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Winner Of The Netherlands Most Prestigious Children S Book Award, This Epic Adventure Quest Draws Readers Deep Into A Collective Dream World And Sweeps Them Along On A Riveting Journey Through A Reimagined Past They Re Going To Send You On A Sales Trip And It Ll Be The Death Of You I Know What S Going On At Gippart You Re Their Guinea Pig Josh Cope Is A Bit Of A Dreamer Who Sometimes Steals Things Otherwise, He S Just Your Average Boy So Why Is An International Corporation Calling Him In The Middle Of The Night, Insisting That He Come And Work For Them Why Would They Be So Convinced That Josh Is The Key To Conquering Their New Market The Past Drawn Into This Astonishing, Whirlwind Adventure, Josh Soon Finds Himself In The Middle Of A Nightmare, Caught In A Place Between Dreams And Reality For Josh And His Friends To Find Their Way Back, They Must Follow A Trail That Takes Them Right Into The Very Heart Of The Human Imagination And To The Furthest Ends Of Time Itself

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    I don t think I have any book in my collection I have read as many times as The Dream Merchant, even if most of these readings were attempts My sister bought it for me years back, because of the better than Harry Potter sticker it had on the cover, and she knew I was devouring the books back then I m not going to make any claims about whether or not the sticker was telling the truth, but I do feel like it should have read More confusing than Harry Potter because oh dear, this is one confusing book But I keep getting entranced by it, and yet again as I am reorganizing my books and have it in my hands, I feel like giving it a reread I have a vague recollection of this happening last year also, but I cannot for the life of me remember whether or not I succeeded in the endeavor.And this is perhaps very much in the spirit of the books, which deals with a group of children working for a trading organisation A trading organisation whose market is located in the dream world As only children can enter this world, they have to go in and sell or trade goods Of course everything goes wrong, kids get stuck, dead twin sisters turn up and the whole thing turns into a nightmare while the kids travel through the dream world in search of well, that s a surprise And just like a dream, this books doesn t fully stick with me I cannot really recall the plot But I can recall various images.

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    It s been a few years since I last read this book BUT when I did I LOVED it It left a major impression on the younger, less experienced reader me It was constantly easy on the ears That s what I remember loving about it The writing was clear and the wording never awkward, the scene setting vibrant, and the characters extremely believable Which is pretty very, in my experience rare for a YA book You could feel that each character was their own individual person and there were stark contrasts You never get that feeling where you can tell that the authors own thoughts and traits are leaking into every character making them all share habits language patterns and become blurry I m moving around now, but as soon as I settle, this will be the one of the first books I buy and reread.Teresa besides Kitty from the Bartimaeus trilogy was probably the female character of my childhood who set the bar for all other female YA protagonists She was independent None of this modern, fragile, boy obsessed needy Bella rubbish She was her own person, self aware and talented And not in the trashy, cheap, gimmicky Mary Sue kind of way More real or at least, as real as is possible in fanatsy.

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    To be entirely honest, I picked this book up solely because I was going on holiday and it was long and I m a fast reader I quickly sank into the book, wrapped up in the world that Hoving has created, and enjoyed it immensely Oh yes, it s very confusing, complicated and intensive, and reading it quickly is probably a very bad idea It s not a quick frolic in a fantasy land, nor does it pretend to be But if you re willing to apply a little time and dedication, it is thoroughly engaging The basic premise is unique, the characters have their idiosyncrasies which doesn t seem tacked on and unimportant to the plot.Perhaps it is a little overlong as it takes a while to conclude, but if you have the patience and willing to learn about this brand new world I would recommend The Dream Merchant to anyone.

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    This book is a complete and utter disappointment Six hundred some pages of pointless adventure , characters that do not evoke any emotion from the reader, and a long, drawn out history that is impossible to remember Ultimately, the book has no point whatsoever The characters are frustrating and aggravating I dreaded reading it Not recommended.

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    This is not your every day YA novel The concepts are complex, for example, than the straight forward Good vs Evil of the Harry Potter novels The story is about a multinational corporation that is hiring children to help them expand their markets The children are lured into these sales associate jobs with promises of extraordinary adventure as well as actual income that they can spend in special company showrooms full of remarkable toys, games, and futuristic inventions Josh, Baz, and Teresa are lured for special talents the corporation believes they possess But the story expands over a thousand years and of human history Each of the children passes through traditional but unique coming of age moments on the way to deciding their future in, or out of, the offices and schemes of Gippart International The author is from the Netherlands, a country that once sat at the center of a great trade empire nearly comparable to that of England Whether that history is captured here and there in the novel is not clear to this reader, but I wouldn t be at all surprised With all the age banding debate that is rife these days, I wouldn t want to speculate who should try to read this and who should not Put it in their hands and let them bring their questions or decide to put it down for another day.

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    Joshua Cope is a very ordinary 11 year old boy, not particulary talented, unlike his best friend Baz who is an amazing drummer He has a dysfunctional but not particularly so family, he lives with his mother Mo and her partner and visits his father at the weekends His older sister is mildly annoying, as is her boyfriend who is always asking to see Joshua s collection Which is where what Joshua considers his own talent comes in, he s a good thief Late at night the phone rings, but none of the others in the house wakes and eventually he answers A strange man on the phone, he hangs up, but the calls keep coming and so begins an amazing tale of dream worlds, lost twins, broken families and high adventure rooted in the emotional landscape of four young children Absolutely brilliant.

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    I remember reading it solely for the thickness of the spine and the lack of anything else to read Then, it turned out to be one of the most confusing epics that I ve ever come across I always knew I liked dreams and the concept of them being just as real as the real world For those of you who basically rated on its muddled inconsistency, I can tell you right now that the author intended it to be this way Dreams aren t crystal clear projections of your desires they re the manifestations of all that you ve experienced and been affected by, something of a synesthetic portrait that the neurons of your brain creates, despite the fact that the characters are essentially lucid dreamers I always knew I liked dreams.

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    Personal Response The Dream Merchant was an addicting book It was incredibly adventurous and epic leaving me wanting The book was a long one but, it was worth every second PlotThis Dutch novel by Isabel Hoving followed the adventures of Joshua Cope He had a very particular set of skills that made him a perfect candidate for the experiment that was being conducted by Gippart International They wanted children to travel through dreams to sell things on the account of them being a merchant company Joshua was accepted into the program easily as he could fall asleep when he wanted which is how you would get out of the dream world The leader of Gippart had intentions than just dream travelling, he wanted to go through time and knew how to find out The people who supposedly knew how to travel through time were the Temberi They were located on the edge of time Josh and his friends got sent into an Umaya with two sensors Sensors were adults who travelled through the dream world They landed in the 1700 s on an island but the sensors and Gipparts president tricked them The sensors found a way to close off the Umaya so the kids couldn t get out All four of them had only one way out, they had to find the Temberi and so they did on a two week journey through time as it went backwards After finding the supposed time travellers Josh and all his friends were sent to the beginning of time and could then make it back home.CharacterizationJoshua Cope was undoubtedly the main character He was a very odd kid who collected trinkets, was an amazing thief and could fall asleep whenever he wants Towards the beginning Josh was a loner with few friends but by the end he was worshipped for saving the organization.RecommendationThis was a very long book with a very complex plotline It definitely wasn t an easy read The book would be well suited towards any high schooler.

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    I was in a mood for adventure fantasy read and I accidentally bumped into this book, it was actually a used book and without second thought I grabbed it It was indeed an original adventure and a page turner Josh vision, Teresa storyteller, Baz drummer unusually good combination of abilities for a team and let us not forget the collective dream world of Umaya that made it a good read.The translated version was comprehensible and it was highly recommended for all ages.

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    Trippy stuff I never managed to feel fully invested in the characters somehow, which made it a slightly slower read than usual for me, but the story and the concepts behind them were quite fascinating and kept me coming back to it.