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When Childcare Worker Shane Dunphy Meets Jason In , He Is A Tiny, Frightened Five Year Old Who Has Stopped Speaking And Terrorizes Even The Older Children In The Care Home With His Angry, Violent Behaviour Eleven Years Later, Shane Is Shocked To Find Jason S File On His Desk Again Jason Has Committed Some Horrendous Crimes And Is Facing A Life Of Incarceration Can Shane Rebuild What Had Been A Delicate Friendship, And Help Jason To Face Up To Who He Is, Where He Has Come From, And What He Has Done

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    I found this book disturbing as it covers the cruel cycle of sexual abuse against children Obviously it also uncovers all the other abuse cruel people bestow on children but the story of Jason is heartbreaking and horrific Despite the feel of the book it has been written with professionalism and compassion.

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    I was disappointed with the ending for this book The reason I like these types of books is the happy ending No matter what these people went through in their childhood, no matter what went on behind closed doors, they still found some reason to move on, to enjoy life and change it for the better, to even go as far as forgiving the people usually the parents that wronged them With this book, there wasn t really a happy ending It was about a five year old boy who was found in the basement, naked, starved for food, starved for affection, and feral He completely stopped talking His parents didn t give 2 hoots about Jason Stephen helped him to open up, start talking, Jason admitted his daddy sexually abused him But when his mother didn t show up to any access visits, he regressed back to no talking and being violent 10 years later Stephen encounters a 17 year old Jason who is about to go to jail for raping an 80 year old and a 2 year old when he was 13 He was to go home after finishing a few months of group sessions with his mother, and then closely monitered at home, but she never showed up so he went to jail Stephen Dumphy ended his child care career, Jason went to jail, cut off all contact with Stephen and served his sentence although he isn t a sexual predator any, he is still involved with organised crime Stephen and Jason never saw each other again I suppose for some people, like Jason, there is just no hope for them, no matter how much you try to help them.

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    I enjoyed this read much than the last book I read by Shane Dunphy This book was focused much on the children which improved it massively I also appriciated the point it makes that not everyone can be saved or end up living the perfect life after they abuse they have been thing that I ve noticed with Shane Dunphy s writting is that he fills the books with very mondane writing and goes into very exaggerate descriptions of almost pointless things but then at the parts were you would expect detail, it is very quick, short and undescriptive

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    Jason is a scared five year old when Shane meets him during his first job in childcare.He won t speak to anyone and begins to victimize the rest of the home But as he begins to trust people, they discover reasons why he might be behaving in these ways After his behaviour when he was tiny, it should be no surprise when he turns up on the brink of adulthood, about to get sent down for awful crimes Shane tries to rebuild what they had before despite other childcare workers believing it won t work A sad book which shows you how childcare workers work.

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    A sad story about how a child with a bad start in life can end up continuing down the wrong path I had actually read this book years ago and didn t realise until a few chapters in I knew I had read some of Shane Dunphy s books but wasn t sure which A good read if you are interested in children in care, social work, etc

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    Wow, was this ever a sad story I am used to happy endings but not with this one That poor boy and everything that happened to him Tragic to say the least And as a man, not much better He is still in trouble.

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    This book was well written It was a book that at times you couldn t put down and at other times left you feeling that you didn t want to go on.I am glad I read the book.

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    Sad, sad story.

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    Very sad Shane never glosses over the realitites of abuse and neglect and their impact Which is what makes his writing so powerful.

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    A good insight into the work of a Child Protection Worker Well written and also very sad.