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I enjoyed this addition to the Cyberevolution series It actually explained quite a bit that was puzzling in earlier episodes I think it is actually out of order in the series and maybe should be book two It wasn t as light and humorous as some of this series but there was some of the funny learning to understand human women thing I liked all the characters All the men except Cole seemed very well developed and different from each other. Reread 2nd read Another great book in this series However, there s one phrase that s keeping me up at night Clair was so turned on her kegels were clapping So that s what that noise was Loved the ending I really wish there were in this series I only have one book to go and a small prequel and then I m finished I ll have to read some of her other books Previous review 06 30 11 Another great book I love how all the heroines are a little different Clair goes back to her mom s house after winning the right to remove items from it to find two men who were waiting for her mom to arrive Her mother is actually the mother for all the cyborgs because she is the one who made it possible for them to be aware I loved how Clair didn t fight her feelings like Zoe did in Rules of Engagement, which I usually can t stand but Zoe didn t string it along like a bodice ripper might I m planning on finishing the Cyberevolution series, or at least all of them that I currently have Great series, would totally recommend this author. Tormented By A Past He Discovered Had Never Existed, The Hunter, Seth, Had Begun To Suspect The Unpalatable, Unbelievable Truth Long Before He Came Face To Face With HimselfThe Rogue Cyborg, Simon, Was Identical To Seth In Every Way But One Simon Had No Soul He Hadn T Been Born Simon Had Been Created In A Lab Just As His Partner Cole Had Been But How Was That Possible Wanting Answers, Needing Them, They Joined Forces To Discover The Truth, To Find Their Creator Instead, They Found The Creator S Daughter, Claire Rating Carnal Erotic Yep, I was on an O Connor reading binge this day One of the things I regret about her books is that they are so hard to come by I don t think I ve ever seen one in a store, you have to order them from the publisherbut they re worth it to me Illumination is book five in the Cyberevolution chronicles If you haven t read any of these, they are futuristic action menage stories about Cyborgs The Cyborgs are becoming and have turned against their masters and decided to try and have a life of their own, including families and offspring In Illumination , we get of the story of the one of the Cyborg s creatorsand her daughter Claire always thought her mother didn t love her After all, she was sent away as a young girl and only heard from her mother rarely When Claire appeared to claim her inheritance after her mother s death, the Company is surprisedand apparently willing to kill for something in her mother s house Claire is saved from hitmen sent by the Company and when she catches sight of them she s surprisedthey are identical triplets and they too are looking for something from her mother But the danger to Claire isn t over, and it won t be unless she leaves her home planet And what will Claire do when she realizes her triplets are Cyborgs I hope there s to come from O Connor in this series The humor involved in reading about the Cyborgs trying to understand human mating and wooing rituals is so good It s guaranteed to put a grin on my face and the sex scenes both single and menage are smoking This book just didn t do anything for me I didn t really like any of the characters I have loved this series up to this point I wanted to like this book so much but it was pretty 2 dimensional to me The heroine was the HATE you, jerk No wait, I love you type that throws a lot of tantrums followed by poor me kind of jags.All the hero cyborgs were assholes that constantly fought, yelled at Clair and I swear it seemed like every page I turned had Gods damn it somewhere on it It got old.Not planning on re reading.HEA 4 Cyborg Sex and Adventure StarsConsidering that I jumped into this series with book 5, the back story and world building was well explained, and it was not a problem That said, I enjoyed Illumination enough that I will go back and read the other Cyberevolution books in order.Kudos to Kaitlyn O Connor for writing realistic fantasy sex Her characters sometimes get a nose in the eye when kissing in the dark One particular scene in Chapter 22 elicited a chuckle in Cole s haste to do the deed with Clair, he did not realize that Clair s long hair was pinned to the bed beneath him As he kept driving Clair higher up the bed, her hair pulled her head back at an awkward angle until he noticed and freed her hair O Connor s sex scenes make the characters real and relatable, as opposed to the anatomically impossible scenarios frequently found in erotic romance books.Though some reviews tagged this as a m nage romance story, clarification may be helpful There are four cyborg mates and lots of romance for Clair however, she spends time with them individually There was no m nage scene in the story.The plot had plenty of adventure, and it developed logically and at an appropriate pace.I am recommending Illumination to readers who enjoy sci fi adventure erotica with some humor. The story of Cyborg twins Seth and Simon, pleasure droid Drake and Cole, who go in search of mother , their creator Instead they find her daughter Clair Thus ensues a slightly comical, erotic romp It was quite entertaining but Clair annoyed me slightly with her oh woe is me attitude which fell by the wayside as soon as she got snogged by a cyborg She also didn t do very much other than fret I liked how the cyborgs tried to work out courting rituals and managed to balls up nearly every effort they made to prove their affection. Wait, why was this one so highly rated out of all the others I felt like it was just a repeat really.Let s discuss the different characters Clair a bit on the whiny side, and spends the majority of the book pregnant and completely delirious because of it, making her whiny, and also, she has no friends, no life, no nothing before she meets these cyborgs I was almost convinced she was one herself in the beginning.Seth a hunter type with some interesting angst, heavily underdeveloped what happened to that so called heavy trauma he experienced when his imaginary wife and kids died in his arms , somehow becomes less self aware throughout the book anyone else noticed him saying gods damn.Simon adorable awkward soldier type cyborg with strong insta love feelings for the h, annoying speech patterns gods damn, mayhap, etc , very interesting juxtaposition with Seth they re twins but completely different.Cole thrown in for who knows, really, I haven t quite figured out his role and he doesn t even get to have sex with the h until 80% into the book, soooo he s also a soldier type, insta love with the h, but lacks the adorableness of Simon because he hardly exists in this book.Drake Honestly, when he appeared in the book I was like nooo not again He was definitely just thrown in to cause even discord between the others, and to give Seth of a challenge.Too many characters The book started out so promising with Seth and Simon and their mission, but it quickly became extremely creepy uhm, if my mom turned out to have implanted herself as a surrogate mother to thousands of beings, I would be pretty freaked outCole, I have no idea what he was doing in the book, other than provide a very smoking hot sex scene near the end Drake omg I have so many problems with the relationship between Clair and him She s convinced for a good chunk of time that he s unhinged And that doesn t even get resolved, really She doesn t ever sit down to get to know the real new Drake at all, just blindly accepts him or if she does get to know him, we don t get to know him, and what s the point in writing a book if we miss most of the action There are pages and pages of just the four Cyborgs arguing with each other in a chaotic manner, all over Clair, which was humorous the first time I encountered it in book 1 or 2, but by book 5 I m very tired of it Honestly, I can t even say that this book furthered the plot of the Cyborg Nation in general either, all the struggles etc didn t bring anything new forward except that now everyone had a supposed mother figure in their subconscious, but for some reason the past 4 books did not mention this at all, so I m somewhat skeptical. Besides the love story between ClairAnd Seth, the ex hunter who has just discovered that he is a cyborgAnd his brother Simon, the rogue cyborgAnd Cole, the other rogue cyborgAnd Drake, the pleasure droit and apparently the father of her unborn childthis is basically the story that 1 Provides explanation of the evolution of the cyborgs.2 Describes how the pleasure droids managed to escape before they were cremated alive by the humans dear God 3 Shows their love, gratitude and appreciation for the scientist who gave them life, emotions and independent thinkingThey re not angry about it, then she asked hesitantly We love Mother, Simon said simply She gave us life Why would we be angry about that She stared at him, warmed by he d said At the same time, it hit her that he actually thought of her as his mother.Clearly, they all did It made her feel like crying It was such a tiny dollop of solace to people who d never known a mother and never had a childhoodI absolutely loved the story In this the 5th story of O Connor s Cyberevolution series, the daughter of the woman who created the cyborgs destined for little than slavery for the human race is surprised by two strange men hiding out in her recently deceased mother s house Thinking they are from Robotics Inc, the company who controlled her mother for many years, she s determined to get rid of them immediately but the two hunky men have other plans.Seth has no idea what s going on Not only within himself but also with the unexpected appearance of Clair Desperate to discover why he had been implanted with artificial memories of being a Hunter a group of humans tasked to hunt down renegade cyborgs and believing he and his twin Simon are waiting for the mother of their race, he is confused by the sudden interruption of a daughter they didnt know existed When an attempt on her life is made while they are still in the house, they become unlikely protectors in a race to get off the planet before Robotics Inc destroys the evidence of their misdeeds Evidence that not only are the Cyborgs not running amok as RI has put out to the general populace, but that they are self aware and becoming very human like in their emotions and actions.Not your average erotica in fact I d be hard pressed to call it that because of the great world building Indeed it almost gets in the way of the sexy interaction between Clair and the four Cyborgs destined to be her men I love this series, it s chick porn for the thinking girl