical not to mention way too self aware for someone her age I have been resisting the urge to use the phrase Juno of the Living Dead Obviously, I just failed And I know I should hate everything there is to hate about this book But I couldn t help myself I fell for its dubious charms, and I fell hard enough that I can almost literally say I couldn t put it down I had to, because if I try to read in a moving car I get carsick, and the family would not sit in the parking lot waiting for me for another hour Recommended, and I m as surprised by me saying that as you are. Alley Rhodes, high school senior and music reporter for her school newspaper, can t wait to get out of Des Moines, Iowa, insurance capital of the world But one night a really different guy does a guest stint as lead singer for an otherwise pathetic band, and Alley is smitten and suddenly starts rethinking both her plans, and her opinions She s never been a fan of the undead or the supernatural since the Megamart Zombie Scandal also opened the door to vampire and werewolf rights but maybe it s time to change her mind I am pleased to say that this book was everything I could have hoped for Alley is snarky and brittle and funny in a way that only a 17 year old can be, and the story is a direct slap at TWILIGHT, but in a mostly light handed, good natured, very humorous way It s delightfully short, and still manages to make its point perfectly hint it s very much pro human and pro living The book is very funny, but is also insightful and even poignant in just the right amounts.My only complaint is that the title and the blurb on the back both contain a huge spoiler, since for the first half of the book, Alley is supposed to be unaware that Doug, the Leonard Cohen Cole Porter crooning guy she falls for, is a zombie, and it would have been nice for me, as the reader, not to have already been sure about that But other than that, the book is just about perfect at what it s trying to be Very much recommended