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Clearly Nietzschean, inspired by esoteric Christianity, alchemy and Tarot and written by a spirit different perhaps stronger than Nietzsche Some of Jung s ideas are delelopped in Meyrink s work as well A piece of experimental psychology with a touch of Medievalism in it I m not very fond of the parodical and satirical pages. I have no idea how to rank this book, nor am I even quite sure what the hell I read Although I know a little German, I read the accompanying English text However one thing is certain, the experience was powerful, and the impact of the combination of the hand lettering, calligraphy and the careful illuminations with a bewildering flood of psychic imagery is something not to be forgotten.Here s a sample The noise of the days of the world falls silent and the warming fire blazes inside.Sitting at the fire, the shades of those gone before wail softly and give news of the past.Come to the solitary fire, you blind and lame ones and hear both kinds of truth the blind will be lamed and the lame will be blinded, yet the shared fire warms both in the lengthening night.An old secret fire burns between us, giving sparse light and ample warmth.The primordial fire that conquers every necessity shall burn again, since the night of the world is wide and cold and the need is great.The well protected fire brings together those from far away and those who are cold those who do not see each other and those who cannot reach each other, and it conquers suffering and shatters need.The words uttered at the fire are ambiguous and deep and show life the right way.The blind shall be lamed, so that he will not run into the abyss, and the lamed shall be blind, so that he will not look at things beyond his reach with longing and contempt.Both may be aware of their deep helplessness so that they will respect the holy fire again, as well as the shade sitting at the hearth, and the words that encircle the flames. When Carl Jung Embarked On An Extended Self Exploration He Called It His Confrontation With The Unconscious, The Heart Of It Was The Red Book, A Large, Illuminated Volume He Created Between And Here He Developed His Principle Theories Of The Archetypes, The Collective Unconscious, And The Process Of Individuation That Transformed Psychotherapy From A Practice Concerned With Treatment Of The Sick Into A Means For Higher Development Of The Personality While Jung Considered The Red Book To Be His Most Important Work, Only A Handful Of People Have Ever Seen It Now, In A Complete Facsimile And Translation, It Is Available To Scholars And The General Public It Is An Astonishing Example Of Calligraphy And Art On A Par With The Book Of Kells And The Illuminated Manuscripts Of William Blake This Publication Of The Red Book Is A Watershed That Will Cast New Light On The Making Of Modern Psychology Color Illustrations Already the Book has broaden my feel for a man whose works i spent 10 years reading This is 2 3 of the collected works My dreams intensified by just looking at the paintings of really a remarkable and underrated visual artist It might be the sequel to Blake s Island in the moon in spirit and not an reference to the style It changes the meaning of that Blake s work for me CGJ has always been a path of precognative and synchronistic experience I don t see how it cannot alter the reader or even the world It might be the last book of this kind. All the works of man have their origin in creative fantasy What right have we then to depreciate imagination CG JUNGBeautiful Beautiful book Jung was truly a talented man, who was and is respected in his field Some people have left negative reviews regarding the packaging It is a big big book, but It needs to be to show the plates that is Jungs own handwriting I wouldn t have it any other way In saying that tho it is awkward Maybe the publishers should have included a smaller book with just the english translation so you can read it whilst enjoying the full thing However that said, i don t rate a book by its cover I might not read it, but it will never impact the rating, as thats not really anything to do with the content and the ideas of the author So one star woman further down the list, I am unsure how you can give so much love to the late Jung, and then provide a one starJung s idea of the collective unconscious is something that has been widely discussed This is quite an interesting topic as it is what caused Jung and Freud to split from their shared work and beliefs and branch out into they re own.Jung was often challenged by his own unconscious, as he himself would put it, hearing voices and seeing visions This book is a record of one of those periods Jung s art through the book is quite beautiful it is also important to the writing, as one of his beliefs was that Art is a healing tool to be used The calligraphy to die for His message through history important Yes the book is expensive But its worth it Even a happy life cannot be without a measure of darkness, and the word happy would lose its meaning if it were not balanced by sadness It is far better take things as they come along with patience and equanimity CG JUNG An interrupted read this book is so personal and ephemeral, a blakean diary of personal discovery, completely inside one man s symbol system, written for himself I m about a third of the way through the body of the text there s also a long introduction It s already inspired me to go back to keeping a dream journal, to think of what my own red book would be Dream life has become extremely active But it lacks any quality of suspense or forward motion I have a friend who has the big book the facsimile Red Book, 18 by 12, weighing in at 8 pounds, with all the illustrations Jung painted to accompany the hand lettered journal she has to keep it on a footstool it s so big This is the translation of the text, which is fascinating and boring and strange, by turns, just like Blake s longer poems Meeting the soul, meeting the anima animus, it s the laboratory of Jung s own theories and like a live album, there s a lot of drum solos Yet its remarkable to see the naked material arising, see him struggle with the contents of his own psyche before it s all processed and theorized. Opening this book is like entering a magical world of wonders It is an adventure in and of itself.I am so glad the public can finally see this notebook I even think the size serves the purpose a very large volume comparable to some kind of rare Medieval book that you would need a beautifully ornate lectern for And then there is the text, illuminated as it is it is powerful. Yes, for us Carl Jung fans this book is the Grail, but really it is kind of a let down Aesthetically this book is the revelation all of us hoped it would be The paper, the typography, the reproductions are scrumptious Yes, I ate them But there is a little bit of the presentation that leaves me head scratching There is sort of this introduction to Carl Jung, section and I think to myself, why would anyone interested in this book need an introduction to Carl Jung And let s be serious this is Jung s dream journal There s your content I loved looking at the pictures If you wanted something else you are barking up the wrong tree Speaking of the pictures, I was struck by similarity to Crowley Harris Thoth tarot deck That tightly wound bear trap is where I am going to leave it. Only a few books read in a lifetime actually change you Can you honestly say you are a different person after the work is absorbed I feel that my cells have been re charged with a new vitality.The Red Book is a lovingly inscribed and illustrated account of a deep inner journey into the heart of god, spirituality, mythology, and primarily the depths that Jung called the Shadow Within only a few pages I was struck by many synchronicities another term coined by Jung specific details that connected with scary precision to my own recent ideas, dreams, and other reading.I put aside writing and other projects and devoted my spare time to The Red Book Some of the text is heady, analytical stuff to slog through, but much of it is hilarious Jung s encounters with his soul, Salome, and other mythic beings inside his unconscious read like epic spats, with lots of grumbling and cajoling Inspired by Jung s process of active imagination, I opened my mind and heart to encounter what I might find in my own deep unconcious Fascinated, frightened and yet determined to uncover what was lurking inside, driving my judgments and conflicts, I spent 4 months in my own depths This process opened a deep, sobering vein of understanding and growth It s the best work I ve ever done, without a therapist or guru only The Red Book as a road map.Jung took on his courageous work nearly 100 years ago I was struck by similarities between his time and ours, from interest in the metaphysical to unrest and uncertainty It was the foundation of so much exploration the collective unconscious, mandalas, anima animus, etc Jung s great ideas that our generation takes for granted I will celebrate his contribution by living my own life, my way And with the hope that the jewels I found in my journey will make a difference, too. This was described when I ordered it as a facsimile edition of Jung s notebooks.That is not at all the case It is a typed and annotated version of his text, without the pictures Since both Jung and the editor are discussing the images, trying to read a book about pictures one hasn t seen seems fairly pointless The only use I can see for this volume is as a neatly printed read long for someone who does have a facsimile edition.