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Boys, Girls and Other Hazardous Materials is a real catch The title itself made me want to read this book from the moment I laid eyes on it And I m so glad I did Reading this book is definitely a fun ride I actually read it for seven hours tops because I couldn t put it down.The thing I liked most about this book is the characters They all seem so bubbly and carefree even with all the drama going on around them I find them all equally interesting Boys, Girls and Other Hazardous Materials is such a light read with just the right amount of humor, romance, typical highschool drama and Then there s the main character Charlotte, or as she prefers to be called, Charlie Charlie is looking for a new start when she decided to transfer to Harmony Falls After what happened at her last school, she s determined to start over and forget everything that happened in the past And just as she was adjusting in her new school, she makes an unlikely friend, sees her childhood friend after not seeing him for three years, develops a crush on the hottest guy at school and then learns that one girl she s avoiding from her past is actually in the same school with her Charlie is a likable character Yes, sometimes I think she overthinks things and overreacts but for the most part, she s a girl with strong determination and doesn t easily back down I find her relationship with her brother sweet and admirable They re open with each other and even if they occasionally seem to dislike one another, you can still see the love But honestly, the character I find most intriguing is Charlie s new found bff, Sydney She s a total kick ass, tough, totally outgoing and with a bucketful of guts Personally, I would love to be her best friend She will always have your back and she s not one to back off of a fight even if it s with a guy bigger than her.Oh, and how can I forget, Will I absolutely adore him How could I not He s hot, nice and charming There were subtle hints throughout the book that seemed to me like he kinda likes Charlie too or maybe I m just delusional and when I was near the last part of the book, I was actually worried that they might not end up together I wish I could have seen of their past though since they re childhood bestfriends and such Boys, Girls and Other Hazardous Materials is a YA novel mostly about high school drama You ll see that there s to it than what one would expect and it holds so much than meets the eye It is mostly about accepting one s imperfections and having to deal with them Also, it is not always about worrying about what other people might think or do, sometimes you just have to have the courage and do the right thing and stand up for others and your friends real friends I surely recommend this book to anyone who has got their eyes on it. I really wanted to love this novel I mean Rosalind s Queen Bees and Wannabes was the inspiration behind one of my favorite movies ever Mean Girls Though, sadly I wasn t starstruck by this novel Quite the opposite, actually, because I was easily bored by the lackluster and predictable plot that at times seemed like the clich of all clich s meets an after school special.The characters were just a total blah Charlie was the typical I used to be a follower of the poplars, but now I want to be a leader type of girl and her love interest was someone who seriously needed to grow a pair and stop acting like an idiot because of peer pressure Though, if that wasn t enough things to add to my dismay, I hated how these two characters could have been so original and awesome but were instead ran over by unoriginality.As mentioned above, the plot was the same way Something that while could have been awesomely amazing was just boring and didn t truly bring anything new to the table Leaving me to think this novel is going to be run down by all the other incredible upcoming 2010 books like Some Girls Are by Courtney Summers Though, I did like some aspects of this novel Such as some of the secondary characters like Michael, Sydney and Nidha who were funny Also, the message in this one is something that should always be reiterated simply because of how important it is to not fall into peer pressure and instead become someone who can almost always do the right thing In all, while I do see talent in Rosalind Seriously, her webiste is awesome because of the fact that she offers advice that a lot of girls and boys even could relate too , I felt that this novel failed to show it as well as it could have Though, as always my review is just one in a million, so if you feel like this is something you would enjoy check it out I mean others have loved it, just not me unfourantely.Grade D As much as I like the story line, I have to say the the writing wasnot as good There was too much dialogues, and some characters really lacked personalities and depths I liked the book, really, but why the 2 stars rating Well, it s mainly because of how the story developed As I was reading it, I felt like I don t know the characters at all Well, technically, I don t know them because they re fictional, but I definitely don t feel any connection to these characters I think it s mainly because of the many dialogues style of writing, and I feel like some parts were rushed.Charlie, Sydney, and Nidhi are okay characters, I liked them for being so brave and standing up to the injustices at the school, especially Sydney when she go all girl scout on Tyler And seriously, the ONLY BOY CHARACTER I like out of the whole book is Micheal and maybe Charlie s brother, Luke, and the boys in Charlie s newspaper group The boys on the lacrosse team are downright d cks yes, even Will, I don t care how good he became in the end Seriously, what kind of guy who likes a girl brought her supposedly bestfriend to homecoming dance and rubbed it in her face I don t care if he is clueless how stupid can a guy get Don t even get me started on Tyler I thought he was going to be that mysterious bad boy who secretly has a heart but he turns out to be such a pathetic wimp I wished there had been parts for Micheal though, like why can t the author set him up with Sydney or Nidhi, he s such a sweetheart And I hate how the end didn t tell us about whatever happened to Tyler all it talked about were punishments for Matt and Dylan.Well, that s all for my rant I don t hate the book I enjoyed it, really Even though there were moments when I just want to put it down, but my never ever give up on a book rule won t let me do so Besides, it s a great book about teens dealing with high school problems. Boys Girls and Other Hazardous Materials is funny, insightful and addicting I devoured it in one sitting Rosalind focuses on one of the main problems in high school.hazing and makes the awesome debut Boys Girls and Other Hazardous Materials.When i started reading BGAOHM i was instantly looking back at my high school years this year being my last year in HS especially my freshmen year.The Characters are real and honest I can definitely relate to Charlie, she has a great personally and strong voice Freshmen year for me was.terrifying The year after that wasinteresting I too, like Charlie run into a best guy friend He happen to be older and cute lol now what are the odds of that.You see Rosalind knows her teens and after you ve gotten to know the characters in this book they will feel like their either your BFF s or worse mean BOYS enemies.I enjoyed this book and thought that the characters were great, the story just had depth.Wiseman is awesome, i look forward to of her books in the future.I think teens will definitely like this book.Once you read it you going to fall in love with it I love this bookI can t put it down I just bought it yesterday and im already on the ninetenth chapter When I realised that Wiseman was writing a book for teens, I was immensely excited I mean, this is the woman was the inspiration behind the movie Mean Girls, which resonated with teens everywhere I expected this book to be a smart witty insight into the mind of a teenager and one which captures the heart of teenagers and portrays them unlike any other I really really wanted to love this book, but I was left with a bitter aftertaste.I found the characters to be rather two dimensional, and there was never anything about them that really stood out to me as a reader I even had to read the summary again to remind myself what the characters were called Charlie in particular didn t have many redeeming aspects to her character, she was plain in all senses of the word The plotline was unimpressive and rather lacklustre and full of cliches that should ve worked, but just didn t capture my attention.One thing that did resonate with me was the message it projects to its readers Peer Pressure is something that affects nearly every teenager, whether to stay out past curfew, to smoke behind the bike shed or even to loose your virginity I m glad this was incorporated into the novel I think if the characters had been life like and relateable and the plotline was woven into something beleivable and rivetting, I would ve loved this book But don t take my word for it, try it yourself. Book Review Boys, Girls and Other Hazardous Materials by Rosalind WisemanOften people will make choices that they regret later on in life and wished they did something to prevent the problem from increasing Rosalind Wiseman novel, Boys, Girls and Other Hazardous Materials, portrays the development and maturity of a teenage girl and the struggle the protagonist faces while making hard decisionsAt first when I read the title, it sounded very clich Who wouldn t think it s clich It was pretty cliche though What I liked about the book is the good plot What I mean by that is the romantic parts of the book So here is the scoop on Charlie s first day of school she is reconnected with her old best friend, Will Now that he is back he has gotten much handsomer as well as a varsity athlete But later on she has this crush, Tyler, and it takes a turn from there Throughout the book there are mixed feelings, broken hearts, and a tiny bit of betrayal The book isn t just romantic and all but there somethings the book lacks This book lacked unpredictable events There wasn t a big twist but mini ones For example Charlie s friend, Sydney, found out her crush had a girlfriend and that he was on a break It wasn t dramatic unless it had the effect on the reader Some parts I just wanted to scream in joy other parts I wanted to cry so much I felt as if the antagonist broke my heart This book made me feel quite emotional but sadly there wasn t a big twist which I wished there was.I guess in a way the book influenced me because I can relate to it Charlie had a hard time confronting a teacher about something that bothered her and she couldn t keep it bottled up inside The same thing happened to me At first I was confused about telling a teacher or not I would always think negative and think a teacher would blow me off but later on I trusted the teachers Whenever I had a problem I would go up to the teacher I felt most comfortable with and would tell them the things that bothered me and the teacher would help me solve the problem or give advice In Charlie s case the teachers weren t trustable so she had to look closely at who she could trust What I really liked about the protagonist, Charlie, is that she has developed throughout the book by standing up for herself and her friends So when a pair of popular girls becomes her friend She starts to feel uncomfortable with the things they do These girls are downright evil and will do anything to get a boy s attention even if it means to bully a poor innocent girl and then not take the blame for it For example they went on a school trip they met a pair of guys and asked them to come to the hotel room So when they guys came over Charlie s friend, Nidhi, felt very uncomfortable because they girls were violating the school rules The girls made fun of her for not relaxing Lauren even said the most rudest thing ever She told Nidhi to go make a bomb in the bathroom and to relax I mean let s be serious here, why in the world would she say that Doesn t she know she that what goes around comes around Everyone started to laugh except Charlie and when the bullying increased Charlie didn t tell the teachers, because she didn t want to be a snitch which caused her to get all the blame even though she didn t say anything Still Charlie should have told a teacher about the girls behavior and bullying She starts to hate them but doesn t show any sign on it until later on in the book Overall I was somewhat disappointed in this book It just that it had this really romantic plot but then it just ruined by this bullying conflict I mean there is nothing wrong with writing about a book about bullying, but if you have a great plot why need to add something that has nothing to do with the protagonist I would recommend this book to those people who like chiches, predictable essential moments, and minimal plot twists Also those who like conflicts that don t really revolve around the protagonist So if you are those people then go right ahead and have a good read. I m not quite sure what I was expecting from this book really I suppose with a title like Boys, Girls and Other Hazardous Materials, I wasn t going to be getting a deeply philosophical novel about the trials and tribulations of young teenagers these days, but I was at least expecting something wittier by the author whose previous work became the basis for the movie Mean Girls Boys, Girls and Other Hazardous Materials is about Charlie Healey who, after suffering a terrible mean girl past, manages to transfer to a new high school She sees Harmony Falls as the beginning of a whole new life, but on her first day, she runs into Will, her ex best friend who had moved away Will now hangs out with the cool crowd but Charlie doesn t understand their power until an innocent delivery guy falls victim to a near deadly hazing prank She has to now decide whether to turn in her very best friend or live with the guilt of knowing what he did.Let me just start by saying that I m sure there will be other readers out there who will love this novel it s just unfortunate that I wasn t one of them I didn t feel at all connected to the story or to the characters Charlie feels one dimensional to the point that it seems, to me, that all she cares about are boys I know nothing of her personal life and her terrible mean girl past, while cruel and hurtful, isn t all that earth shattering It seems like all the girls in this story are only interested in boys.I think the summary could have been a lot better The novel also shows Charlie making new friends and I think it would have been nice if they got a mention To that point, the summary says that Will is Charlie s best friend but I didn t see that chemistry present in the story Granted, he moved away and they were separated for a while but all I got was of Charlie flirting with Will They certainly don t seem like best friends, or even ex best friends to me.The one credit I will give is that this novel is realistic fiction I can see the hazing happening in schools, the cruel mean cool crowd the teachers who choose to turn a blind eye In that aspect, this novel shines Unfortunately, it didn t do much of anything else for me 2.5 stars from me. Looking For A New Beginning After A Terrible Mean Girl Past, Charlie Healey Realizes There S No Escaping High School Drama Charlie Healey Thinks Harmony Falls Is The Beginning Of A Whole New Life Middle School Was Brutal But High School Is Charlie S Big Chance To Start Over And Stay Out Of Drama, Except That On Her First Day She Runs Into Will, Her Ex Best Friend, Who Had Moved Away Now A Varsity Athlete And Hotter Than Charlie Remembered, Will Hangs With The Crowd Running The School But Charlie Doesn T Understand Their Power Until An Innocent Delivery Guy Falls Victim To A Near Deadly Hazing Prank Torn Between Doing What S Right And Her Secret Feelings For Will, Charlie Must Decide Whether To Turn In Her Very Best Friend Or Live With The Guilt Of Knowing What He Did Rosalind Wiseman S First Novel For Young Adults Is A Fresh, Funny, And Juicy Read About Friendship, Betrayal, And How Far Some Will Go To Be Accepted Best friends turn tofrenemiesThis is what Charlie experienced with her supposed to be bestfriends After what happened to their friendship, she couldn t wait over to start High School and transfer to Harmony Falls where she plans to reboot her life.Starting a new life at a new school seems to be exciting and nerve wracking for Charlie, but on her very first day she ll learn that you simply cannot outrun the past Now, faced with people from her past such as a bestfriend turned into hunk and a girl she terribly got wronged, she learns that running from the past would do no good for you, she learns how to blend the old with the new and make life out of it She meet boys, joined the newspaper staff and makes some real girlfriends but amidst it all, she would still face many challenges such as jerky varsity boys and a prank that definitely got wrongOkay So, this is really one hilarious read for me.Charlie was very engaging to listen to Her character was pretty real and pretty absorbing as well, as I start reading it, i suddenly felt like i know her yes I know its kinda weird I really liked her character Her determination to do things and how she copes up when her past suddenly come running toward her I also enjoyed seeing her grew up as the story progress Her two girlfriends, Sydney and Nidhi really did a great job in keeping Charlie s trains of thinking They are both pretty smart and sassy They are always there to keep Charlie happy and supports her all the way.I m really a fan of bestfriends turned love relationships, that s why I really do loved Will and Charlie s relationship in here Their love story is very believable and they re just simply perfect The doubts and insecurities of both the characters gives push to the story I find their story so interesting at I actually find myself grinning at times when they are together.It was a light and very fun read though it touches on deeper parts of life It was pretty amazing to read stories like this concerning what most teens experiences these days I pretty much liked it I could say that I m definitely at a good start with Wiseman s stories.