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Beatrix Potter was a magnificent children s story teller and the books passed down through generations are still loved today It was very revealing of her life reading her letters. Beatrix Potter Achieved Considerable Prominence As A Children S Book Author In Her Own Lifetime, But She Always Shunned Publicity However, She Was A Prolific Letter Writer Judy Taylor, Author Of The Biography Beatrix Potter Artist, Storyteller And Countrywoman, Here Presents A Collection That Reveals The Observant, Energetic, Affectionate And Humorous Personality That Potter Kept Hidden From The Public There Are Picture Letters Written To Entertain Child Friends, Juxtaposed With Serious Accounts Of Botanical Research The Publishing Process Of Her Children S Books Is Discussed In The Correspondence With Her Editor, Norman Warne, To Whom She Eventually Became Engaged Her Life, From To , Covers A Period Of Immense Social Change Judy Taylor S Selection Of Letters, Linked By Annotations, Gives An Overview Of The Development Of The Early Th Century As Well As The Life Story Of A Remarkable Woman As we plan our trip to Hill Top next Spring I just wanted to get a real dose of all things Beatrix Very interesting. Incredibly interesting Read 3 4 of the book and skimmed the rest Wonderful woman. Beatrix Potter, author of one of the most famous children s books ever, achieved considerable prominence in her own lifetime but, hating publicity, she was consistently reticent about her life and work, and self deprecating about her talent However, she was a prolific letter writer, and through her own words to friends, working colleagues and children we can discover the observant, energetic, affectionate and humorous personality she kept hidden from her public From a collection of over 1,400 letter Judy Taylor has assembled a representative selection which documents every stage of Beatrix Potter s life The early period in the 1890s, when Beatrix was a young woman living at home with her parents, presents an extraordinary juxtaposition of the enchanting and funny picture letters sent to entertain child friends with highly technical letters on the subject of fungi, a subject on which she was doing serious independent research Her mastery of both entertainment and technique came together in her children s books, however, and it was from these that she made her career The publishing process of the early books is revealed in the almost daily correspondence with her editor, Norman Warne, to whom she eventually became engaged to be married Norman Warne s tragic death shortly after their engagement precipitated her move from London to the congenial surroundings of the Lake District She became, in her own phrase, a woman farmer and we have her joyful descriptions to friends of her new life, as well as frequent acerbic communications with the local bureaucracy as she battled to preserve the countryside she loved Her life, from 1966 to 1943, covers a period of immense social change The restricted existence of a dutiful Victorian daughter, the background against which she first wrote the story of Peter Rabbit, was indeed another world from that of war time England where she continued to pioneer countryside conservation until her death Judy Taylor s selection of letters, linked by her informative annotations, gives us a fascinating view of the development of the early twentieth century as well as the life story of a truly remarkable woman front flapI don t usually read letters, but several of my fellow book lovers decided we would read this book as a group Much to my surprise, I really enjoyed it Having read the Beatrix Potter mysteries and seen the movie Miss Potter, I was familiar with her early life and her love for the Lake District It was a bit frustrating that very little mention of her developing romance with Norman Warne was included perhaps she didn t commit anything to letters That precedent was repeated with her husband Mr Heelis he springs up from nowhere, if you have only the letters to go by.It was interesting to get a glimpse of WWII from her point of view the Lake District wasn t much affected by the Blitz, but rationing and other government departments became the bane of the farmers lives Her decline in her last years was chronicled in her letters very bittersweet indeed.This selection of her letters does give you a small window into her life, and how it evolved from dutiful Victorian daughter to independent woman farmer and landowner and it was an enjoyable journey indeed. The story of Beatrix Potter, the business woman, farmer, environmentalist, woman of independent means is a fascinating one Yes, she wrote the wonderful story about the little bunny and quite a few wonderful stories She also grew up in a stifling Victorian home in which she was allowed only one choice in life the person whom she would marry Well, almost She turned down the suitable choices presented to her and instead chose to marry her publisher He was considered unsuitable by her parents because he was in trade and below her station in society Beatrix letters document all of the goings on her business dealings in the publishing world, her marriage, the difficulties with her mother and her later life as a conservationist in the Lake District of England Potter was a woman who knew what she wanted, used the magnificent talent that she possessed and made the most of her life in spite of trying circumstances.