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Beth Must Yield To Become Aroused, But She S Too Scared To Give Up Control The Last Thing She Wants Is A Ruthless, Powerful Dom But That S Just What She Gets, And Exactly What She Needs A Sadistic Husband Left Beth Scarred, Inside And Out Only At The Shadowlands BDSM Club Does She Feel Like A Woman But Her Fears Limit Her To Doms Who Won T Overwhelm Her The Very Ones Who Cannot Arouse Her The Master Of The Shadowlands Gives Her An Ultimatum Accept The Dom He Assigns Or Lose Her Membership The Last Thing Beth Wants Is A Ruthless, Powerful Dom, But That S Just What She GetsAsked To Take On A Problem Sub, Nolan Sees The Issue Immediately Although Truly Submissive, The Little Redhead Is Too Scared To Relinquish Control And Her Doms Have Let Her Get Away With It That Will Change Right NowAs Master Nolan Takes Beth Under Command, Compelling Her Submission, She S Terrified, But The Experienced Dom Brings Her Pleasure, Not Pain His Only Demand Is That She Never Lie To Him Under His Capable Hands, Her Body Comes Alive, And She Begins To Heal As He Pushes Her Limits, She Learns To Trustand Then To Love And She Realizes He Is Beginning To Care For Her In ReturnBut Now Her Cruel Husband Has Found Her, And Master Nolan Discovers She S Been Lying And Lying And Lying Publisher S Note This Book Contains Explicit Sexual Content, Graphic Language, And Situations That Some Readers May Find Objectionable Anal Play Intercourse, BDSM Theme And Elements Including Not Limited To Bondage, Caning, Domination, Restraint, Paddling, Spanking, Submission, Tethering Exhibitionism, M Nage, Violence

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    Master Nolan and BethBeth is a scarred submissive inside and outside Her sadistic husband took advantage of her lack of experience of the BDSM lifestyle Soon her life became a living nightmare, until she ran away.Now she is a member of the Club Shadowlands, but she faces several issues She is scared to let go and to trust Thus, she always ends up with less experienced Doms that neither scare her, nor make her feel desirable.When Master Nolan takes Beth under command, Beth is sure this will not work He is too experienced, too scary and too commanding But he is exactly what she needs What Beth does not know is that her sadistic husband is still looking for her and he is getting closer to find her.This is my favourite story so far It combines good erotica and romance and a good angsty adventure with some plot twists.

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    This, the third installment of the Masters of the Shadowlands series is every bit as good as the first two, and in my opinion, even better I m a huge fan of the Romantic Suspense genre, so I really enjoyed the action adventure aspect to this story After a failed attempt at escape almost cost Beth her life, she has finally gotten away from her sadistic husband, Kyler Stanton, who has left her badly scarred, both inside and out Free and on her own, hiding from the man she is terrified of, she tries to create a new life for herself which can still include the BDSM sexuality she used to enjoy However, her husband s horrible brutality has left her with nightmares, and she s now a woman unable to find pleasure in submitting to anyone Needless to say, no Dom has been able to meet her needs and so Master Z gives her a choice accept a Dom of his choosing, or leave the Shadowlands for good.Master Nolan has agreed to take Beth into his care and command He s a no nonsense, demanding man who, under no circumstances, will allow anyone to lie to him or disobey him, and get away with it He knows of Beth s past and the man who abused both her body and soul, but he only knows as much as she has told him As he and Beth become than just Dom and sub, she begins to trust again, allowing herself to be completely open and submissive to Master Nolan The future looks bright for the two of them, until the rest of Beth s past is revealed.I really enjoyed the way life at the Shadowlands is woven into Beth s story And the BDSM party that was attended by Dan and Kari, Cullen and Deborah, and Nolan and Beth at Nolan s house was very, very kinky.As I ve said, I m pretty impressed by Cherise Sinclair s novels and how well she blends everyday life and the intense sexuality of BDSM into all of her books I m looking forward to reading by this author.

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    3.5 Stars This story follows Beth, a woman scarred by the abuse of her monster of a husband She is free from him but she doesn t really feel all that free She hasn t felt like a woman in a long time She goes to Club Shadowlands hoping to feel arousal again, but she can t seem to get past the fear of her past That all changes when Master Nolan takes her on as his sub She was happy, she realized In fact, she d felt happier today than inin years being with Nolan was different She could really care about him. I feel like these stories start out in sort of the same fashion Except for the fact that Beth seems really broken She wasn t as feisty as the heroines in the first two books But the fact that she was in an abusive relationship once and trying to get over it, is what really got my attention She had trust issues as a result, which was understandable I just didn t get why she didn t see a therapist or something so she could heal While it was great having the sexy Master Nolan help her become sexually uninhibited, I m not sure if that would exactly cure her traumatic past.Master Nolan was all kinds of hot, which I m noticing that Cherise Sinclair seems to like to write all of her heroes in this series to be I really liked him and how protective and sweet he was with Beth I did have a few problems, though, and this was just a problem of personal preference While, I have been loving the steam in this series, this one I had trouble with for some reason I totally don t mind reading stories with m nage in them, but in this book it seemed all about the sex and with no emotional connection Which kind of sucked for me However, I will admit that any scenes with Nolan and Beth were still pretty freaking steamy Yes, you My little rabbit My sub I love you, Beth It was a bit of a slow start for me in this one, but near the end things did get a lot interesting I liked the side plot that was in this book, it might have been a bit predictable but it held my attention I m still waiting to see if one of the books of the series will have focus on the relationship I d like to see and feel the relationship grow slowly, and not too fast While I did like some things in this book than I did the previous books, I also disliked things about it that I didn t the last two I m not giving up on this series because for the most part I am liking it, plus I know it gets better so I can t wait to read the next books.

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    Too bored to write a review The book was awesome It also had some kind of story unlike the other 2 books which went along the lines of1 Dom Boy sees Sub Girl2 Sub Girl sees Dom Boy3 DB gets a hard on4 SG gets wet panties 5 DB ties and beats teases sexes up SG6 100 pages of kinky sex7 The End.This one had a few plot twists and a fuller romance The connection between the heroes was pronounced and there were the magic L words after all their shit was done so I loved everything about it PS Z is still my fav although Cullen rises steadily for the title.

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    Personally, I m not a fan of this series The only reason this book received 3 stars is because of the ending It was fantastic Not to mention, Ms Sinclair is a superb erotic writer However, the public sharing, public humiliation, group menages, and sadistic violence side plot that took place in this book went beyond what I m comfortable with or enjoy reading Needless to say, I m not sure I ll be continuing the series I m grateful The Dom s Dungeon and Mountain Masters series were my first experience reading Cherise Sinclair Had I started the Masters of the Shadowlands series first, I m not sure I d given Ms Sinclair s other books a chance And that would have been a shame I d have missed out on two of my favorite books.

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    Posted on Under the CoversI feel like I should be addressing Cherise with Master because she really is a master storyteller Each book in her Masters of the Shadowlands series gets better than the one before.In BREAKING FREE, Master Nolan, the darkly seductive contractor finds a lovely submissive in Beth.However, after two years of being abused by her sadist husband, Klyer Stanton, Beth finds it difficult to trust someone completely and with good reason Upon her skin, Beth wears the trauma that has been dealt her way Scars mar her body and Master Nolan can t help but feel for her.Out of all the books so far, Beth had the most distance to travel emotionally She has her BDSM kink and nothing will ever change that, but with the abuse she has endured, it takes a careful hand like Master Nolan s to coax the scared little rabbit.This book is by far my favourite in the series so far Master Nolan is a great Dom who puts the needs of his sub first and is so attentive to her needs that he already knows what she is feeling before Beth does There is one particular scene where even before Beth can call out yellow , the warning signal to slow down, Nolan is already pulling back before those words leave her lips This is why Master Nolan is the best Dom so far I absolutely adore him.Cherise does a fantastic job of developing this unbreakable bond between Beth and Nolan I think this is the best part of the book It s the fact that Beth learns to trust Nolan in slow increments that makes this book so damn good As you read, you can sense the subtle changes in Beth, how she learns to control her anxiety and fears, how she and Nolan talk about their relationship and feelings I felt like I was watching Beth bloom into something beautiful and strong Nolan was the main reason for that change.There is also the added suspense subplot that picked up the pacing of this story and really made this story go from good to great I always love some suspense with my BDSM reads and Cherise really delivers.I m reading LEAN ON ME next, which is Cullen s story It s about time, I say.

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    Little rabbit Little rabbit Little rabbit Little rabbit Little rabbit Little rabbit Little rabbit Little rabbit Little rabbit Little rabbit Little rabbit Little rabbit Little rabbit Little rabbit Little rabbit Little rabbit Little rabbit Little rabbit Little rabbit Little rabbit Little rabbit Little rabbit Little rabbit Little rabbit UGH Most annoying shit ever In the first book of the series, there was an overuse of kitten I didn t read the second book yet, so I have no idea what annoying endearment was used, but I know it s going to piss me off This book was just ridiculous I didn t buy Beth s reaction to her abuse The level of abuse that she endured from her husband didn t match up with how her character was written I mean, she was fucking TORTURED by that man, but a year later, after running for her life, she was already back in bdsm clubs Yeah, she avoided experienced Doms, but immediately after being forced to get one, she gets turned on and is drawn to him After a couple nights, she agrees to go out with him, right after that she agrees to attend his bdsm party at his house I just would ve liked a little caution The last Dom she fell for she married and he tortured her half to death, but she jumps head first into it with Nolan Smh At least she never met him anywhere they were completely alone That s the only thing I can give her props for, tbh Ugh, and that bdsm party that Nolan threw Look the D s thing in the bedroom is fine, but when the subs have to sit on the ground by their Doms feet and stay quiet while the Doms converse with each otherno I couldn t rme enough when Beth begged Nolan if her and the other subs could go have girl talk at the other table Smh Look, and don t get me started on what happened after she was drugged, kidnapped, and tortured again by her husband Like, Beth wasn t even phased by it Where s the damn psychiatrist Where s the counseling I mean, isn t Z a damn psychiatrist Why didn t he recommend someone for her to talk to Why wasn t her mental health brought up Only thing that was mentioned was nightmares and how her and Nolan would get through them together Lol What a joke Oh, and apparently the two weeks she spent living with Nolan after the kidnapping involved constant sex Really I mean, cause her back was sliced up from a whip Some of the wounds needed stitches The knife wound on her stomach also needed stitches Also, let s not forget that she refused pain medicine, so She was just having constant sex while healing from gashes on her back and stomach without the aid of pain meds Okay Plus, three weeks after the attack she was back in the club as if nothing happened What a brave little rabbit

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    Well, Mrs Sinclair you are just upping your game aren t you Now first I have to say, for most people, people that have no internal understanding of the BDSM lifestyle this particular book in the series, they would not understand at all The heroine is a domestic abuse victim She was previous married to a Dom that got off on inflicting sever pain Broken bones, cutting on his wife in order to get off himself In the defense of the lifestyle I have to say that this is not common but it does happen The whole idea of this storyline and what I think people won t take away from this story is that it is the one with the largest amount of trust involved Beth not only still wanted to be restrained and controlled, but she still found the slight level of pain that a flogging brought as still a turn on However, in a very brilliantly written scene, Nolan, the Dom, and if I may say my favorite Dom to date, tests Beth s limits with a flogging in his own home He watches her, he gauges her reactions and realizes that she is not calling yellow when she should be He audibly drops the flogger for her to hear it hit the floor and goes to her and tells her she should be saying yellow For those of us that live this, know that Nolan is the BEST Dom to have, to have caught that Sinclair then proceeds to lighten the scene with a game that follows I think that as this series moves forward she has opened her mind to not only the deep inner challenges of being a Dom or a sub with abuse issues, but she is starting to up her game with the storyline When you are involved in a world where you need that sort of extreme to be sexually happy you are inevitably going to come across those that take advantage of it Beth s husband I like that she wrote this I appreciate that while she says This is who you are, embrace it, but please be careful I don t think any books in the series could carry a better lesson This was my favorite book in the series I think if I have to put myself as one of the subs so far I am very much like Beth, I am so willing its sick LOL However, I have incredibly bratty moments, that is where Gabi comes in book 5

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    I can suspend my disbelief I did it for the first book of the series and it worked like a charm, because the sex scenes were really nice After all, it wasn t such a big deal girl uninitiated to the scene gets thrown in, likes it, yada yada Sure, it s unrealistic, but it s not dangerously unrealistic However, Breaking Free is different Beth, the main character, has been through horrible abuse in the past, and she finds it hard to submit to various Doms Not to say the narrative wasn t nice, but it kinda ruined it for me that all I could think of was how badly she needed to see a therapist Domestic violence, especially on the level described in this book hint really fuckin bad is no laughing matter, and I wish the author had done her research Maybe then she wouldn t offer sex love as a stand alone panacea for all ills.Seriously, even a simple mention of a therapist in Beth s life would suffice It d definitely get 3 stars from me then Now I just want to forget that the Masters of the Shadowlands series includes this book.

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    Breaking Free by Cherise SinclairGenres Adult, Erotica, Romance, Suspense4.5 starsThis one has some great and very well written action suspense and fantastic adult steamy romance.Both MC s, Beth and Nolan are truly awesome characters I couldn t get enough of them.From the setting of Florida, to the BDSM world build and the two amazing main characters, you will be entranced Beth has some very dangerous secrets You will find yourself rooting for her, sometimes wanting to hug her and other times wanting to shake her But no matter what, you will love her.Nolan is than up to the task to take up the challenge of Beth and dig out her deadly secrets He is also intelligent and strong enough to protect her His character is so well written you will wish for your own personal Nolan.My only grip is there was a small section that seemed to repetitive It was in Beth s thought processes But, it was enough to cost the story a 1 2 star and that rounds it down to 4 instead of 5 stars I am really hard pressed to say which I liked better, Master of the Shadowlands or Breaking Free, but I m leaning towards Breaking Free.It is that awesome