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The storytelling magic of James Herriot has become a warm joyful part of our children's lives In Moses the Kitten Herriot tells the tale of a tiny bedraggled kitty found tucked beside a frozen pond who is nursed back to health on a nearby farm

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    After being rescued from the cold Moses soon realizes that farm living is the life for him It’s always said that you can’t choose your family but Moses decides maybe you can after all uaint English farm scenes show an idyllic way of life that is now unfamiliar to many in this richly illustrated story

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    Moses is a lucky kitten having been found in the rushes on a cold cold day and brought to the nearest farm house so they could care for him He ends up being adopted by a sow tended to and nursed with her other piglets It's a sweet tale and our girls really enjoyed it Some of the vocabulary and dialogue in the book is somewhat old fashioned and I had to explain several of the words There were even a few that I'd never seen before Our youngest picked up this book the paperback edition with ISBN 0590468588 at a book exchange at her elementary school and I like that it's a challenge for her to read to herself In any case she loves looking at the pictures We liked this story enough to read it a couple of times new words fells byre

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    This is a childhood favourite so much so that I named my own kitten after the one in this book I recommend the James Herriot books to any child with an interest in animals

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    This is very cute too The cute little kitty joins the pig family

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    Another great book from James Herriot

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    This book earns 4 stars because I like James Herriot's stories My grandmother had all of this country vet's adult chapter books and I remember lying in the guest bedroom at her house reading them all I found them fascinating when I was about 10 12 years old However just adding illustrations albeit nice onesto this story doesn't make it a children's book I think that the vocabulary and sentence structure make this book too difficult for a young child still interested in picture books to read to himself and as I read this book aloud to my baby I could only imagine the endless amount of uestions he'll have once he can talk I just can't picture reading this to a kid without either boring him or having to sit through a barrage of What does that mean? uestions It's too bad because as I said I enjoy James Herriot But hey maybe I'm wrong We'll see what my son thinks of this one when he gets older

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    I was probably about 6 when I first read this And though the vocabulary isn't really for kids I loved it as its full of pictures in full color For those of you who have read James Herriot's chapter books not for little kids this story is in one of them Its a heartwarming story the only children's animal story I've read that truly deserved that description I think I can safely say that Anyone who loves cats will fall in love with Moses the kitten He is Adorable I wanted to go out and find a little kitten to take home with me Moses is entirely endearing he wrapped me round his furry paw

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    This is just one little story from Herriot's collection from his days as a vet In this one he discovers a kitten all by himself in a field during a very cold winter day When he takes him to the local farmer the farmer's wife takes the kitten and revives him using tried and true farm techniues The kitten develops a strong relationship with his foster mother and lives a very happy life As usual Herriot tells his story with a matter of fact charm that really sets the scene and keeps the reader entertained This one is simply told and would be easily understood by a small child The pictures are large and realistic but warm

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    A pleasant story for young children charmingly illustrated about a young kitten rescued from near death and nursed back to health by an unusual farm animal