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Genre Paranormal RomanceThoughts After reading one of Bast s other books, Witch Blood Elemental Witches, book 2 I had my doubts about trying this one Witch Blood wasn t for me Great idea, but smothered in too much sex After reading some good reviews about the second book, Cruel Enchantment, I couldn t stop my curiosity reading the first one was my only option Let s just say I was pleasantly surprised It s been hard finding good Fayre PNR Laurel K Hamilton s Meredith Gentry series while I still liked it is too sexed up to be enjoyable Jennifer Armintrout s Lightworld Darkworld series is just all kinds of messed up again still enjoyable This had everything I was looking in a Faye themed paranormal romance that I just couldn t fine anywhere else Bast s world takes place where the Faye have been imprisoned for well over 300 years The Phaendir, a race of humans that mixed blood with the Faye, imprisoned them and intend to keep them that way The Faye are well treated and are given all of the benefits of the modern world, but they reside within a prison none the less The humans are divided into factions that want the Faye free, are in support of the Phaendir keeping them imprisoned, or just don t care one way or the other The Faye are working on a way to free themselves with our with out the support of humans The love story in this book takes place between Aishlinn of the Seelie court basically the good faye court and Gabriel of the Unseelie court Aishlinn was publicly used and dumped by her last boyfriend because of her high status in the Seelie court So when Gabriel comes to the Seelie court to join them, she s ready to leave him to the other females of the court She doesn t need to tangle herself up with a incubus womanizer Gabriel of course is there specifically targeting her He doesn t want anything to do with the boring Seelie court He needs to use his wiles to get Aishlinn to come over to the Unseelie side Clearly a very standard romantic setup Bast s excellent writing and attention to detail of her characters really makes a standard love story come to life I felt invested in both of the lovers, and I felt like I knew both of them In PNR that s saying something, especially for the male leads Usually PNR male leads are just a hot body with a name and that s all we get I loved the fact that I felt like I new Gabriel So when eventual betrayal takes the happy lovers on a ride, I feel even invested wanting them to succeed That s not saying that Aishlinn didn t put up a good resistance too Gabriel She was a very strong lead, sure she couldn t kick butt until the end of the book, but she knew what was good for her So it s safe to say that Aishlinn and Gabriel fell in love first, before they fell in bed Even though I loved the couple I still felt like something was lacking between them Some vital ingredient to their chemistry Bast kept me happy with good lines like these You re so fucking beautiful She gave a short laugh an gazed down into the empty glass I m sure you ve said that to all the women you ve tried to seduce He tilted her chin up so she was forced to look at him I am trying to seduce you, Aishlinn, but I don t mean you re beautiful in the ordinary sense You are beautiful inside and out, upside and down, straight into your soul The plot for this book just blew me away The court politics between the Seelie and UnSeelie are deviant It s even chilling what occurs within the courts, instead of court against court This is probably one of the best PNR Faye worlds I have read Where others seem to be squeezing in as many myths as possible Wicked Enchantment moves at it s own pace and doesn t try to overwhelm the reader with all the different kinds of Faye Don t get me wrong we get quite a few here, but you can remember which race is which Phaendir are another fun part The reader gets to infiltrate the enemy lines in the head of one messed up Phaendir, Gideon, who wants all Faye wiped away Which is a really interesting topic considering that a huge majority of Phaendir blood is mixed with Faye Plus the Phaendir are divided into factions Currently they are being lead by a man who doesn t think that the Faye need to be eradicated, just contained The plot thickens when Gideon finds out that pieces to the Fayes escape are falling into the Faye hands A spell that can only be obtained using a book and a key broken up into three pieces So far the Faye have the book and one piece of the key The cast of characters in this book is fantastic If your not interested in the Faye escaping and the political intrigue, then this intense cast of characters will keep you crawling back for The little tidbits of information we get on the characters in the Wild Hunt, which happens to be led by Gabriel, lingers in my mind I want of these side characters They all interact so well pulling off dramatic hold your breath scenes, to laugh out load humor.Bottom Line This turned into a fantastic read Sure I felt like a key point in the chemistry in the love story was missing, but Bast makes up for it in realistic characters The political agendas keep you guessing and Phaendir s clutch through the prison walls of the Faye really adds a dangerous edge So don t worry about this being the same old PNR tale Bast makes this stand out in the genre and I ll be back for More Faye intrigue, Phaendir agendas, and of these fantastic characters Sexual Content Graphic sex scenes 4 5 Great Really enjoyed it. 3.5 starsThe best thing about this was the world building Both factions of the fae, seelie and unseelie, had been magically trapped for hundreds of years by a group of druids called the phaendir The two groups of fae often did not get along Their differences were far too vast The seelie were social and frowned upon the use of magick The unseelie embraced magic in all forms but were violent and vicious The one thing they did agree on was collecting all of the necessary items needed to free themselves.The romance was okay Gabriel was sent to the seelie court for covert reasons Aislinn was his guide while he was there, but she was allured by his incubus charms like everyone else was I liked them together, but something was missing The issues between them were dragged out for way too long It wasn t angsty or overly dramatic After a while it felt they should have gotten over their insecurities I probably will read the next one but not right away. This is one of those books which, instead of stars, I wish I could rate it a 14 on the pH scale it was that basic. Wicked Enchantment is the first novel in the Dark Magick series by Anya Bast Wicked Enchantment is the first Bast book I ve read and I really enjoyed it It starts out with the Seelie Summer Queen, Caoilainn Muirgheal orders Aislinn Finvarra to be a guide to an Unseelie visitor and half incubus Gabriel Mac Braire He has one week to decide if he wants to make permit residence in the Seelie court Being Unseelie is somewhat looked down upon for the Seelie, but to also be and incubus that s just plain trouble Aislinn doesn t want or need any trouble And the spotlight is the last thing from her mind after the embarrassing ordeal with her jerk of an ex and the way he broke up with her When all heads are turned towards Gabriel, Aislinn hardly sees the point Sure, he s gorgeous, but what good could come of a man like him Aislinn wonders why would a Unseelie man, who is obviously close to the top with the Unseelie court, wanting to move Something can t be right, and although he obviously wants to seduce her, could she go through another painful breakup if all fails Her love life on hold Aislinn has bigger things to worry about Things that should be kept hidden and kept secret forever, or her life may be in danger.Aislinn is a fascinating character Attractive, smart and bored She has everything she could want in the Seelie court, but being safe isn t what she wants to live with She feels incomplete and unfinished Different..Gabriel is a very fun and seducing character But being seductive isn t all he is He s caring and strong and most importantly, he s the leader of the wild hunt.I really liked this new series Bast is very imaginative and knows how to make great chemistry between her characters Gabriel and Aislinn are packed with heat It s also great that there s an amazing glossary at the end of the book, that gives you a load of useful information for the series This book is packed with suspense and heat and has a terrific late twist If you love paranormal romance and fantasy you ll love this book I can t wait for the second installment in the series, Cruel Enchantment, which is due out September 2010. This is the first book I ve read by Anya Bast and it is the first book in her new Dark Magick series I really enjoyed Wicked Enchantment Bast s writing flows very well and I was pulled into the story within just a few pages I liked Aislinn straight away too and Gabriel is just scrummy I have very limited experience when it comes to paranormal romance It s not often a genre I dip into as I get too embarrassed with all the sexual shenanigans blush I like a bit of sexual tension and even the lead up to sex, but usually just cringe when it gets down to the nitty gritty With Wicked Enchantment, however, it was different The love scenes were written well and instead of making me shy away and skim those pages, I hung around and it is a pretty sizzling read It s not overly explicit, although it s still about a nine out of ten on the hotness scale, but it had just about the right amount of heat I could handle I loved the romance between Aislinn and Gabriel it s fiery and sensual but sweet as well and we see them go from total lust to totally in love Although, Aislinn does seem to like being dominated, there is an essence of control in the way she deals with Gabriel It is fun to read and as I don t really like my heroines to be submissive, I m hoping Aislinn finds of that assertiveness in the coming books.We also see Aislinn and Gabriel grow as characters Aislinn from a bored, spoilt member of the Summer Queen s entourage to a strong and determined woman who has to deal with a power she never knew she had, and Gabriel from a selfish womaniser who s never given his heart to anyone but his mother, into a love sick puppy who has fallen head over heels in love and will give anything to protect her, even his life Both characters develop well and I like the direction Bast is taking them Now, this book isn t just about the romance, it has a plot too and a really good one One that kept me engrossed until the very last page It has action, and no not that kind of action I m talking about action that includes weapons and spells, creepy Sluagh the army of unforgiven dead and goblins It s also about friendship and the lengths people will go to preserve it The supporting characters are just as well defined and I look forward to finding out about them in subsequent books Verdict I thoroughly enjoyed Wicked Enchantment and if you like paranormal romance then you will love this A fabulous combination of action packed adventure and sexy red hot romance I can t wait for the next installment in this series, Cruel Enchantment, which is due September 2010. Wicked Enchantment by Anya BastWhen Aislinn Finvarra first sees Gabriel Mac Braire she can t help but to be curious about the half incubus who is know to possess dark magick, both lethal and sexual in nature Rumors are all around of the women who have become enslaved to his irresistible charms Which Aislinn sees as a big no, considering she s done with men at the moment because of her last failed relationship Gabriel is said to want to switch court, so the Summer Queen of the Seelie Court of fae orders Aislinn herself to act as his guide in the court, while the Queen is considering to either accept or deny Gabriels request Aislinn has fallen under the spell of far less persuasive men before, so she s understandably on guard, but Gabriel seems really interested in her Gabriel might be than he seems, and his true mission is far from innocent This time, Aislinn must protect not only her heart, but her very life.Aislinn Finvarra is a Seelie Court fae who has hidden her powers her whole life She seems to have then what a Seelie fae are supposed to have, meaning she has dark magick in her blood Her father, who was her bestfriend, was murdered when she was a little girl, so Aislinn was raised by her mother who want nothing then having her daughter to be one of the highest rank in the fae Seelie Court So that mean a lot of parties and a hell of alot of boring things Aislinn feel alone, and bored and feels like an outsider Aislinn s pretty, smart, and she s an independent woman She doesn t trust easily, so when Gabriel starts to ask questions she s getting a little bit suspicious about his motives to move to Seelie Court.Gabriel Mac Braire is gorgeous, powerful and extremly dangerous He claims to be bored of the same old game, and that is a big enough reason to change court Gabriel is used to getting what he wants, so when Aislinn is playing hard to get, he sees it as a challenge Considering that Aislinn is immune to his powers, he has to use what he never use, his emotions Though, Gabriel has his emotions shut down, he never feels anything but anger and sexual pleasure but when he get Aislinn to slowly open up to him, he never expected to feel for her They are connected in ways then they thought, and they understand each other like they never have with anyone else I liked this book The characters was awesome, and i love the emotions between Aislinn and Gabriel The book has its twists and suprises which makes the book a good read I enjoyed the book, though it wasn t the best ive read Rate 3 stars. This is the first time I ve read a book for the beginning of a series that I found easy to understand and flowed together so well, I had fun reading this book it was fresh and exciting, full of adventure and magick, nothing like I expected If you want to read this review and don t want very many spoilers read to where it says, SOPILERS.If you love these things you will love this bookA magick World unlike no other, I have read.Incubus,Fae s,Goblins,Boggarts,Magic animals,Sexy men ridding on the magic horses, the leader is called Lord of the Wild Hunt.A lady that can call fae s form the dead and command armies of the undead, she is called the necromancer.Then this book is for you Now if you don t want to read any spoilers please stop here and go get the book..SOPILERS In this world there is square with a Rose Tower on one end this is where the Summer Queen and her Seelie Court is located This is where a highly selective fae ruling class lives you know all boning balls and social affairs, these fae s must have light and pretty magick, this is where Aislinn comes in she lives on this side with quite a few secrets that she fears if they ever got out she would be exiled On the other side of the square with Black Towers there lives the Shadow King and his Unseelie Court this is where Gabriel comes in Gabriel is half incubus in other words sex on a stick, this is how he is described The rumors went he is like catnip to women and when his special brand of magick was wielded at full force between the sheets he possessed the power to enslave a woman The affected female would become addicted to him She d stop eating and sleeping wanting nothing then his touch, until she finally died from longing and self neglect Well, it dose say rumors right Gabriel is from the dark side of the square so he has dark magick The Shadow King sends Gabriel to get Aislinn and bring her to the dark side and it s a journey you can t miss Overall this book had a good balance not to much sex , but what is there is great, does have good sexual tension between them that keeps you going I like how some of the secrets I could unlock myself but some came by big surprise I love how Gabriel waits on Aislinn he never pushes, I love how Aislinn is tuff but yet thinks of others this is important when it come to calling the dead to do your bidding There is a glossary at the end of the book to make it easy to understand I now have to stop or I will give out to much. Bast s new Fae Dark Magick series dark, dangerous leading man Gabriel is Enchantingly Wicked Wicked Enchantment finds Unseelie dark Fae incubus Gabriel petitioning for entry into the Seelie light Fae world Aislinn is prominent member of the light fae court esteemed for the purity of her family s Seelie blood line Having sworn off men after a suffering a humiliating breakup, Aislinn is less than thrilled when she is the one designated to show Gabriel around Gabriel s magic has kept his bed easily filled so he is intrigued that Aislinn seems to be resistant to his charms Aislinn s apparent aversion to him will make the true purpose behind Gabe s visit difficult Gabe will have to actually invest of himself than is required for seduction in order to achieve his goal of luring Aislinn to the dark court for Aislinn has somehow drawn the interest of the Unseelie king.Wicked Enchantment returns to the world of light and dark Fae which Bast introduced in her short, Sweet Enchantment in the anthology Hot for the Holidays If you ve missed Ronin and Bella s story you might want to check it out before reading Wicked Enchantment since they get a bit of screen time here, but you can actually get by without having read the short I just think it s fun when you know the characters.I really liked Wicked Enchantment I absolutely loved Bast s introductory descriptions of incubus Gabriel Gabe is so dark and sexy with an aura of danger that hits those around him at a visceral level what a great leading man I also really enjoy the rest of Bast s story telling here Bast does a great job of fleshing out both the leads and of developing the relationship between Gabe and Aislinn Bast makes the pair really work for their happily ever after, as Gabriel has to overcome his detachment in order to fall for Aislinn, and even harder he has to overcome Aislinn s preconceptions that his being an incubus means he lacks the capacity to love and is therefore not a long term option And Aislinn has to risk her already bruised heart in order to actually heal said heart Adding to the romance, Bast has brought to life some interesting elements of her magic Fae world, including some fleshing out some familiar myths and woven threads that will carry throughout the rest of the series The saga continues with Cruel Enchantment due out September of 2010. Being Spellbound Has Its Charms When You Re Half Incubus, Your Reputation Precedes YouAll Eyes Are On Gabriel Mac Braire The Day He Makes His First Appearance In The Seelie Court, Including Those Of Aislinn Finvarra Despite Deep Bitterness Over Her Last Failed Relationship, Aislinn Cannot Help But Be Curious About The Half Incubus Who Is Known To Possess Dark Magick, Both Lethal And Sexual In Nature Rumors Abound Of The Women Who Have Become Enslaved To His Irresistible CharmsSo When The Summer Queen Of The Fae Orders Aislinn Herself To Act As His Guide In The Court, She Is Understandably On Guard She S Fallen Under The Spell Of Far Less Persuasive Men Before In Addition, Gabriel Might Be Than He Seems, And His True Mission Is Far From InnocentThis Time, Aislinn Must Protect Not Only Her Heart, But Her Very Life I picked up this book due to seeing it on my friends update feed Based on the description, it should have been amusing, entertaining, thrilling and riveting It was none of those things for me First off, the whole writing style bothered me Specifically, the characters were so boring and flat that had they been pumped up with any artificial life, they would have been cliched to a degree of embarrassment As things stand now, I could just barely stand to read their responses and interactions with some paragraph skipping when things got too predictable Secondly, yeah, this book was predictable To the extreme I hate books like this so much, since it clearly shows that the author didn t bother to insert any new ideas or plot lines at all And this book was definitely not just borrowed from other books, but rather imitated and slightly altered from other books The one good thing I did enjoy were the erotica sex scenes I wasn t expecting them, since I thought that this was a teenager level book easily enough to think, based on the writing level but they were actually well written It s a big problem when an author writes a sex scene badly even so than any other scene and these actually flowed and were well written So, for that, this book managed a 1 star at least Otherwise, I hated this book It was boring and annoying and much too predictable I m sure other women will enjoy it especially those stuck in love less marriages, and lusting after a half incubus to whisk them off their proverbial feet but I m not reading any from this author.