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I really love these books They are so cute and fun and while they are children s books they have a lot of quite adult themes yet a timeless sort of whimsy I recommend these books to anyone and everyone who can still muster a childlike sense of wonder. This is one of those sequels that absolutely don t let you down I loved every moment of it There were some laughs, some adorable sweetness, some tense moments, but overall this book was beautiful and just as amazing as the first.Absolutely recommend this series So sweet and precious 3 In A Time Of Deadly Crisis, Linden Alone Has The Power To Save Her PeopleThe Faeries Of The Oak Are In Danger Of Extinction, And Their Only Hope For Survival Rests In Fifteen Year Old Linden Armed With The Last Of Her People S Magic, She Travels Bravely Into The Modern Human World Along The Way She Makes A Reluctant Ally A Human Boy Named TimothySoon Linden And Timothy Discover A Danger Much Worse Than The Oakenfolk S Loss Of Magic A Potent Evil That Threatens To Enslave Faeries And Humans Alike In A Fevered, Desperate Chase Across The Country, Tim And Linden Must Risk Their Lives To Seek An Ancient Power Before It S Too Late To Save Everyone They LoveR J Anderson Has Artfully Crafted A World Of Stunning Magic, Thrilling Adventure, And Delicate Beauty, Where The Key To The Future Is In An Unexpected, Forbidden Friendship Reviewed by Jennifer Rummel for TeensReadToo.comOne day, Linden s summoned by the dying faery queen, who tells her that she might be their only hope for survival in the near future Without their magic, the faeries are slowly dying, and they have been for years.There s only forty something faeries left in the sacred oak, and very little magic remains.When Linden visits a faery friend Knife from SPELL HUNTER , she comes into contact with a human boy Timothy s having trouble fitting in at school and he s on suspension at the moment He comes to his cousin s home for refuge to find his cousin and his wife whispering urgently, but not telling him anything After a fight with them, he decides to run off to London.Linden views his escape as her chance to find other faeries who might help her tribe regain their magic She becomes a stowaway inside his backpack Little does she know that by concealing herself, she will endanger his life While in London, their path crosses with a dark, evil faery looking to sap Timothy s musical talent.With no other choice, Linden reveals herself, allowing them both to escape However, it s only a matter of time before they discover about the evil faery realm and its ruthless queen.Linden s story takes place fifteen years following the conclusion of SPELL HUNTER It takes her from her tree to London and through the countryside of Wales The faery situation in this addicting series becomes darker, the danger pronounced, and the risks greater than ever in this beautifully written world created by R J Anderson. I started this book off not really knowing what it was about Because I won this book thanks Saundra Mitchell I didn t bother to read the jacket summary over before I started it I read it once, but my memory fades really easily At once though, I liked Timothy Even though this is a book about faeries and magic, he seemed real to me Don t get me wrong, I love supernatural hot guys in books, but Timothy was different He was human, but his thoughts and actions were down to earth He wasn t like the other protagonist guys that went into danger willingly or could fight like a ninja If he was a real person, Timothy would be one of my classmates that learned, got into fights and questioned things The main guy character was of someone I would probably be friends with than a sexy guy I would die to date.And Linden was well written too Characters have flaws, and hers was relying on miracles She was actually really optimistic and bubbly And although that s not what I m used to, I actually really liked that personality on her Although she is older than me, she seemed younger only because she hadn t yet experienced the world around her.The writing was simple to understand The plot was well thought out, but I thought it was easily predictable Personally, I didn t get into this book as much as I had hoped but I m still passing it along to my friends.Rating 3.8 5 I did write something about this book last night, but my computer thought he could fuck everything and leave me with a blank space Now, I am no Taylor Swift, but don t do that again Now Getting over the drama, let s start this review, again I really like the way I started my faery ride or trip or whatever, because untill this I don t think I ve read anything only about faeries And I had an awesome start, let me tell you This book focuses mostly on friendship and action, there is little to no romance, which I think balances the trilogy really well In this story we follow Linden and Timothy, embarking on their quest to help the faeries I loved Linden, I love the fact that she is so different from Knife, but at the same time she is as strong as Knife What made me like her so much, was the fact that she stood by what she believed was right Thing that is usually seen as naive In opposition Timothy questioned everything, but I think that is exactly what this book wanted to show You either can see the world as something you can improve by change or see it as something with only hard truths I loved how this two are put in opposition, but are not that change after all The action is complex, given the fact that we explore of the faery world, which was really really interesting There are some really strong moments in this one, spoilers, because I can t help it view spoiler the moment when the faeries freed themselves by taking a new name and everyone was screaming free and another one, and so on That moment for me felt so strong, it was just magical hide spoiler I loved Anderson s FAERY REBELS SPELL HUNTER aka KNIFE UK title ftw , but WAYFARER is even fantastic The story telling is much urgent, and the plot really sucks you in and drives you to the point that you can t find a good stopping place to put the book downand thus read the whole thing in a day I loved Linden and Timothy s friendship though I was disapointed at the way the book ended in regards to their relationship and the continued world building that acknowledges, but doesn t focus on the super dark side of faery lore.Overall, a fantastic read I still liked this book, but not as much as the first one It had Christian Biblical references than the first one, but the setting was tied with the real world One thing I loved about the first one was the wonder of Oak and the setting and the faeries and that s what drew me in This book spends time on subways and trains bouncing around England I also found I didn t connect as much with Timothy and Linden as I did with Knife and Paul Still, I enjoyed the story and I can t wait until the third book releases This is probably the only companion characters series that I love It just works so well because they still fit as one whole arc Also, Bee 7 years ago didn t appreciate how rare is was to read something with zero romance whatsoever, and although there s romance in book one and three, there s NONE here It s just a boy and a girl being friends and working together I used to think this was my least favourite in the series but I love how the new villain is introduced, it s very Harry Potter esque You know, where they re a looming figure in the beginning and then after the MC learns about their new world they pop up in full on vengeance mode It s so exciting R.J Anderson has done it again, proving that she was not merely a one hit wonder with her debut novel, FAERY REBELS SPELL HUNTER, which was one of my favorite reads of 2009 WAYFARER has all the sweet enchantment, world building, and action of her first book, and ensures that Knife and Linden s world is one that I never want to leave.There are a variety of fairies in WAYFARER, from the small but determined Linden, to much bigger and badder ones Anderson s fairy world is one that never gets stale, as these new fantastical elements are effortlessly introduced, and we don t even have to think twice to accept their plausibility Timothy, too, is well developed, with his own set of problems and as yet undiscovered strengths WAYFARER is, in the end, a story about finding your own strengths and sticking to your beliefs in the face of adversity.The story starts off a little slowly in the beginning, as we are introduced to Timothy, his relationship to the Oak, and his troubles, but it quickly builds into a near swashbuckling adventure that takes readers to all corners of the UK and back Linden and Timothy are not quite as endearing as Knife and Paul were in FAERY REBELS SPELL HUNTER, but the plot and movement of WAYFARER are much better done, with the result being that it s extremely difficult not to put this book down WAYFARER is a unique fairy book that will charm readers of all ages With lots of action packed scenes, cross country adventures, danger, and unforgettable characters, this is one book you ll want to check out.