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Can Rachel and Kirsty help the Dance Fairies get their grooves back? The Dance Fairies' magic ribbons are missing Without them all kinds of dances are getting off on the wrong foot Everyone is miserable except for Jack Frost and his goblins They have the ribbons and it's up to Rachel and Kirsty to get them back It's a slippery situation when Isabelle the Ice Dance Fairy's ribbon disappears Can Rachel and Kirsty skate their way to victory and find the final ribbon? Find the magic ribbon in each book and help keep the Dance Fairies on their toes

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    There are seven Dance fairies and they are Bethany the Ballet Fairy Jade the Disco Fairy Rebecca the Rock 'n' Roll Fairy Tasha the Tap Dance Fairy Jessica the Jazz Fairy Saskia the Salsa Fairy and Imogen the Ice Dance Fairy Their magic ribbons are needed to help people dance properly The goblins are drawn to music that matches their ribbon and feel the need to dance They also temporarily gain ice magic and ability to freeze people Rachel is staying with Kirsty again and they need to help the fairiesHold tight to the ribbons pleaseYou goblins now may feel a breezeI'm summoning a hurricaneTo take the ribbons away againBut goblins you'll be swept up tooFor I have work for you to doGuard each ribbon carefullyBy using this new power to freeze

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    My 5 year old daughter LOVES these books

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    I like this because I love ice skating it is a wonderful sport

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    Another great juvenile fiction book filed with magic friendship and fun with an element of danger

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    Ice dancing is the best dancing

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    Very good

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    Rachel and Kristy go to an ice dance show with all the Disney characters One of Kristy's friends was playing in it Her name was Jenny and she was playing Sleeping Beauty When Rachel and Kristy go to the dressing room to wish her good luck Jenny asked Kristy to hand her her ice skates and inside one of the ice skates was Imogen the Ice Dance Fairy They found not only one goblin but seven in one of the closets down the hall getting changed into the junior hockey team uniforms The goblins skated onto the smaller rink not the one where the show was One of the goblins in the front had the magical ice dancing ribbon The one holding the ribbon was the best dancer The goblins thought the hockey uniforms were beautiful ice dancing outfits The ice rink had hockey nets on it Rachel and Kristy came up with a plan They put on ice skates and Imogen turned them into fairies When they got on the ice the goblins chased them right into one of the nets and Imogen was hovering right over the net When the goblins got under it she used her wand to make the net fall over them Rachel and Kristy were small enough fairies to go through the netting After Kristy and Rachel got out of the net Rachel grabbed the ribbon from the tangle of goblin arms and legs Then since the ribbon was back on Isabelle's wand where it belonged all the ice dancers could dance better They even got the ribbon before any of the dancing started so that was very good

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    Well our oldest finished her first Rainbow Magic fairy series by the group of authors who write under the pseudonym Daisy Meadows This is the last of seven stories in The Dance Fairies series The books are uick reads and good fodder for young girls Not my taste but I love that our girls are getting into reading on their ownDec 2011 update My youngest finished this book too and is proud that she finished an entire series of books She is looking forward to reading another seven book fairy series just like her big sister

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    11110There wasn't one goblin there wasn't two goblins there was seven Kirsty and Rachel skated faster than them and they snatched it out of their hands Then they tied them up in the ice hockey net 111512The goblins stole Isabelles ribbon its up to the girls to get it back But when they go to fight the goblin they find not one but 7 This is going to be harder then it looks

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    Just one thing what about the people seated by the rink? They saw the goblins come out at first but when two girls join them and then magically disappear or seem to They get turned into fairies and then all this stuff happens like the net tipping over Do they just not see it? BIGGEST PLOT HOLE EVER