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Contains The St Stainless Steel Rat Books The Stainless Steel Rat DiGriz Is Caught During One Of His Crimes Recruited Into The Special Corps Boring, Routine Desk Work During His Probationary Period Results In His Discovering That Someone Is Building A Battleship, Thinly Disguised As An Industrial Vessel In The Peaceful League No One Has Battleships Any , So The Builder Of This One Would Be Unstoppable DiGriz Hunt For The Guilty Becomes A Personal Battle Between Himself The Beautiful But Deadly Angelina, Who Is Planning A Coup On One Of The Feudal Worlds DiGriz Dilemma Is Whether He Will Turn Angelina Over To The Special Corps, Or Join With Her, Since He S Fallen In Love With Her The Stainless Steel Rat S Revenge DiGriz Angelina Are Happily Married, Expecting The Birth Of Sons The Planet Cliaand Is Waging Interstellar War Against The Odds, Its Grey Men Are Invading Taking Over Planet After Planet The Rat Is Sent To Cliaand To Start A One Man Guerrilla Campaign To Put A Stop To The Plans Of The Planet S Leader, Kraj He Is Aided By The S, A Force Of Liberated Freedom Fighters, Eventually By His Wife Who Arrives To Help Him Win The War Keep Him Out Of The Arms Of The S The Stainless Steel Rat Saves The World The Villainous He Has Travelled Back In Time To Humankind S Distant Past On The Legendary Planet Earth Dirt Of , Where He S Altering Events So That People Who Opposed Him In The Rat S Present Cease To Exist, Angelina Amongst Them Using The Helix, A Time Travel Device Invented By The Special Corps Prof Coypu, DiGriz Travels To America, Then To Napoleonic France Where Tanks Aircraft Are Helping Bring About Napoleon S Victory The Stainless Steel Rat 1961 , The Stainless Steel Rat s Revenge 1970 and The Stainless Steel Rat Saves the World 1972 by Harry Harrison.Omnibus edition of the first three Stainless Steel Rat series It was explained pretty quickly that stainless steel rat was a metaphor In this future the galaxy is fairly peaceful and bland James Bolivar slippery Jim DiGriz had a choice in life to go with the flow or to stir things up, get some excitement, live on the edge, making a not honest living He s the rat, and stainless steel is the type needed in this space age The first chapter introduces us to Jim and his narrow escape from the law Then he is caught by the Special Corps, who rather than throwing him in jail, enlist him as a field agent Jim, while in his training and bored out of his mind, uncovers a warship being built He is sent on his first mission The plot follows sort of a pattern of Jim explaining what he s going to do, and what he expects will happen A few unexpected things happen, things get worse, he thinks himself out of the jam, or gets outside help, things get better, and so on Sometimes Jim holds back some of his plan, so that the reader doesn t know the outcome ahead of time In Revenge Jim is sent on a mission to Cliaand to find out how they are conquering worlds and building an empire when interstellar warfare is seemingly impossible There is a lot of action, the characters aren t very deep, even Jim seems to be straight from a 1940 s or 50 s Private Eye novel, with the slight twist that he s not law abiding and he s placed in a future galactic civilization The novels are fun, and even with the small print in my edition the reading didn t bog down. The Adventures of the Stainless Steel Rat is an omnibus edition of the first three Stainless Steel Rat books self titled, Revenge, Saves the World , all featuring Slippery Jim deGriz, best thief in the galaxy A high tech bandit in a society where perfect law enforcement means that criminals are very few and very skilled, deGriz steals because he s bored with a bunch of high tech gadgets and simple cons, avoiding killing people at all cost His skills and ethics get him recruited into the Special Corps, the real secret police, run by former thieves.On the plus side, when the books work they really work Slippery Jim always has a new identity, a clever plan, a non lethal solution that has a lot of chaos and him walking safe and sound through the middle of it It s high action and high octane.The downside is that the stories get increasingly lazy I quite enjoyed the first one, where deGriz is recruited into the Special Corps and tracks down a psychotic con artist who built an ancient battleship in plain sight and then slipped right out of his clutches But the next two books have less cleverness and straight up non lethal violence with sucker punches, sleep gas, and smoke grenades as he goes after militarists trying to conquer the galaxy and a time travelling megalomaniac Some parts of the book haven t aged well at all Angelina, deGriz s first enemy and than wife after Special Corps conscience surgery, is positively cringe worthy This might also be the first time I ve been concerned about a fictional character s alcoholism, as deGriz works his way through bottle after bottle I ve heard that authors who drink while writing have their characters drink to excess, and it sure feels like the drink or two Harrison had as he did the daily writing turned into a drink on every other page, punctuated with epic benders A lot of fun, but ultimately fluff that never quite becomes first rate. Great series SciFi with a sarcastic comedic slant The Stainless Steel Rat is super slick thief con man, who can t refuse helping those truly in need of it, in a large varied universe that reminds me of that of The Hitchhiker s Guide to the Universe He justifies his life of crime with the philosphy that what he does harms no one he avoids killing anyone and his targets are the super rich and mega corporations that are insured , injects cash into the economy, and provides excitement to people s otherwise boring lives He is eventually recruited by the galatic version of the CIA to put his talents to good use although he often can t resist making sure his work adds dollars to his pockets This omnibus collection consists of the first three novels in this popular series The Stainless Steel Rat, The Stainless Steel Rat s Revenge and The Stainless Steel Rat Saves the World The first story introduces us to James Bolivar DeGriz, alias the Stainless Steel Rat He is a thief with honor and morals and steals with impunity until the Special Corps catch him in a neat set up He Corps is an elite group who track down the worst criminals in the universe The Corps need brilliant criminals like slippery Jim DeGriz to accomplish this Of course our hero succumbs to the greater need and works with Corps of course he still manages to steal his way to La Dolce Vita along the way.The second tale is an engrossing one where the Rat is on the trail of Kraj a ruthless bloodthirsty character bent on conquering world after world and goes deep undercover The final romp is a wonderful time travel adventure, where the rat bounces around chasing the evil alien to Earth s past and elsewhere.What makes the Rat series so wonderful is the effortless first person narrative Harrison writes The dialogue is snappy and the pacing is just quick enough to keep the stories moving along The other area Harrison excels at is making you think the protagonist is going to get the better of the villain and then gets caught himself Even though it happens several times in each story but it never seems contrived or stupid.These stories are fun to read and can give popcorn a run for it s money get all you can find in the used book stores and enjoy Light and fluffy So if that s all you want, certainly an OK read.I actually only read the first of three stories in this book After that I went online to read some other opinions and it certainly sounded like that was the best of the three So I m off to a challenging reads It it doesn t get BETTER, I ve got other things I d rather re read Not a lot of deep thought or heavy thinking is required from this title If you have the spare time and end up with the book, by all means read it as there s nothing inherently wrong with it Actually the writing is well done I absolutely LOVED the Deathworld series when I grew up and was expecting something along those lines, but thinking back, maybe Deathworld was kind of shallow too.The main problem is that it s filled with AMAZING COINCIDENCES that solve the dilemmas in which the author plot story has found itself I kind of think that s a cheat and prefer something a bit clever if I m going to spend my time reading it Also I d put the reading level at low High School, so not really much to it there Similar to Burroughs or Farmer which I LOVED as a kid, but So it s probably a FANTASTIC suggestion for middle or high school kids that are just starting out nice and clean without the sex violence language you might find elsewhere.Glad I finally read something with the Stainless Steel Rat , having seen these book titles for decades now, but I won t be back Not having an infinite life and TONS of other books I still want to read Dated and sexist, but still good mindless fun I loved this book as a teenager, but can now laugh at it for slightly different reasons. Narrator, a master criminal, is hired by interstellar cops to be their James Bond He s right for the job, apparently, because normal people exist in a fat, rich union of worlds that have almost forgotten the meaning of the word crime 8 , because of centuries of genetic control he therefore exists as a rat in the wainscoting of society, operating outside of their barriers and outside of their rules Society has rats when the rules are looser, just as the old wooden buildings had rats when than the concrete buildings that came later But they still had rats Now that society is all ferroconcrete and stainless steel there are fewer gaps between the joints, and it takes a smart rat to find them A stainless steel rat is right at home in this environment id That is, the SSR resides in the interstices of the hypermodern world.The SSR is interstitial not because of psychological disorder, but rather the realization strikes through that one must either live outside of society s bonds or die of absolute boredom 9 there is no longer room for the soldier of fortune of the gentleman adventurer who can live both within and outside society Today it is all or nothing To save my own sanity I chose the nothing id By electing an interstitial life because the preference for the liminoid life is no longer available, on the nietzschean aesthetic ground that boredom must be warded off, the SSR is intentionally a nihilist Later, he will confide that his time with the cops has made him lose the ingrained habits of a lifetime 61 which kinda undercuts the notion that criminals need be brainwashed out of crime so he seeks to reestablish my identity as the cops were working like a blight to destroy all of my best anti social tendencies id Okay nihilist, check antisocial, check As opening scene involves narrator engaging in a bank robbery, we might conclude lumpenprole, check Dude is accordingly expressly a lumpenized antisocial nihilist and is proud of it This then is the protagonist of the series I have no idea it is archetypical or prototypical, but it does stand as an antecedent to Scott Lynch, say, and is part of the long tradition of anti heroics in speculative fiction What is it, anyway, with the easy familiarity that bourgeois fiction products have with greasy lumpenproles movies about the mafia, small time criminals, drug addled kids, and so on The lumpenprole embodies the proclaimed virtues of neither the conservative old right, nor classical liberals, nor the far left Even fascists won t agree with lumpenprole nihilism, though they may be pleased to hire LANs as their street fighting thugs, course So why the fascination The Marxist answer is probably something like baudrillardian dissimulation, hiding liberal excess in plain sight, as well as a silencing of emergent left positions along with dying residuals of the right, or so That leaves lumpenproles as the stars of the show, and as everyone hates them, it s not really a problem for bourgeois class rule Anyway, narrator is deployed to fight mega criminals out in the aether First one involves someone secretly constructing a warship, apparently for purposes worse than piracy, a giant Warlord battleship, this bad memory from the past 25 In order to catch the villain, dude undergoes a radical corporeal disaggregation, i.e., physician did a good job in the times when he wasn t moaning about the absence of spirituous beverages or nubile females Bending and shortening my femurs altered my height and walk Hands, face, skull, ears all of these were changed permanently to build a new individual Skillful use of the correct hormones caused a change in the pigment cells, darkening the natural color of my skin and hair, even altering the hair pattern itself The last thing done, when physician s skill was at its peak, was a delicate touch on my vocal cords that deepened and roughened my speech 77 It s similar, I suppose, to Morgan s Kovacs, who downloads into a new body every time he gets killed though technically one Kovacs is dead and his brain has been backed up for re insertion that makes each iteration a new guy Here, though, narrator does not die, but rather revises his anatomy for the needs of whatever caper he s doing Climactic confrontation with villain of part I occurs on an old, caste ridden, feudalistic planet 79 , which nevertheless has mixed in modern things from the interstellar League such as computers, mechanization, robots, and an ever vigilant police force id the mix allowing room for the SSR to work the old system would recognize a stranger, whereas the new regiments everything and prevents crime Part II begins with dude s marriage to the villain of Part I, after she had been brainwashed of her antisocial disorders Villain is some numbskull government so stupid as to think that it can succeed in an interplanetary war 141 numbskull because it just doesn t work 142 , unless local conditions are right, say a solar system with two inhabited planets If one planet is backward and the other advanced id Issue is that the distance time relationships just don t make this kind of warfare practical When every soldier and weapon and ration has to be lifted form the gravity well of a planet and carried across space perhaps a slight failure of imagination here, if not by author, then by the setting s astrostructural engineers Cf Fountains of Paradise cf The Moon is a Harsh Mistress cf Leinster s Exploration Team the energy expenditure is considerable, the transport demands incredible and the cost unbelievable id Dude is tasked therefore in Part II with unravelling the mystery of a series of successful interplanetary invasions, and must learn the enemy language and whatnot through a stamping machine that recorded the material directly on my cortex with the boring time consuming intermediary of any learning process 143 i.e., like in The Matrix When he finds the enemy planet, he infiltrates, c What is noteworthy for me is that all of its nomenclature is drawn, inexplicably, from serbocroatian Enemy city is Dosadanglup 167 , which is boring stupid, say I think I m annoyed by this, but dunno This is a cold war text, so it might be possible to mistake the villains here for commies, especially with their Yugoslav names They are certainly militarists and imperialists, but they appear to maintain private ownership, such as a planet wide chain of hotels that specialized in non human service 169 , which strikes me as the indicia of capitalism Anyway, capers and improbable action and so on dude s success is normally contingent upon his numerous foes being unprepared for his soporific grenades.Part III is a time travel narrative, and the villain is creepy posthuman, very inchoroi , but not really explained Narrator must go back in time prior to the time when enemy is erasing interstellar cops from existence, c Lotsa paradox, though they are nullified for the narrative s sake by fancy temporal gadgets A overt Morgan Kovacs moment when narrator must use the stored memory of a time travel professor, which he installs in his brain temporarily professor is otherwise erased from the space time continuum 331 Recommended for persons whose egos are the only thing that keeps them operating, readers who singlehandedly organize revolutions on peaceful planets, and one dimensional peasants who mistake the painted flats and props of their existence as the only reality. One of my favorite Sci Fi stories and characters of all time The Stainless Steel Rat Ultimate thief Loved every page. Slippery Jim DiGriz is basically Steve McQueen s character from The Thomas Crown Affair He s got a lot gadgets though and lives around 35,000 years in the future Harrison made him a lot of fun to read and this book is great for a long weekend or a week of quiet evenings.The only problem with reviewing a 3 in 1 book is that one book sometimes drags down the other two That happened here.The Stainless Steel Rat is a five star book, The Stainless Steel Rat s Revenge is a four, maybe four and a half The Stainless Steel Rat Saves the World is a solid two however.It is still a good read however, so I can recommend you pick up this book or find the individual novels if you can Enjoy