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It Is New Year S Eve, The Last Day Of Virginia S Bloodiest Year Since The Civil War Dr Kay Scarpetta Plunges Into The Murky Depths Of A Ship Graveyard To Recover The Very Human Remains Of Ted Eddings, An Investigative Reporter What Kind Of Story Was Eddings Chasing Below The Icy Surface Of The Elizabeth River And Why Did Scarpetta Receive A Phone Call From Someone Reporting The Death Before The Police Were Notified She Soon Discovers That Eddings Murder Is Merely The First Layer Of Something Much Deeper A Labyrinthine Conspiracy That Will Put All Of Her Criminal And Forensic Knowledge To The Test Like Never Before For Scarpetts, The Real Challenge Won T Be Cataloging The Growing Number Of Dead Bodies, But Preventing Herself And Those She Loves From Becoming The Next Victims

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    Book Review Cause of Death is the 7th book in the Kay Scarpetta thriller and mystery series by award winning author Patricia Cornwell I ve read about 2 3 of the series and now returning to write reviews on everything I ve read in the hopes it ll push me to pick up the series again in the coming weeks.For those new to the series, Scarpetta is a Virginia based medical examiner, but eventually she moves around a bit over the course of the 20 book series She s sharp, witty and tough She s had strong ties with the police and the FBI, as well as been on the outs with them over her career She s been the targeted victim by a few of the serial killers she s helped to trap and capture She s not married for most of the books, but has a boyfriend for a while Her niece Lucy helps her solve crimes on occasion And her cop friend Pete Marino was in love with her at one point Some of this may have changed after book 13 14 when I temporarily stopped I stopped because I felt like I needed a new character to focus on, a different set of stories in a different place, but they are still all generally good books.Cause of Death was one of the average books Scarpetta s involved in intrigue than usual, with international situations, and she s also filling in for a fellow ME on New Year s Eve when she is summoned to look at a dead body The funny thing she knows about it before the police do Now who is after her There are multiple story angles in this one, and Cornwell got too technical for me I love to learn when I read, but I also don t want to have to look stuff up in an encyclopedia or online By today s standards, some of this is common knowledge, but over a decade ago, she was ahead of the curve.While still a good story, it s not my favorite and I wouldn t recommend this one to start with if you re interested in the series About Me For those new to me or my reviews here s the scoop I read A LOT I write A LOT And now I blog A LOT First the book review goes on Goodreads, and then I send it on over to my WordPress blog at where you ll also find TV Film reviews, the revealing and introspective 365 Daily Challenge and lots of blogging about places I ve visited all over the world And you can find all my social media profiles to get the details on the who what when where and my pictures Leave a comment and let me know what you think Vote in the poll and ratings Thanks for stopping by Note All written content is my original creation and copyrighted to me, but the graphics and images were linked from other sites and belong to them Many thanks to their original creators polldaddy poll 9729544 polldaddy poll 9719251

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    So much for the books getting better, I guess I spoke too soon In this book Dr KS is filling in for an out of town medical examiner Then she s scuba diving because she s certified because Dr K can do anything , then her niece is crying and drinking and crying and what And then the Libyan s kill Doc Brown to steal his plutonium so Marty McFly takes off with the time machine thanks to the flux capacitor Oh wait. well, it was something like that It was like she took everything that was sort of timely at the moment she was writing middle east, nuclear weapons and David Koresh and tossed it all in a blender and tried to make a plot out of it The plot needed a ton of explaining and at the end it was like she realized that so she just stopped writing to save herself the trouble Because there is no other reason for that abrupt ending.The characters are going downhill fast Seriously Lucy is a mess and there is no way she passed any sort of psych eval to get into the FBI I mean I ve been saying it for a while, she is a little crazy cakes Why would the government let her carry a gun Kay is the most unsympathetic character ever I m over her affair and I m really over Benton The best character the series has is Marino, and that doesn t say much He has a mystery son, and a heartbreaking love for Kay that she shits on whenever possible and he is trying to kill himself with food and cigarettes to get out of this series I can t say I blame him

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    I am an incongruous Patricia Cornwell fan A medical examiner who occasionally describes autopsies, asks for thicker skin than my most frequent reading choices Standard mystery is my milieu, literally in the middle The family feel of Kay Scarpetta s inner sanctum computer pro niece Lucy, chief of police friend Pete, and FBI director boyfriend Benton and the caring, professional leadership of her morgue staff, allow familiarity to build in their off putting job field Crime is my least favourite mystery device, so the unexplained circumstances of a drowned journalist in scuba gear, propelling the major part of Cause Of Death , generated a puzzler closer to the intrigue I like better Ted Eddings interest in a decommissioned navy wharf was odd Base personnel forcing Kay to exert her authority to investigate was unsettling and the extended absence of the morgue manager she was replacing in that town, was puzzling.The novel shifted to Ted s interest in a cult and police grade weapons at his home A whole other tone enters, when the out of town morgue assistant is murdered on his way to Kay s office It matches the intrigue at the wharf There is recognisance of explosives, which unnerve Pete Finally, Lucy s investigation of an FBI internet infiltration intersected with Kay s case, which I found implausible.In the late chapters, a joint law enforcement sting of a terrorist holdup, was a stretch too far in a novel already saturated with a variety of angles It changed the pace of the novel from mystery suspense, to a police action thriller It was far less compelling and didn t belong to the story I started The weakest point is that Ted s girlfriend could reveal a lot, if Kay pressed his Mother to name her This is my least favourite case but I am undaunted about enjoying the series overall.

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    Cornwell continues the Scarpetta series with another great mystery that will keep the reader on the edge of their seat When Scarpetta receives an odd phone call on New Year s Eve about a body, she is left to wonder what to do, as little information is provided to her Only later do authorities call her to seek help and they deny anyone would have contacted Scarpetta before As she is covering for one of her regional medical examiners, she is faced with a new cast of characters while on the scene What looks like a diving accident gone wrong soon unravels into a larger mystery with deeper implications How does a local Zionist movement tie into all of this and what can Scarpetta do to solve this before the bodies begin to pile up Cornwell treats the reader to another great installment of the Scarpetta series sure to keep her fans happy and add to the list.Cornwell s ability to think up new scenarios surely keeps the character fresh and ever evolving She has a way of adding layers rather than piling on to already known facts, which surely keeps the avid reader liking the always expanding character of Dr Kay Scarpetta With dry wit and excellent dialogue, the reader will laugh, gasp, and perhaps even cry as they join Scarpetta on this and other mysteries.Kudos Madam Cornwell on this excellent piece of work

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    I m usually such a fan of the Scarpetta series but this one just fell short for me.The beginning started well and there were promises of darkness and disturbing characters but then it seemed to lose its way Starting like a Horror it developed into a James Bond.While Cornwell s writing is excellent as always, the action wasn t consistent, most secondary characters came and left without explanation and the darkness that often surrounds the Scarpetta investigations was minimal.I m not sure if Cornwell is moving in a new direction with this one will see in the next book , but I found myself having to persevere during some points because it strayed quite a bit from our expectations of Scarpetta.6.5 10 3 Stars

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    Avoid at all costs I would love to never have to read another page of conversation between Lucy and Kay It drove me crazy and was endlessly irritating I also have a hard time believing in a main character who committed affairs with married men How am i ever supposed to believe what she says after that Marino was cool and funny too He is the only character worth anything in the story The first half of the book was great and built up nicely But the second half of the book was horrible and it has one of the worst endings in the history of books It left me laughing it was so bad.

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    SPOILERS 2 4 This took me nights to finish than I expected, I thought I d get it done in two nights of reading, unfortunately sleep decided to kidnap me a few nights in a row and I just couldn t manage as many pages as I was expecting to I m starting to find the kill Scarpetta s staff theme a little tedious, working for her is becoming a dangerous occupation I remembered the fact that among all of Scarpetta s other accomplishments she s also a certified scuba diver and I remembered that Lucy and her robot dog saved the day, what I didn t remember was the uranium stealing terrorist angle of the story That s possibly because it was only mentioned near the end of the book and that end felt rushed I felt like this could have been 50 pages longer in order so that the climax didn t end up feeling like an anticlimactic after thought, rather than the big reveal it should have been.This is the last book in my mini Scarpetta marathon, for the moment at least If I want to complete my challenges for the year POPSUGAR and the one I set to read as many of the books I already own as possible I have other books I need to get on with, I can t spend the rest of the year just reading Scarpetta Well, I probably could but I don t think it s recommended with Cornwell as you begin to notice the flaws too easily if you read her books one after another till the end, plus I wouldn t feel like I ve accomplished something I ve set out to do the way I will if I finish this year s POPSUGAR list.

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    She reached the stage where it s so bad you laugh it might not be a happy laugh, not even a very amused one, but you ll have to by the time it needs the state coroner to say he ain t dead instead of a convincing actress I regret that my reviews for the last four books run into each other, mostly because I wish I d been able to make detailed notes esp since I ll have to get rid of these pretty volumes This is the worst so far it ends with IloveLucy and her aunt saving the world aka USA with a toy robot and some bad stoic acting Even the only man that was interesting then caves in Maybe he ll die between this book and the next Seriously, terrorists and religious fanatics and all they are used for is for Lucy to move her hand and her aunt to visit a few laboratories she had not found a good excuse to describe so far She does not even try to give excuses why generally considered crap Marino is involved any I obviously already forgot if there was any plot, apart from the usual taking taxis and airplanes back and forth but the little pointless showdown at the atomic reactor was the stupidest low point so far I think Don t remind me of others see, the worst bit is that apart from four KS I also have one of the less beloved series that I found so interesting and now it seems I was wrong, what seemed a refreshing and sharp meta text was perhaps really her utter inability to write stories and evolving human beings sob must stop typing the end.

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    Aussie Readers Reading Challenge 2019 MARCH A book that starts with the letter C I am continuing my re read of the Scarpetta series I haven t picked these books up for over 20 years and they have sat on my bookcase staring out wanting desperately for someone to read them I am finally re reading them and then passing them on to the second hand book shop a book has one function to be read and read often.keeping these as ornaments for over 20 years makes me feel very guilty Parting with this book is unfortunately not a hard task as this has been my least favourite book in the series so far The mystery is convoluted and not overly logical mainly because it is dealing with fanatics and tries to cram in too many topical for the time issues with nuclear weapons, fanatics, Libya etc Also it is the book where Kay and Lucy and Wesley are all in bad places in terms of relationships and all are remarkably unlikable The whole book is rather quite miserable and unfortunately was a bit of a slog to read Thank god for Marino who just brought authenticity and joy to every scene he was in Time to dust off book 8 now Farewell book 7 may you find a brand new reader out there to embrace you

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    Audio version 3 to 3.5 stars 7 in Dr Kay Scarpetta seriesI started off really liking this series, but the I ve read esp several back to back in a short time , I ve become frustrated or disappointed in several of them, including this one The audio might have magnified it some I m not sure if KS was written a little harsher in this one or if some of that was the audio s narrator I ve read most of the others prior to this the one audio had a different narrator, which was a much better KS I started off liking this one just b c setting was a little different and finally not about Gault Grethen as the 3 previously installments were, and for me it was getting old However, not only did I begin to lose interest in the plot, but the sub plot was so repetitive of several previous installments KS still worrying about Lucy complaining to anyone, including bosses, who would listen someone else in law enforcement being crooked but turning it around either making her look bad or outright accusing her one of her staff being killed all four main characters, despite different careers orgs, miraculously all being assigned or working on same case, investigation or operation Then it abruptly ended w little to no wrap up which is pretty unusual for this author series so maybe was trying something different or she was as ready as I was for it to be over There are still some positives esp considering when they were written published I hope some of the newer installments are better and fresher.