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The Torah Doesn T Speak Of Jesus At All You Re Completely Misinterpreting Isaiah This Verse Has Absolutely Nothing To Do With Your Jesus It S Not Even A Messianic Prophecy As For The Real Messianic Prophecies, Jesus Fulfilled None Of Them These Are Some Objections Raised By Jews Regarding Jesus As The Messiah Using The Hebrew Bible, Rabbinic Texts, And The New Testament, Dr Michael Brown Provides Thorough Answers To Nearly Forty Such Objections This Third Installment Of Answering Jewish Objections To Jesus Looks Specifically At Questions Raised About Messianic Prophecies In Isaiah, Daniel, Psalms, Haggai, And Zechariah It S An Invaluable Resource For Seekers And For Anyone Wanting To Point Students Of The Torah To Jesus Out of the three four wasnt out yet I was most excited to read this one but never quite finished it for some reason i will go back and read it again or at least finish it one of these days Great book Dr Brown answered many of the questions I had pertaining to Messianic prophecies.