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Are we EVER getting this book taps foot impatiently sighs sits down This will be awhile. To come out in 2012 They should really add a Maybe after that Stephenie is like the most unreliable author out there Midnight Sun, anyone Just because she said on Oprah or where ever she hoped to do two sequels to her best book, doesn t mean she will I hate to sound so mean, but I ll believe it when I read it.Edit May 8th, 2012 See this Stephenie Meyer has said that she might write two sequels to The Host That is in the blurb How shameful Edit February 10th, 2013 Stephenie Meyer has confirmed that there will be two Host sequels current blurb I wonder if goodreads can be edited by users, like Wikipedia Cause these blurbs are ridiculous This blurb sounds way to excited for two Host sequels Shouldn t it be objective than that Also, just to note, this book should have come out last year, and it still doesn t have A A proper blurb, B A cover, or C A reliable author I ll probably be 30 by the time this book finally gets written IF she ever writes it, it will be just to get money from the movie deals she will get.Edit June 20th, 2014 OMG The Seeker is to be released in 2015 I m so excited I ve only been waitingFOUR YEARS FOR IT Add another year MAKES FIVE YEARS OF WAITING This is stupid The movie flopped Do we have to have another book The fandom is practically dead Just let it die It probably will anyway I still maintain this book will never be written.Edit April 13th, 2015 I don t use goodreads as much as I used to, mainly because I have a job now, which is what I should be doing even as I type this However, I feel it is my solemn duty my moral obligation my one true calling, to keep up with this review You have the right to know EXACTLY how long we wait for this book that is still not written Whoever edits goodreads has smartly taken down a release year It was supposed to come out this year, just like it was supposed to come out in 2012 The book does have a paragraph description Points for it But, since there is no release date, how do we as a partially loyal fandom even know that won t change If it ever get s written, the book could be about something completely different Stephenie s so fickle that wouldn t surprise me at all.So, since I have written this review November, 25th 2010 I have now waited for this book 1,600 Days 1,600 DAYS That s about one fifth of my life I VE SPENT 20% OF MY LIFE WAITING FOR THIS DANG BOOK Edit October 9th, 2015 I feel like I m constantly getting trolled by Stephenie Meyer First, there s Midnight Sun Then, this book And now, genderbent Twilight Genderbent Twilight I ve read some passages, and I ve read actual Fanfiction better than that But seriously There was no announcement to it, and she basically confirmed that she wasn t writing Midnight Sun ever.I know I ve wrote this review as mainly a joke But I m starting to feel really betrayed by Stephenie Meyer I hate the fact that she threw us fans a genderbent bone to pacify her fans I just want to know if she s going to ever write this freaking book.Edit August 9th, 2017 Soooo, I start school tomorrow, and I ve had a grand time not dealing with all the disrespectful children Would ve loved to read The Seeker, but it still doesn t exist yet Since I have no life outside of work, I had a lot of free time on my hands Here is a little something I wrote to pass the timePlease Write The SeekerTo the tune of Call Me Maybe A song that came out in 2012, back when I sort of had hopes this book would still come out Those where the good days My thoughts on this book are well It s in development hellIt would not be a hard sellIf it would just come outThe Seeker will be so radWerewolves and vamps were a fadThis wait just makes me so madWhy can t it just come out The Rook show, Oh WOW Your just wasting time nowTwilight was your cash cowWhy did you stop writing Meyer Hey, I love the HostI want a sequelThough your so stubbornPlease write The SeekerIt s hard to go back And read TwilightThough your so stubbornPlease write the SeekerHey I love the HostI want a sequelThough your so stubbornPlease write The SeekerEnd all the sufferingThat is this long waitStop being stubbornAnd write The Seeker Thank you to those who wrote the actual song, even though it s annoying when it s stuck in your head For those wondering what The Rook is, apparently dear old Stephenie couldn t get enough of TV Movies cause she s like producing a TV show now There was info on her website that I occasionally check hoping for news on this book Ah well.And for those still wondering, since the day I wrote this review, I have waited 2,450 days for this book to be written This amounts to 25.58% of my life Slightly over a quarter of my life In another six years I can add the meme of Sirius Black shouting about how long he waited Yeaaaaa.Edit March 13th, 2019List of things that happened before The Seeker which shock me 1 Wonder Woman movie2 Avengers movies3 Me going out on actual dates4 An awful Beauty and the Beast remake So much auto tune and bad CGI 5 Kingdom Hearts 3 And it was horrible 6 A Reality Show Host become the President of the U.S REALLY 7 Fox being bought by Disney Does this mean Anastasia is finally a Disney Princess 8 Power Rangers Remake with cameo from the best ranger ever Kimberly, don t me 9 An allegedly bad Stars Wars movie I don t actually watch SW, but Solo sounded like a miss.10 INCREDIBLES 2 How did that beat The Seeker 11 My trip to the Wizarding World of Harry Potter Butterbeer is terrible, btw.12 A bad Harry Potter movie I m talking about Crimes of Grindledumb 13 Final Fantasy VII Remake Ok, that s not out YET, but it ll probably win the race Anyways, it s day 3030 While that number oddly satisfies me, that means it s also 29.8% of my life Might as well be 30% I m not 30 yet So there is still hope that this book get s written before then HAHAHAHA When An Unseen Enemy Threatens Mankind By Taking Over Their Bodies And Erasing Their Memories, Melanie Stryder Will Risk Everything To Protect The People She Cares Most About Jared, Ian, Her Brother Jamie And Her Uncle Jeb, Proving That Love Can Conquer All In A Dangerous New World Uh guys Hate to break it to you but this book is NEVER going to happen She said in 2012 that there MIGHT be a second book then later on confirmed there ll be a sequel LATER in the year So where can you get this supposed 2012 published copy Nowhere Because you can t rely on her to deliver.How long ago did she say I MIGHT continue with midnight sun And look here, it s 2015 and has this maybe turned into a yes, even a no NO So you can keep it in your to read list and rate it whatever but that s all there is too it Unless she turns around one day and says Its out there s no point wasting your time hoping.She should ve just shut up and left it as it was there was no need for a sequel Yeah I can see where it d go You know there s still a war against the rebel humans and the souls but damn the Host ending was good enough for me Fair enough if she planned on carrying out what she promised but to leave your fans down like that, and not give them any notifications or updates on what is going on is just unfair and completely unjust Very disappointed in her. This shit is never coming out The end. Stephenie Meyer reveals she s working on The Host sequelFirst I was like and then I was like O Rly You sure about that Stephenie is a very unreliable author coughMidnight SunEDIT It is now 15 months since my original review and this book doesn t even have a release date yet. Okay, here is the crucial question, is this EVER going to be published Or am I waiting for something that will never happen Did she decide that there is no point in writing this Because I would rather know than stupidly wait A quick search showed that there are no news about the sequels since 2013 So, I will just assume that this will never be published. I nearly jumped of my bed when saw this book on the list of Most Exciting Upcoming YA Books on current site Wow I thought, a continuation of The Host How did I miss the announcement But after I read about it OMG 2012 Are you serious I can agree to this timeline ONLY if the Midnight sun will be finished and published in 2010 But anyhow, though I agree with some of the comments here that some endings are better off untold, I m still gonna get my hands on this book as soon as it comes out as I just loved the Host Okkey, I am Honestly worried I thought the ending to the host was perfect and now there are going to be sequels Umm personnally i think she should just leave it alone and NOT make it a movie God im tired of them making a movie out of it and screwing the entire thing up Bleh just like twilight saga Amazing books not to great movies I hope that stephanie does a good job on these sequels and TAKES HER TIME She rushed Breaking dawn and thats why i feel it was just Thrown together But i loved the host and am hoping the soul and seeker are as good