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This is the story of a young boy called Peter who is knocked down by a car To his considerable astonishment when he recovers he is not a young boy but a cat Fortunately he meets Jennie a cat who had been abandoned by her family when they moved away who educates him in the wiles of the feline world Will he stay a cat with Jennie or return to being a human boy?

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    'Been crying since the third chapter just one of the most touching nevels I've read Paul Gallico being a great cat lover has described their habits and behavior so well except that part of cleaning under the chin that I would feel like being a cat if I wasn't one alreadyNot your average children's book easy to understand it is not primitive and being so saturated with sincere emotionAmazing how Gallico shows the world with the eyes of an eight year boy who turns into a cat and lives as a cat and matures as a cat and fights as a cat and dies as such to win his life back and become better To learn pity for those unwanted for those crying in the cold rain while no one cares for themIf I ask you are you a good person you'll answer yes If you read this book and I ask again I hope you'll answer I will become one I promise5 out of 5 I love this Bless Gallico he made me a better person He made the cat in me love people

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    There are some stand out books from my childhood you know the ones You can still remember the plot the characters are like your best friends or your heroes even though you're nearly 60 Okay so maybe you aren't as obsessed with storytelling as I am and you don't have these experiences You can stop reading now because this is one of those books and you won't understandI didn't own this book I borrowed it from the library when I was seven or eight years old Looking back on that I'm pretty impressed with my reading vocabulary because this book assumes that children of that age have a very extensive vocabulary Of course when this book was written back in the 1940's that was probably truePeter is a little 8 year old boy who loves cats He lives with his mother and father in London His father is gone a good deal being in the military and his mother is lonely and goes out with her friends a lot leaving Peter with his Scotch nanny Peter is lonely too but his parents seem unaware All he wants is a little kitten to have something to love Then he runs across the street without looking and I won't ruin the rest of this wonderful book for you As I said it has stuck with me all these years I started to look for it in my early 20's because I wanted to buy it for my children to read I had a problem I couldn't remember the author's name or the title Only about a month ago Google solved the problem I put in a basic of the plot line I won't put it here because I don't want to give away the plot and BLING up it popped It's been out of print for years but my library was able to reuest it from the Boulder Public Library I just finished it again last night cried through long parts of it and stayed up much too late to get to the endExcellent for children and animal lovers of all ages

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    Would you believe I was named after this book My mum read it to us as kids when I was small

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    This is definitely one of 'THOSE' books Of course you know what I mean The special books The stand out books Those that deserve to be read and loved and cherished and sought after both when you're a kid and an adult in any and every century Just because they tell the truth Nowadays kids don't read as much as I did when I was growing up Movies as well as electronic gadgets have pretty much replaced that incredible joy of just diving deep into the world of a book I've heard kids say things like 'What's the point of reading anyway? You can still get the story from watching a movie' and I guess in a way yeah you can But that does not encompass reading Books are not just 'story holders' or ways you can idle your time away Books are always there books are meant to be loved Books can be friends and counselors books nourish your soul books help your 'inner person' grow They can be evil but they can also teach you to be better than you could ever imagine possible Of course I'm speaking of the books like 'Jennie' books that sustain you and strengthen you books that teach you how to be human Simply human I'll never forget how I wept and sobbed over this book at 10 I still did at 21 And I am pretty sure that someday I'll do it at 50 It is definitely one of those incredible somehow saturated books that capture you and inspire you to just get beyond yourself and strive to be better no matter how hard it might be Books like this one are not just exciting or page turners they help you to see beyond yourself This is what kids of today need to learn in order to grow into loyal accepting adults to see the world from the perspective of another to care for the hurting for the abandoned and the unloved simply to love those rejected with all their mightThis book is an excellent friend lover counselor and teacher to strick with through all your life I'll never forget it and I do not want to

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    Little did I know when a friend thanks Kendall loaned me this book that I already was aware of some of the author's work Paul Gallico was a well known sports writer in the 1920s and 1930s working for the New York Daily News His sportswriting career took off when he asked to spar with Jack Dempsey and wrote the account of how it felt to be knocked out by him He also wrote about catching Dizzy Dean's fastball and golfing with Bobby Jones He retired from sports writing after selling a short story to a movie company in 1936 probably Wedding Present and devoted himself to fiction writing thereafter Among his work that you may have heard of The Snow Goose 1941 Lou Gehrig Pride of the Yankees 1942 contribution to the movie released in the same year The Love of Seven Dolls 1954 adapted from his short story The Man Who Hated People 1950 after the success of the 1953 movie Lili adapted from the same story you might know the song Hi Lili Hi Lo from that movie Thomasina 1957 about a cat made into a 1964 movie The Poseidon Adventure 1969 made into a 1972 movieJennie 1950 is a tour de force of what it's like to be a cat as best we can imagine Gallico apparently enjoyed that exercise he wrote a book in 1964 called The Silent Miaow translated from the feline a cat's guide to how to obtain captivate and dcminate a human family What I found most delightful about Jennie is the uality of its work with human feelings Among the most valuable lessons of childhood are how to navigate our feelings and our relationships Jennie offers memorable characters and situations which can help children name and understand their feelings and reflect on what to do with them in their words behavior and relationships J K Rowling also excels at this; she has said her favorite book growing up was Gallico's Manxmouse By the same token and means it invites reflection into adults' inner ecology If you have any discomfort in your emotional life or relationships with friends or family Jennie will stir it up for you somewhere along the wayJennie is of its era the then recent memory of World War II affects both setting and sentiment Gallico was a war reporter from 1943 1946 and a few antiue notions of masculine and feminine roles surface briefly but the dated elements are unobtrusive and do not mar the work They are not blemishes but character lines

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    This book made me cry like few others ever have It's a beautiful story with a bittersweet ending It speaks to the loneliness the piteous abuse and abandonment of the forgotten and the sweetness of home love and family

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    This is the best book about a cat that I have ever read It's about a little lonely English boy named Peter who is 8 years old He has a Scotch nanny who he dearly loves and a distant socialite mother who pays him no attention He longs for a cat of his own but his mother can't be bothered with such things He's hit by a truck and goes into a coma though he seems to be conscious of what's going on almost like his soul is hovering close by watching He suddenly finds that he's turned into a white cat and his nanny tosses him out of the house He runs away terrified and confused After a run in with a local tomcat who gives him a severe beating he's rescued by Jennie a bone thin scrawny but sweet tempered tabby cat His adventures begin because he doesn't know the first thing about being a cat and Jennie takes him under her wing so to speak to teach him everything that a cat ought to know The story is by turns funny sad poignant and riveting as you follow them on their adventures and wonder if Peter will ever make it back home

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    I never read THE ABANDONED as a child I'd never even heard of it But I trust the NYRB to reprint only the best of the best and that trust paid off I felt nostalgic as I read THE ABANDONED because it has that timeless uality of the other great books of children's literature I knew the rhythm of it And honestly I can't wait to read this one to my niece and nephew when they're a year or two older The text was just begging for me to read it aloudTHE ABANDONED is the story of Peter a young boy who wakes up as a cat after being hit by a truck Thrust into a life on the streets he survives because he meets Jennie a street smart cat who may hate humans but is willing to mentor the boy Peter and Jennie travel from England to Scotland and back exploring all the options open to cats I was reminded of the Little Golden Book FOUR LITTLE KITTENS by Kathleen N Daly In fact THE ABANDONED is a great choice for kids who have outgrown FOUR LITTLE KITTENSFortunately there is nothing saccharine about THE ABANDONED Paul Gallico truly explores what it would be like to be a cat living in the wild with no guaranteed source of food or shelter The fantastic is needed to make the book work but it's muted The ending is uite wrenching and bittersweet perhaps even so than THE VELVETEEN RABBIT But I think all but the most sensitive kids can handle it And any kid who loves stories about animals will devour THE ABANDONED Even at twenty three I loved itAmazingly Gallico was born in America and spent most of his life there He did travel and lived outside the US from 1950 until his death in 1976 but still He's got the ueen's English down pat and his London is authentic enough to fool an Englishman I assumed he was English until I finished the book and looked up information about its historyI highly recommend THE ABANDONED to anyone with children or an interest in children's literature It's a good choice for THE MOUSE AND THE MOTORCYCLE set

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    I kid you not I was about to give this a 5 stars rating This book is has a ton of great things so let me list all the good This book is about cats This book is about a boy who turned to cat my dream omg For such an imaginative book this has very realistic characters Almost all the facts about cat in this book are true The writer clearly has done an amazing job on researching cats This book is so relaxing even though the story is action packed The pace is slow but in a relaxing and refreshing way rather than a boring way Plus the words and junction are so beautiful and almost poetic So why did I deduct the star? I am one of those guys who cannot stand bad ending And I count the ending of this book as a bad ending because Can we talk about just how abrupt the book ended? It didn't make much sense how suddenly Peter realizes it all Hell when I had a vivid dream I usually can't get back to reality until the end of the day And it was worse when I was a kid I can't stress enough the disappointment of not knowing what will become of Jennie Ugh honestly the ending is just so unsatisfying I hate sudden appearance of affection rival in book ending And don't tell me it's love rival because the I thought about it the I feel sick that the main characters of this book are an 8 yo boy and an adult female cat And no there is no clear way to say how the female cat see the boy as the boy as a cat was a big adult sized cat Also I absolutely hate chapter fishface I can just kick every boy when they are being boysBottom note actually I'm very tempted to just give this a 2 stars but I'm a cat lover So

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    I got Paul Gallico's 'Jennie' a few years back because the story looked beautiful but somehow never got around to reading it I finally decided a couple of days back that I should take it down from the bookshelf and give it the love it deserved In Franz Kafka's 'Metamorphosis' a man gets up in the morning and discovers that he has been transformed into a giant bug What happens to him and how he handles that transformation forms the rest of the story It is dark and bleak Kafka seems to have been an intense serious person and his imagination seems to have flown into dark alleys In contrast Paul Gallico seems to have been a happy person Paul Gallico wonders what will happen if instead of something dark and bleak like a giant bug a human being gets transformed into something adorable like a cat What happens then? A beautiful book called 'Jennie' happens Peter crosses the road to pick up a beautiful kitten He gets knocked down by a truck When he wakes up he discovers that he has been transformed into a cat His nanny is shocked when she sees a cat in the bed and she throws him out Peter suddenly finds himself on the street and he discovers that life on the street as a cat is hard Peter discovers that he can be stepped upon by people on the sidewalk crushed by vehicles on the road or bullied by other cats and sometimes dogs He tries to find a place to stay but a big cat which regards that place as his territory bullies him attacks him and injures him When Peter wakes up he discovers that he is lying on a cozy bed but he is still a cat And someone is peering at him She is a tabby cat with tiger stripes and she says that her name is Jennie and she rescued him from the street Before long Peter and Jennie become close friends Jennie asks him to tell her his story Peter hesitates but decides to tell the truth that he is a boy who has been transformed into a cat Does Jennie believe Peter's story? What happens to their friendship? What is Jennie's story? What kind of adventures do Peter and Jennie have? How does Peter find his life as a cat? Does he love it than when he was a person? Does Peter continue to be a cat at the end or does he get transformed back into a human being? If he does get transformed into a human being does his friendship with Jennie survive this transformation? The answers to these uestions form the rest of the story I loved 'Jennie' Peter's story was fascinating But my favourite character in the book was Jennie Jennie is one of coolest most stylish awesome cats in literature I loved her Though I loved the whole book my favourite part of the book was the middle part which runs to around six chapters in which Jennie and Peter board a ship and go to Glasgow The ship has got a motley crew who are hilarious and inefficient the captain hates sailing one of the sailors writes cowboy stories another sailor is big and intimidating but he likes doing embroideries but the crew members are warm affectionate and beautiful in surprising ways The way they take in Jennie and Peter and the hilarious wonderful adventures that happen during the course of the trip is beautiful to read I also loved the parts where Jennie inducts Peter into the life of a cat and teaches him survival skills Paul Gallico's descriptions of cats and their lives is uite detailed and it looks like they were based on real observations He had twenty three cats at home and it looks like that gave him a lot of opportunities to observe cats and their ways Towards the end of the book I thought that something heartbreaking would happen either Peter or Jennie would die or Peter would become a human being again and that would be the end of their friendship But the author springs up a third ending which was very surprising I cried after I read the ending 'Jennie' is one of my favourite books of the year I am glad I read my first Paul Gallico book and loved it I can't wait to read of his work If you love books featuring cats or animal characters or even if you love books featuring beautiful friendships I will highly recommend 'Jennie'I will leave you with one of my favourite passages from the book He had wanted a cat ever since he could remember which was many years ago at the age of four – when he had gone to stay on a farm near Gerrards Cross and had been taken into the kitchen and shown a basketful of kittens orange and white balls of fluff and the ginger coloured mother who beamed with pride until her face was uite as broad as it was long and licked them over with her tongue one after the other He was allowed to put his hand on her She was soft and warm and a ueer kind of throbbing was going on inside of her which later he learned was called purring and meant that she was comfortable and happyHave you read Paul Gallico's 'Jennie'? What do you think about it?