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An Innovative, Dramatic Graphic Novel About The Treacherous Pursuit Of The Foundations Of Mathematics This Graphic Novel Recounts The Spiritual Odyssey Of Philosopher Bertrand Russell In His Agonized Search For Absolute Truth, He Crosses Paths With Thinkers Like Gottlob Frege, David Hilbert Kurt G Del, Finds A Passionate Student In Ludwig Wittgenstein But His Most Ambitious Goal To Establish Unshakable Logical Foundations Of Mathematics Continues To Loom Before Him Thru Love Hate, Peace War, He Persists In The Mission Threatening To Claim Both His Career Happiness, Finally Driving Him To The Brink Of Insanity This Story Is At The Same Time A Historical Novel An Accessible Explication Of Some Of The Biggest Ideas Of Mathematics Modern Philosophy With Rich Characterizations Atmospheric Artwork, It Spins The Pursuit Of Such Ideas Into A Satisfying Tale Probing, Layered, The Book Throws Light On Russell S Inner Struggles While Setting Them In The Context Of The Timeless Questions He Tried To Answer At Its Heart, Logicomix Is A Story About The Conflict Between Ideal Rationality The Flawed Fabric Of Reality

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    This wildly ambitious graphic novel is a fictional auto biography of Bertrand Russell and traces his journey from doubt to certainty and back again It is littered with the lofty ideas of the many giants of mathematics and philosophy throughout, but is never daunting in its subject matter or too overreaching in its objectives A list of the co stars might be enough to induce you to stop reading this review, so I restrain myself from indulging.The self referential presentation, which shows the creators struggling with the same questions, helps the readers get into the real spirit of the Quest and enjoy the ride and its uncertainties instead of agonizing over the answers that are guaranteed to never come in any case The comic sags a bit once the obsession with the theme of logicians and madness threatens to run away with it and obscure the real story But, the precisely mad and inanely confident Side Kick to our Super Hero read Russell comes traipsing into the story with perfect timing and livens up the story and thickens the plot into a right stew With Wittgenstein thus in the mix, Russell gets comfy in being true to his character destiny and takes us to the logical conclusion of the pursuit of Truth to Philosophy Fittingly enough, the story concludes with the legendary closing scene of Oresteia, which perhaps makes the whole experience profound than it really deserved to be, but then that is the fun of great ideas you never know when they are only pretending

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    It s marvellous that something like Logicomix exists a graphic novel that seeks to put the Vienna Circle on the pop culture map deserves a special Pulitzer for chutzpah read those last three words aloud and you d swear you were speaking Hochdeutsch But I sensed an uncomfortable tension here between the genuine profundity of the ideas being explored and the inescapably hammy conventions of comic book narrative No doubt there s a special, tiny place in my heart for hamminess, just as there s a miniature compartment in my brain for profundity, but mash them up and my uncomplicated soul gets all squirmy Which, incidentally, explains why Billy Corgan s poetry has never brought me the spiritual sustenance it obviously has to millions of others.Although it s only a small part of the story told in Logicomix, I m fascinated by the unlikely bromance between Bertrand Russell and Ludwig Wittgenstein This is sort of unconscionable, but for the sake of brevity I m going to translate their relationship into buddy comedy terms basically, Russell played the skirt chasing Seth Rogen character to Wittgenstein s high strung, undersexed Paul Rudd Of course, their differences ran a lot deeper than that During the First World War, Russell s pacifism landed him in prison, while Wittgenstein took the opposite route, volunteering for active duty on the eastern front and ending up a war hero yes, brainy, unstable, rich boy Wittgenstein War hero I shit you not And in justifying his decision to enlist, he d said that, before becoming a great philosopher, he should become a human being Hard not to love the guy for that I couldn t philosophize my way out of a paper bag, but as I understand it partially thanks to Logicomix , Russell and Wittgenstein didn t exactly see eye to eye on the great metaphysical issues of the day, either If this means anything to you, Russell was a straight edge foundationalist, whereas Wittgenstein was a total, punk rock anti foundationalist So what happened is, Bertie spent a good decade of his career building this lovely epistemological sand castle, and then one day his buddy Ludwig comes along and nonchalantly kicks the shit out of it And so Russell was like, Dude But no harm done Russell got over it and maybe even secretly admired Wittgenstein all the for it.The lesson here is don t be friends with someone who s much smarter than you unless you re big hearted enough to accept it It s a lesson I refuse to learn, but maybe you can profit from the example.

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    Organic life, we are told, has developed gradually from the protozoan to the philosopher, and this development, we are assured, is indubitably an advance Unfortunately it is the philosopher, not the protozoan, who gives us this assurance Bertrand Russell Logic Good gracious What rubbish How can I tell what I think till I see what I say EM Forster Logicomix has the admirable idea of presenting us, in comic form, with the story of the search for the logical underpinnings of mathematics in the early twentieth century, told mostly through the life of Bertrand Russell.Usually, when this story comes up at all, it seems to be told by way of a prelude to the birth of computing in, for instance, Neal Stephenson s Cryptonomicon, which rushes past Russell to get to Turing , so it was nice here to see it placed front and centre And on the whole, the details of these often quite abstruse theoretical investigations are very well explained here, embedded as they are in the context of the main players personal lives and professional rivalries.The set of all sets that do not contain themselves Russell suddenly realises Russell s paradox I really love Bertrand Russell for the way that his professional logicalism did not impede his towering moral authority he embodied a pacifistic, anti authoritarian activism that was awakened during the First World War and that lasted until the end of his life, when he was still being dragged away from protests by police in his eighties This moral sensibility takes a backseat to the quest for logic in the book, though it s definitely there a framing story concerns Russell s feelings about pacifism in the 1939 war, and within the main story the authors are careful to show the effects of the first war on all the major characters.Wittgenstein has an existential epiphany in the trenchesI have to admit, with my ideal image of Russell in mind, it was painful for me to read about the way he behaved towards his first wife and his children, about which I knew nothing before I read this The authors as they themselves explain are very concerned to make sure that this is a story about these mathematicians and philosophers private lives as well as their professional investigations Though I have to admit, the drama in the forbidden relationships and family secrets never seemed quite as engaging to me as the actual nerdy stuff about logic.G del drops the bombshell of his incompleteness theoremI had lingering doubts as I read this of whether it was really suited to the comics form somehow, it never really felt like it was playing to the strengths of the medium I was also not convinced by the choice to include several metanarrational interludes in which the authors and illustrators talk about how best to tell the story this seemed, on the whole, of a distraction than anything else, although a final section set during a present day production of the Oresteia is a tour de force.The comic s authors walk around AthensThere s lots to get out of this book and I d definitely recommend it, but in the end it s one of those pieces that I admired for its concept than its execution Illogical perhaps but that, as the book demonstrates, is to be expected.

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    EDIT The occasional vitriolic response post on this review has me revisiting it from time to time, and each time it makes me a little uncomfortable Not because I disagree with the basic sentiment here I originally set out to say this book is a boring, pretentious piece of shit that use the comics medium rather cynically in order to market itself, without really demonstrating much understanding of what makes the comic medium really interesting and useful for storytelling Of course, what I actually wrote wasn t anything like that but this version is funnier and meaner, and I sort of still think that an obnoxiously ignorant response says what I want to say about Logicomix far better than the slightly reasoned paragraph above.So I m still 100% in support of the review below except for the fact that in my original fervor, I also ended up being kind of sexist I think that this undercurrent is part of what makes the review somewhat loathsome, and why it still gets so much hate six years after I wrote it While the review is designed to poke the Logicomix audience with a sharp stick in their collective self righteousness, there s no merit in my viewpoint if its wound up in sounding like a misogynist jerk I ve changed a single word here to another word which hopefully makes the same point without being such a pig about it But I m leaving the comments section afterward as is, if for no other reason than it s easier to read.No one asked me to make these edits, but I have had readers of this review tell me I have the intelligence of an adolescent, that they are going to burn my house down, and that I should kill myself This may or may not be the internet s way of saying Hey, make some edits I don t know.But I DO know that Logicomix is a terrible book written by cash grabbing nerds for terrible, boring people who have the right to fair and equal treatment regardless of their gender and sexual orientation.Thank you The original post follows Okay, I m all for the widening modern day definition of the graphic novel, but in the event that you find yourself writing a 352 page comic, there s one thing you should definitely ask yourself early on, and that is, Did I remember the ninjas And if you didn t remember the ninjas, then there should be an excellent reason for it, i.e dinosaurs, robots, or boobs schtupping And while there are many things other than dinosaurs, robots or boobs shtupping you can replace ninjas with in a 352 page graphic novel, math is not one of them If you have a 352 page graphic novel in which you forgot the ninjas but remembered the math, and put in MORE math besides, and then made your book s selling point the fact that there s a ton of math in it, and you suddenly have a critically acclaimed best seller on your hands Well, right there you ve got a situation in which a hell of a lot of people missed the whole goddamn point.On behalf of the comic book community, Mr Doxiadis maybe it d be best if the next time you tried to expand the medium you just wrote a term paper or something instead.

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    THIS IS NOT MY PERSONAL OPINIONIT IS THAT OF MY CLOSE FRIEND JOEI suspect someone familiar with the players and their theories would get even out of this, but I definitely feel kindly and receptive toward these eggheads, having seen through this their human sides and their passionate struggles to reach truth Their integrity requires ruefully accepting it time and again when the newest genius tears down the fortress of truth each thought he had built The constant questioning of principles and fervent desire to locate truth has been associated with madness , and that comes up in this, too The drawing is engaging and witty The story concludes, satisfyingly in an unexpected way, with a performance of the Orestia Kudos to the author for coming up with such a well executed and thought expanding book.

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