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A Provocative And Enlightening Look At Spiritual Unease And Its Contribution To The Void In Modern Civilization Considered By Many To Be One Of The Most Important Books In The Field Of Psychology, Modern Man In Search Of A Soul Is A Comprehensive Introduction To The Thought Of Carl Gustav Jung In This Book, Jung Examines Some Of The Most Contested And Crucial Areas In The Field Of Analytical Psychology, Including Dream Analysis, The Primitive Unconscious, And The Relationship Between Psychology And Religion Additionally, Jung Looks At The Differences Between His Theories And Those Of Sigmund Freud, Providing A Valuable Basis For Anyone Interested In The Fundamentals Of Psychoanalysis

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    There are certain people who delight in mythologizing their lives looking for deep meanings and explanations for who they imagine themselves to be It is not mere soul searching, because they dislike even reasonable criticism, and cannot stand to be made aware of the ways their actions conflict with the vision they have of themselves They want to be special and important, and are less interested in understanding themselves than in creating an image.There are some rare people for whom the act of personal recreation is a serious matter people who explore their own depths, trying on new personae, always shifting and moving they are the artists of identity, and they are few Like any art, it takes a level of skill and determination that most people lack Self creation is like writing a novel the average person trying to do it is going to end up with something cliche, hackneyed, conflicted, and ultimately self serving.Which is why these people often say the same sorts of things I m a little bit psychic, it runs in the family , I m very in touch with my spiritual side , I have Cherokee blood , I ve always been very creative Now, I don t want to just pick on New Age spiritualists, because there are plenty of people who do the same thing on the other end I ve always been a very rational thinker , I find it so hard to be around naive people , I have this passion for world politics , I watch a lot of documentaries.No matter the form this delusion takes, it can be very frustrating to deal with someone who is so self centered They want to talk about themselves, indulge in their fantasy, and be confirmed by those around them Some cynical individuals develop a game for interacting with this type engage them, pretend to buy into their self delusion, and then try to suggest something even outlandish to see if they ll accept it Extra points if the new idea clearly contradicts their previous claims Unfortunately, the entertainment value of this game is limited, since it isn t hard to get them to accept even nonsensical notions As Forer s astrological experiment demonstrated, people are quick to accept flattering explanations without questioning them as Harlan Ellison said If you make people think they re thinking, they ll love you but if you really make them think, they ll hate you In his opening essay, Jung s examples of the efficacy of dream analysis seemed similarly convenient It reminded me of the solutions from some of the Sherlock Holmes stories, where things happen to fit all the data, but in an unlikely and convoluted way Sure, it s possible to sit down with some tarot cards and tell someone else a story about their life that matches the draw, but just because something is capable of inspiring the human mind does not mean that it is ultimately meaningful.Da Vinci was once studying the whorls and eddies in a streambed for a painting, and was suddenly struck with the idea that the human heart could use similar currents to maintain constant bloodflow throughout the body It turned out that he was correct though we wouldn t know it until a few years ago However, just because a certain swirl in a stream inspired his thought does not make that swirl intelligent or magical or an agent of fate.Yet unlike his presentation of ideas in Synchronicity, Jung is much cautious here, telling us that he does not place importance on dreams because of any system or understanding, but because he often can t think of anything else to analyze In his own words I had tried to explain too much in too simple a way, as often happens in the first joy of discovery Disappointingly, I found the majority of Jung s theories arise from the same misplaced enthusiasm Again and again, whether he is speaking of dream interpretation, synchronicity, or the collective unconscious, I see grand, far flung notions with little basis in reality.He speaks about Einstein s Theory of Relativity making his theories of psychic interconnectivity possible, and so demonstrates that he develops theories using the reverse of the scientific process Normally, you take something you understand and then create a theory based on that Jung instead takes an idea he shows no ability to comprehend relativity and states that it makes his ideas possible.Sadly, one can see this same poor technique at work today, such as in the case of the documentary What the Bleep Do We Know , which invited out a group of Quantum Physicists, interviewed them for a few hours, then edited them down to a few comments which seemed to imply that Quantum Physics made ESP possible It is true that there are interconnections and unpredictable events on the quantum level, but trying to scale them to the human mind is pointless Just because an ant can lift a hundred times his body weight, doesn t mean a human can The scientists interviewed in the film later spoke out against it.These sorts of pseudoscientific ideas play into the personal narratives of those self obsessed folk I was speaking about earlier Jung himself gives us a striking indictment of this sort of person a great horde of worthless people people give themselves the air of being modern by overleaping the various stages of development and tasks of life they represent They appear suddenly by the side of modern man as uprooted human beings, bloodsucking ghosts whose emptiness is taken for the enviable loneliness of modern man and casts discredit upon him Today we might call them hipsters people who take on the mannerisms and appearance of eccentricity, but lack any capacity for real iconoclastic thought Artists and scientists often dress shabbily because they spend all their time and thought on subjects other than their appearance Their horn rimmed glasses and v neck sweaters are not magic totems that confer intelligence.As Jung indicates, when an individual falsifies an outward appearance without first developing inner depth, they become like bloodsucking ghosts , empty and entirely reliant on external confirmation It is unfortunate that the attempt by the previous generation of parents to give self esteem to their children has been just as destructive, producing a generation of people with a great deal of confidence but no foundation to base it upon, so they collapse or lash out any time they are challenged.But, looking at Jung s own theories, I came away with the impression that he was just as guilty of overleaping the various stages of development in his enthusiasm he developed grand theories without a foundation, skipping past proofs and evidence in favor of loose anecdotes and flawed studies.In reading earlier thinkers Hume, Nietzsche, Plato I found myself constantly confronted with startling insights into human thought, motives, society, and relationships Freud s psychoanalysis was hardly the beginning of the study of the human mind Yet here, reading Jung, writing with the benefit of the scientific method and with numerous studies to draw upon, I get none of these insights It seems strange that the modern blossoming of psychoanalytic thought about which Jung is so enthusiastic seems less productive than the centuries of thinkers that preceded it.It became increasingly clear to me that I am simply not a Modern Man in Search of a Soul, for the same reason that I am not a man in search of gold bars Souls and bullion might be nice things to have, but it seems rather pointless to wander my yard with a shovel looking for either one There are a thousand thoughts and activities which seem to me promising.Jung himself promotes the importance of spirituality with a sort of Pascal s Wager according to Pascal, an atheist who is wrong still goes to hell, while a believer who is wrong merely ceases to exist, so in terms of consequences it s better to believe for the record, Pascal did not mean this to be taken as a serious argument.Jung s Wager has a psychological premise in our youth, we are driven by our urge to reproduce, but once we are old, we no longer have this urge, so it s important to be spiritual so you have something to do with yourself after midlife He suggests it s only natural, since humans can live to eighty, there must be some purpose to those extra years After all, elders in tribes are revered for their great wisdom in when crops should be planted or how disputes should be resolved.Unfortunately, Jung s arguments are once again in conflict with his conclusions If we apply the adage of the Zen teacher listen to what I do, not what I say , then we will recognize that the importance of these elders is based upon their practical knowledge, not their spirituality maybe those extra forty years should be devoted to the sciences or engineering, then In both wagers, we are asked to believe because we have nothing better to do, which is a sad state of affairs The only people it could convince would be those utterly frivolous empty bloodsuckers Jung spoke of earlier It appeals to them because the search for the soul can so easily become a fantasy, an escapist odyssey of self importance The exploration of the self must be tempered by an exploration of the world, and whenever they come into conflict, the world is correct To recede into the self and ignore the world is the way of madness of hearing voices , tinfoil hats, Napoleonic delusions, and other schizophrenic ephemera.Sometimes they come up to me and ask me if I m happy I say no They ask if something is missing Something is missing, I say It s god, they say No.People are starving, dying, warring A wealthy elite exert control in the most destructive ways, leveraging and speculating and devastating whole swathes of the global economy, raking a profit off the top before the bottom drops out I haven t had a regular job for years Students leave high school hardly able to read or write, ignorant of the most basic facts of history and science Whole cultures and gender groups are made to feel worthless and incomplete by predatory consumerist culture, which they then destructively feed back into.My believing in god won t help any of those people It won t help me It won t change anything If believing caused me to suddenly feel happy and whole, it would only be because I had turned inwards so far that I no longer recognized the cries of pain of my fellow man Sometimes it s good to be angry, to be depressed, to be frustrated There are many situations for which they are a completely normal, rational response.Like cancer I would think, if someone got cancer, they would be entitled to feel upset, angry, hopeless, and depressed sometimes, but as Barbara Ehrenreich found when she got breast cancer, there s a whole forced positivity culture set up to completely overwhelm and alienate anyone who displays a perfectly reasonable emotional reaction.To be happy, fulfilled, and untroubled in the face of that is not healthy, it s not a sign of sanity If a person can tells me that they feel happy and whole in this world, the way things are, then it seems clear to me that they have already checked out Sure, the world is full of joys, wonders, splendors, epiphanies, and new understandings, but that s only one half of the picture, and to discount the rest is to live half a life.

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    L homme la d couverte de son me Modern Man in Search of a Soul, Carl JungModern Man in Search of a Soul is a book of psychological essays written by Swiss psychologist Carl Jung 2008 1380 400 1385 400 1392 9789642575053 1395 400 9789645786036 20 1385 208

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    this book is not to find yourself, so don t misinterpret the title of it, modern man in search of a soul these essays written by the Swiss psychotherapist are to explain the mindset of how a therapist needs to adjust his attitude towards his patients in order to provide effective therapy it takes an account for the complex beliefs of society through history and experience, so the data can be used to give an accurate explanation of the patient s neuroses Freud and Adler denied the presence of religious influence in the trieb of human behavior and psyche Jung, argued about how sexual influences are not the sole source of how people act the way they act but he argued, that in order to provide the best therapy to a patient is to have an unprejudiced objectivity however, the only way a person can have such a skillset, is to fully accept himself in this manner, in an unprejudiced objectivity, because a therapist can only provide a solution to a neurosis by stopping the internal battle with oneself a person is constantly fighting in his mind it s either the sensual vs spiritual or ego vs shadow nonetheless, both are an example of the dissociation of personality in any case, read this book if you re interested in experiencing an increase in the knowledge of the mindeven though, there will always be a mystery to the essence of the soul and only the person can provide the answer to that mystery and not the therapist.

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    I had to put some space between finishing and reviewing this book Jung was Freud s student in my opinion this is one case where the student outshines the teacher This will be my forever reference to mind spirit health Jung s explanation of creativity is amazing but his real feat is explaining the modern person who has found traditional religious custom lacking and what he should do next The modern man has broken with the past and the masses, is solitary, needs to be sound and proficient,and is both culmination and disappointment and he is conscious of this He sees the good and bad of everything, suffered shock and deals with constant uncertainty He is skeptical, fearful and faithless Religion and science have both disappointed him and he yearns for rest and shelter The cure as I understand Jung is to discover meaning in one s life through EXPERIENCE follow your convictions and learn by what happens next Above all choose love, faith, hope and insight instead of sexuality, fear, disillusionment and pseudo consciousness The spirit and body are one and finally, accept that I am the least of these my brethren Christian words for universal concepts I loved reading his opinons on clergy, art, science, dreams, war, missionaries,archeology, Freud and Adler I have started keeping a dream journal He makes me feel proud to be Swiss.

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    Jung is like the Beatles to me

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    Modern Man in Search of a Soul is a great introduction to Carl Jung s theories of analytical psychology The book is broken down into eleven essays dealing with topics of dream analysis, Freudian psychology, spirituality, and religion Some consider Jung s ideas radical because they take into account the soul While many people believe that the soul exists, it s impossible to prove it either way and thus begin the arguments Taking this stance introduces an element of metaphysics into treating mental illness Eighty years later, the school of psychiatry is still hesitant about treading in the dark forest of spirituality Jung goes deep inside this forbidden territory and brings to light the nature of our darkness.Much of this book deals with the subterranean part of our mind, the subconscious The subconscious is a total mystery because it has either been ignored as irrelevant or purposefully avoided for being an ultimate source of our knowable But it can only be ignored at the price of damaging our soul This is reflected in the ever growing number of people seeking out psychiatric help, suicides committed, wars waged, and other forms of violence Until we can bring a balance between the two half of our minds, the dark and light, we ll suffer the spiritual decay that has become a cornerstone of modernity.Jung keeps a complicated subject as straightforward as possible The humility of this book is commendable It invites conflicting points of views and inspires exploration into the unconscious for the good of humanity Modern Man in Search of a Soul combines elements of psychology, philosophy, religion, spirituality, and metaphysics Looking at today s world, approximately eighty years after this book was written, Jung s theories take on a prophetic tone which urges us to embrace the shadow part of our mind, for that is where the healing light will be found.

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    Jung s lecture The Spiritual Problem of Modern Man is so very rich and entirely relevant, still, today It was delivered in Zurich in 1931 at the cusp of another horrific war I forgot what a plain spoken sage he could be at times, deep, elegant and never denying our capacity for both good and evil I m still digesting If you read only one essay by Carl Jung, this should be the one.

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    This book is a series of essays and lectures, originally collected and translated into French by Dr Roland Cahen, around the end of WWII It is an excellent introduction to the extended work of the Swiss psychologist, since it covers a wide range of topics on Jung s analytical psychology as opposed to Freud s psychoanalysis , such as The unconscious, personal and collective, The structure of the psyche, including the conscious functions feeling, intuition, thought, sensation this hypothesis will later be developed into what we now know as the MBTI personality types , the unconscious functions memory, subjective contributions, affects, bursting in of the unconscious Note I have read the book in French, so not quite sure this is the right vocabulary used in English versions Experimenting with associations, and what can be discovered about complexes therein, through observable mental agitation in the patient Dreams and their possible interpretations and meaning for one s life Two series of dreams are extensively analyzed first the derailing train and the giant crayfish then the dragon in the crypt of Toledo not going to disclose any spoilers here this last part of the book is really worth reading in full.Overall, this is an excellent book, although it strikes me how similar it is to the Tavistock Lectures I read a while ago See Analytical Psychology, Its Theory and Practice The Tavistock Lectures