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Spare, beautiful prose, full of truths and ironies, fleshes out a modern day version of Beauty and the Beast Author Lauren Baratz Logsted works her magic, weaving a tale of a high school reject of his own making and the lovely, pure girl who sees beyond his hideousness.Lucius and Aurora begin telling their story on their first day of school, where both are new students, and the viewpoint alters chapter to chapter Particularly interesting is how the same incident is told first from one character s perspective and then from another s The tension is increased with the unfolding, as we yearn for the characters to see the light of truth beyond their misconceptions As the legend becomes life, Lucius withdraws further into himself and sees the glimmer of her goodness from the bottom of his despair.The minor characters serve their purpose well Jessup, the nemesis of Lucius and Celia and Deanie, foils for Aurora Even Misty, Lucius little sister, who begins the novel as the perfect tormentor, has an interesting role in the drama As in most fairy tales, the parents take a secondary role, but are important to illustrate how the main characters became the people they are The contrasts of their families heightens the comparison between Lucius and Aurora.CRAZY BEAUTIFUL flows smoothly and pulls us toward the inevitable ending Like any fable, some portions of her novel are painted with large, bold brushstrokes, but Baratz Logsted is deft at intricacies, as well Her precise word choices spring from the page and paint a portrait of two teens fated to be together, while having many obstacles thrown in their converging paths She softens the blow of their tragedy with humor, woven throughout.This novel is appropriate for middle school students to high school, even though the main characters are of high school age As both the male and the female protagonists share the narrator s role, either boys or girls will appreciate it As a retelling of a fairy tale familiar to most, it is sure to attract reluctant readers, too Lauren Baratz Logsted has spun a romance worthy of the ages between a guy with hooks for hands and the beautiful girl, whom he longs will notice him Due out September 2009 from Houghton Mifflin Harcourt. If there are few YA books with black, Hispanic or Asian protagonists, and even fewer with gay protagonists, the disabled barely make an appearance I don t mean Nora I m aenemic so that s why I m pale Gray, or Dice my psychic powers were diagnosed as rare epilepsy I mean people who have actually lost something and have learned to deal with it.So when I heard the basic premise of Crazy Beautiful, I was hooked pun not intended I really wanted to see how the author worked with such a serious issue, and wanted to see how the love story would turn out And while I was reading it, it was fantastic I couldn t put it down Aurora and Lucius were lovely characters, and I liked how mature for their ages they were.So why is it that when I put the book down, I felt like I d been ripped off pun not intendedagain The following is me trying to take Anila s approach and enter a conversation with the book Me Ok, so I m done reading What did I get from this experience Book Aurora and Lucius are finally together Their love conquered prejudice and painful past experiences and they will be loved and accepted by all Me O kay why Book Me Why are they accepted Book Because Lucius proved to everyone how bad Jessup is and how fake the popular clique is and how loners are actually awesome Me Fine, the populars are bad But what about Lucius Book Me view spoiler He blew his hands up in an attempt to make a bomb which he wanted to have in case he wanted to blow his old school up hide spoiler Title Crazy BeautifulAuthor Lauren Baratz LogstedPublished 2009Synopsis from GoodreadsIn an explosion of his own making, Lucius blew his arms off Now he has hooks He chose hooks because they were cheaper He chose hooks because he wouldn t outgrow them so quickly He chose hooks so that everyone would know he was different, so he would scare even himself.Then he meets Aurora The hooks don t scare her They don t keep her away In fact, they don t make any difference at all to her.But to Lucius, they mean everything They remind him of the beast he is inside Perhaps Aurora is his Beauty, destined to set his soul free from its suffering.Or maybe she s just a girl who needs love just like he does.This was NOT as cool as I thought it would be After 25 or so pages and some awful eyerolls where I thought I d never be able to see again I have decided to put this book down and rate it a flop.I love the idea of this book An amputee boy meets a beautiful girl What s not to love And it s close to my heart because there is an amputee in my family my son We need amputee stories out there I also ADORE the cover I mean LOOK AT IT Swoon me baby But kids, we can t judge a book by its cover and I just found out you can t really fall in love with a book just by the description.Aurora is a WOAH AS ME GIRLY GIRL who Gets called Princess Has a doggy clock And is considering what kind of clock is cool She knows that her friends have had Hannah Montana clocks but now that she s 15 or something she d decided that they d probably all dig Lindsey Lohan better WHAT When was this written Oh 2009Ok author lady Do you see what you just did First you made us cringe with the Li Lo reference but you also just dated this book with mention of Billy Ray s kid.LuciusLucius Lucius Uhh is nobody named Bob or Bill or Ted any Anyways, Lucius is a 15 or 16 year old I was too bored to remember who got his hands blown off some way too bored to find out why but apparently he must have blown up his parents house too and they are super ticked about that Maybe he was trying to blow up Lindsey Lohan clocks.The problem I had with this book was mainly with Lucius Sure, I probably didn t give this book a cage fighting Captain Hook of a chance but I honestly don t think that the author lady actually talked to any teenage amputees Muhahahas cuz I did.Here s a line that bugged me I don t like his shell necklace either, and I really don t like it when I hear him say to the girl with the red hair gathered in a ponytail, Hey, did you get a load of the new crip sitting behind the bus driver What Ok first off Lucius is a new kid and they are picking on him out loud because he s a cripple Now, we know its the 21 century Author Lady already told us that because she mentioned Hanna Montana and you know what kids My son has been to 3 different school systems, they all know he s an amputee, and he has never been discriminated like that So, I kinda don t buy that Most people just whisper or stare that I ve seen I even asked my son about that and he agreed with me.I asked my son about was the word CRIP He thought that word was hilarious He was all like That s a good one Me What No, wait Would any of your friends call you that Son Yeah They sure would hahahahs Me Omg Your friends are so mean And this is when I learned that at the lunch table of teenage boys they basically just go Beavis and Butt head on each other because its funny Hmms I mean Huh huh Huh Huh huh Me So, no one has ever SAID anything about you being disabled just to attack you Son NooooooI asked my husband about that and he too thought exactly what I thought Maybe in our generation, maybe in our parents , but not so much in this one.I know I know its to make the boy seem like an outcast but ugs it just didn t feel right.Another thing that bugged me was this line thought by the boy about the girl Entering the bus now is perfection And it s not just the clothes and accessories, which make her look as though she just walked out of the pages of the coolest back to school catalog in the world It s not that in a world that mostly always looks like black and white to me she s like this shocking blaze of color It s not any of that It s that with the cloud of long black curls, she s like some sort of dark angel And it s that when my eyes meet hers, eyes that are the color of serene ocean, she gives me a quick smile, a nervous smile Immediately, I recognize that she s new too, that she s nervous too.Uhhh So, I read that to my 14 year old amputee son and he nearly fell out of his chair laughing I kinda didn t think that a boy would notice all that garb about hair and eyes like DESCRIPTIVE COLORING or say something like DARK ANGEL maybe in the 90s But that s just it All these authors now a days want to write from a boy s POV and they don t get them right A teenage boy is not worried about how a girl s eyes are colored They might be interested if they are staring at a part of their body but not the coloring I don t care how sensitive this broody in the making is I m totally not buying it You know what boys in that age group think ofLA LA LA LA LA LA LA LA LA LA LA LA plugs ears because my boy is that age LA LA LA LA LA LA LA I just love the use of blues and pinks in this picture yeah that s exactly what is going through my son s mind So, girly girls I didn t dig this book No sir re bobby Read it if you like but it wasn t for me. Lucius is new at school.So is Aurora.Lucius blew his arms off in an explosion After the surgery and his rehabilitation, his parents decided the family had to move He has one chance now, not to screw up again When he steps onto the school bus, someone calls him a crip And Lucius figures that chance is over.Aurora is the next student to board She s there because her father needed to get away from the house where her mother died When Aurora steps onto the bus, her new life begins All the other kids immediately clamor for her attention.But before that.For one second.She smiles at Lucius Crazy Beautiful is a fast paced YA contemporary novel with two protagonists that fairly jump off the page Lucius isn t what you first think he is He defies stereotypes And he isn t what he thinks he is either Watching him open up, one page at a time, is a magnificent read. I was really, really bored and irritated by this supposed re telling of Beauty and the Beast Setting high school Characters pretty girl and boy with hooks for hands I only finished it because it was on my Mock Printz reading list, I assume just to give me something to rant about The catchy cover is by far the best thing about it, even allowing for the fact that it doesn t accurately reflect the content I will now be a killjoy If you liked this book, don t read any farther The primary problems I usually wouldn t bother with this detailed a dismissal, but I m lining up my thoughts for the Mock Printz discussion Descriptions, characterizations, observations are consistently generic cop outs utterly lacking in specificity Telling instead of showing A typical example Lucius describing Aurora s house p 112 It s tough to put my finger on it but there s just a generous warmth that permeates everything here Not a single telling detail to back up this claim A tin ear for contemporary teenage conversation including inner monologue and interactions Characters act like aliens who ve read the Handbook to Earth High Schools and have been given puppet teenagers to animate Eg p 135 Those jeans look great on you I bet Gary will think you look really cool in them And p 141 Ooh Dark tinted, crackle wash, low rise boot jeans Inconsistent characterization Scenes as transparent devices to advance particular plot points Eg Anecdote pp 41 2 of T.J., in Aurora s preschool, who did bad stuff unspecified, of course But it s good to be nice to underdogs Why Because, in the bizarre words of A s supposedly sane and sweet mother, because if the underdog grows up to be the kind of person that starts shooting foreshadow foreshadow , you ll have a chance at survival Who says this to their preschooler An embarrassing tendency to fall back on antiquated metaphors elaborately interpreted and awkwardly hidden as things my dad mom says At home, my dad plays real vinyl records If there s a scratch on one of them, sometimes the needle skips, screeching to the innermost circle of the vinyl as the music halts Lucius s entrance has that same effect on the room now I ll spare you the rest.If you want to read a good new book about idiosyncratic, acerbically hilarious teens overcoming significant problems, try Notes from the Madman Underground. I devoured this book Crazy Beautiful is one of those books you want to curl up and read in one sitting The cover is gorgeous, but I was expecting a intense story I think with older characters The characters are 15 Instead, we get a look at a sweet story of love and friendship between two fractured people Lucius experimented with chemicals from school and caused an explosion which cost him his hands He s chosen hooks and has set himself up to be an outcast at school which he is, except when it comes to Aurora Aurora has recently lost her mother to cancer and now she and her father are starting over in a new town She s genuinely nice and I really did feel like she was a wonderfully sweet person she wasn t annoyingly perfect and nice she was real I loved Aurora s relationship with her father I love seeing strong family dynamics in books and Aurora and her father have a great relationship This contrasts with Lucius and his parents, who have lost trust in him Yet I can t say theirs is a negative family dynamic as their family is struggling to recover from the accident and it s written so perfectly you feel their struggle I really liked the relationship between Lucius and his younger sister Misty the scene at the mall is one of my favorite siblings scenes ever There s so much in this one it s a tale of friendship, romance, jealousy, and starting over It does justice to the Beauty and the Beast story and it reads like a lovely fairy tale It s told in alternating viewpoints with each chapter, and I liked how things from each chapter would bleed over into the next characters both are served orange juice for breakfast, both characters will use the same word it was very clever and I liked looking for the things that connected them I m most impressed with how author Lauren Baratz Logsted could manage to say so much without going into great detail She doesn t need to write long descriptive paragraphs about what s happening Some chapters are only a few sentences long but the characters have depth and their relationship is believable The only complaint that I have was that I wish it would have been a tad longer the ending felt a little too rushed Crazy Beautiful is definitely one to look for in September Side note As a librarian, I really loved how Aurora s dad was a librarian and Aurora was a booklover It s always good to see librarians get a shout out in books For some reason he reminded me of Giles in Buffy, which made me smile as I was reading it Gotta love librarians If this book was meant to have been a re telling of Beauty and the Beast, it failed.But if it was meant for than that, then I shall give it the praise is so much deserves.What Crazy Beautiful does is than just retell the story of the girl and the monster It tells the story of two lovestruck teenagers A boy tormented and exiled for the monster he s become, and the girl he can never touch.What Lauren carries through this book isn t the formula to recreate the fairytale, but the raw emotions that run deep in the story that makes Beauty and the Beast what it is today.I know what the flap of the book says, I m just telling you it s a load of bull This story is too powerful to be marked as just another retelling of an old tale There s no magic, no enchantment, only the magic of what Lucius and Aurora make out of life, and how they choose to live it They aren t bogged down to the lifespan of a single red rose, but by their own decisions, their own mistakes.Crazy Beautiful is really an easy book to read It s dark, sure, and might even make you question your own actions But I d easily recommend it to anyone, with only 208 pages, there s no reason not to read it Again I ll warn you Don t dive into this book hoping to see a boy who s own vanity has transformed him into a monster There are plenty of other books I could recommend for that, but this just isn t it This is only if you want to enter the mind of a boy who s monstrosity has been created by the society around him, and the one girl that can help him. This cover made me think this book was going to be dark, romantic and mysterious To a point, it was mysterious in that I wanted to know what Lucius did to blow off his arms Yeah, you read that right This book is about a kid with metal arms You d think it d be interesting, but sadly it was not Aurora s story, even though it was likely to happen was interesting, and that s a shame, because how do you make a story about a kid blowing his arms off and adjusting to life boring It just doesn t seem right Well congrats Baratz Logsted, you did it The only interesting parts to me were 1 The side story about the injured football player2 Aurora s Dad s quirkiness3 The case brought up against himand 4 The Grease momentsAll of the above is completely non essential to the actual story Nothing about the main plot was captivating.Catch my drift Promising idea for a story, written crappily.Boredom.2 generous stars and a hope that the next book I pick up will be INSANELY better than this one The summary for this book intrigued me It sounds so warped and wild Here is Lucius, a teenager who blew his own hands off and uses hooks because they are cheaper My first thought was Edward Scissorhands. I thought maybe this would be sort of a gothic, modern day fairytale and I suppose in some ways it is It s not a very compelling fairytale though The main problem is the first person point of view of both Aurora and Lucius Knowing both protagonist s thoughts leaves no mystery or surprise Immediately, it s revealed that Lucius isn t sinister or crazy He s a nice guy And immediately I knew that both Aurora and Lucius are attracted to each other This makes the whole book just a waiting game, while Aurora and Lucius got to know each other They don t talk much consequently there re lots of boring passages about how Lucius thinks Aurora is a beautiful angel, and Aurora has to find out about Lucius It s kind of dull, but blessedly short I can t help but think this book would have been amazingly different if only it had been just written in Aurora s point of view. In An Explosion Of His Own Making, Lucius Blew His Arms Off Now He Has Hooks He Chose Hooks Because They Were Cheaper He Chose Hooks Because He Wouldn T Outgrow Them So Quickly He Chose Hooks So That Everyone Would Know He Was Different, So He Would Scare Even Himself Then He Meets Aurora The Hooks Don T Scare Her They Don T Keep Her Away In Fact, They Don T Make Any Difference At All To Her But To Lucius, They Mean Everything They Remind Him Of The Beast He Is Inside Perhaps Aurora Is His Beauty, Destined To Set His Soul Free From Its Suffering Or Maybe She S Just A Girl Who Needs Love Just Like He Does