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I had to wait a few hours after finishing this book before I could write this review I have NEVER in my life cried while reading a book as much as I did during this novel I really and truly wept.The Reluctant Dom is a tricky book to categorize Is it BDSM Yes, but not the typical story you ll read in this genre The hero is truly a reluctant Dom Being a master is not something he craves or has ever desired for himself He falls into the lifestyle by accident as a way to help his wife cope with some deep seated psychological scars It s something she needs to mange her emotions, and the fact that he has lived the lifestyle for 20 years for her is a testament to the depth of love he feels for his wife Is it erotica Yes, but again, not typical There are hot, sexy love scenes that will leave you panting but it is in no way an easy or light read There is an intense emotional depth to this novel, one that is usually not found in erotica, trust me, I ve never cried so hard reading this genre before Is it a M nage Yes, but if you re looking for the average story in that genre you would be disappointed The novel is not intended to be a book about three people in a romantic relationship This is a story about a husband master looking out for his wife slave by making sure there will be someone there to care for her when he is gone Kaden brings Seth into his relationship with Leah knowing in the end it will be a relationship strictly between Seth and Leah.The bond of friendship between Seth and Kaden is so deep and so strong it s heartwarming to read The concept of this story immediately grabbed my attention and reminded me of a line from one of my favorite songs Lean on me when you re not strong, and I ll be your friend I ll help you carry on Seth is the kind of friend you can lean on, and Kaden is the epitome of a selfless friend and husband This story will linger with me for a while to come The fact that it doesn t easily fit into one specific genre tells you that Tymber Dalton is not a cookie cutter writer The Reluctant Dom is an excellently written novel and I am definitely a new Tymber Dalton fan. SOLID 5 STARSOMG OMG love love love this book Will be adding it to my collection so I can re read in the future More then just a BDSM and Erotic book This book show us how far a husband will go to protect his wife even after death and how what a TRUE friend will do for you even tho they may not want to or understand it.Book that will have you laughing out load, crying buckets, and give you goose bumps A MUST READ Suncoast Society Series Book , MFM, BDSM Love Hurtsif You Re Lucky Kaden S Dying, But Before He Goes He Has One Problem To Solve He Must Ask His Oldest And Dearest Friend, Seth, To Take Over As Dom And Master To His Beloved Wife, Leah Seth Has Always Seen Himself As The Perpetual Screwup And Kaden As The Strong And Steady One, So His Friend S Request Rocks His World He Also Knows There S No Way He Can Refuse Kaden This Now Seth Finds Himself Immersed In A Role He S Far From Comfortable With Inflicting Physical Pain To Provide Emotional Comfort To The Woman He S Secretly Loved For Years Can He Deal With His Crushing Grief Over The Impending Loss Of His Oldest Friend And Still Learn The Skills He Must Master In Time To Become The Reluctant Dom What a moving, emotional book I have to say it is the most I have ever cried reading a book, yet at the end I had a wonderful, euphoric feeling What a friendship between the main characters Seth and Kaden, very deep, platonic love almost godly What a lifestyle, heavy bsdm is definitely not appealing I could open my mind to read about it, but it was sort of a turn off not romantic There was plenty of intimacy though and the love in the relationship of Seth, Kaden, and Leah was so earth shattering it was beyond describable.The Reluctant Dom did not capture me immediately It was written from Seth s point of view, I know some people despise first person, it didn t bother me I felt like I was reading a B movie script, the dialog was very corny at the beginning, Seth kept repeating Kaden s Dying which was annoying me, the torture bsdm was uncomfortable Once I got to about page 75 everything changed, I bought into it and the plot development was so much deeper than the kink Seth had been best friends with Kayden since he was a baby Kayden has the perfect life in Seth s mind, he is a successful attorney, rich, accomplished and has a loving marriage to Leah who Seth adores Seth on the other hand is unsettled, he had joined the army trying to find himself, has had three unsuccessful marriages to women from hell who had cleaned him out, he is currently living with his brother and going back to college Leah s life before Kayden was hell, she was abused and unloved throughout her childhood and when Kayden and her met she was abusing herself Kayden came into their bsdm lifestyle to protect Leah, she felt safe when Kayden mastered her and she was his perfect slave Then Kayden tells Seth he is dying and he wants him to come live with them and take care of Leah after he is gone Both Leah and Kayden reveal their lifestyle to Seth who is shocked and doesn t understand how he can inflict pain on Leah Seth commits to both Leah and Kayden because of his unselfish love for them both, but he struggles everyday to understand how he will go on after Kayden is gone and live his lifestyle I think that is the theme of this whole story unselfish love not bsdm I felt Kayden was the true hero of this story, he gave so much to both Leah and Seth unselfishly he prepared them for the inevitable with his undying love.I am tearing up just rethinking this book and trying to write this review, that is how touching it was. I love you, bro I love you too Still not doing youKaden and SethOk, people, don t judge me lol After reading Fifty I found out I had a passion for Erotica you can all thank Christian Grey for that Anyway, I was just looking for Erotica, not necessarily anything revolving around BDSM This book was recommended to me by a friend on Goodreads, and I m glad she did.Let me start by saying, I haven t cried like that at a book since I read Forbidden by Tabitha Suzuma The Reluctant Dom is an extremely emotional book, that focuses on 3 people coming to terms with the fact that one of them is dying of cancer It s Kaden that is dying, and he asks his best friend, Seth to become his wife s new husband and Dom after he passes Kaden completely struck me from the moment I started reading I felt for him Seth was a complete sweetheart, listening to what his friend has to say, and not judging him in anyway He later agrees to let Kaden train him in the art of BDSM and lets him move in with him and his wife Leah.Don t be deceived by the the cover or the title of this book It deals with a lot than the lifestyle of BSDM The Reluctant Dom, deals with BDSM as than just a lifestyle, it deals with it being the help that these three people need I know that may seem weird, but it s really hard to explain without giving much away, you ll just have to read it to see for yourself.I pretty much fell in love with this story, it touches your heart completely and it was Seth s inner turmoil and his guilt over his friend that begins to break you apart It was his moments of crying himself to sleep, or crying in the shower at remembering that his best friend is dying that begins to get to you And it s Seths selflessness to give up the life he knew to help his best friend make the transition from old Dom to new Dom easier for his wife, Leah Leah is a very complicated character, she relies on the pain from BDSM to deal with her inner emotions of having a traumatic childhood And Seth has been in love with Leah from the day he met her, Kaden knows this, and so knows that Seth is perfect for the job He sees that Seth will be able to look after Leah, in ways than one Giving her what she needs to help her survive once Kaden passes.Tymber Dalton, managed to create a story surrounding a personal tragedy and entwining a lifestyle that you would never associate with said tragedy It s a wonderful story, and it truly moves you to tears, I believe I read through wet eyes for the last half of the book You know what s coming and you re waiting for it, but nothing can prepare you for when that moment comes, it was slow to build and the descriptions of Kaden s decline in health and his jaundice that started me I went completely over the edge Nothing can prepare you for Kaden s end Nothing at all It s extremely emotional and heartfelt You d be cold hearted if you didn t cry I do recommend this book However I recommend you read Fifty Shades of Grey first, as that will ease you into the BDSM lifestyle This book is extremely powerful and centres around personal tragedy and sacrifice Also, this book is for older readers, it does have a lot of graphic sex in it, including male female male m nage So please, pleaseonly read this if you are 18 Other than that, it s a wonderful story, and I don t regret reading this at all However you will need to at least read some fluffy YA after all the emotion, heart ache and crying.On a high note here s a line that had me roaring with laughter In a fit of Christmas spirit, Kaden had equipped her with a red and green holiday collar, complete with several jingle bells Their own little pornographic elfSeth I highly recommend this book to my friends that like touchy feely heart wrenching, love stories with lots of angst oh and lots of crying I however, am not one of those people, so I found this book to be tortuous to read.I have never been so relieved to finish a book This was a heart wrenching story of Kaden, who had just discovered he had pancreatic cancer and had about a year left to live Kaden immediately asks Seth, his lifelong best friiend, to not only move in with him, but to mary his wife, Leah, and become her Master after his death I imagine this was a tearful journey for most as Kaden prepares for his impending death and his wife and Seth deal with their grief.I personally don t care for this type of book, even when well written as this one was I don t enjoy hot shower sex, immediately followed by Seth leaning against the tiles sobbing, and this was a frequent occurrence I got tired of his internal dialogue of Kaden s Dying He would think this about once or twice a day throughout the entire book Short of Seth moving in and learning to be Leah s new Master, nothing new or interesting happened in the book I was beyond ready for Kaden to die by the time it happened, not because I m heartless, but because I had become bored by 60% of the book.If Kaden s planning for Seth to marry Leah wasn t a little weird, things truly got strange after Kaden died Yes, he died, and I don t feel that that should qualify as a spoiler I won t give much away as not to ruin the book for those who haven t read it This book was a 2 star for me, but it was very well written and I can see how others might could love it Follow my reviews at Reading Haven A tear jerker that s totally worth every second and every tissue Loved it With tears in my eyes there is no way I can write this review now An amazing book Will write something soon.My reviewI feel numb after reading this book I freely admit I am an emotional sap I m the kind of girl that can cry over the right commercial But it s been a while since a book has made me feel this way Still I continue to reflect over these characters I rarely re read entire books But I find myself considering re reading this one and I ve only just put it down In simple terms, this book is about three friends that have to deal with the loss of one of them This story shows how they cope and plan, laugh and cry, and then move on when tragedy strikes.This book s title may deceive you like another book This book is than the BDSM title suggest Yes, there is sex in this book and plenty of it But there is meaning behind each act There is a point to everything that goes on This book differs from the other book that many talk about There isn t a bad boy that needs to be saved But there is someone or than one that need to be healed in this story.I find myself very much in love with the martyr of the story How can you not love someone who is so selfless to give up everything for your happiness I think I may have found my book husband His name is Kaden.This author has succeeded on so many levels I don t know that I would have ever thought to mix BDSM with personal tragedy in such a way and succeed Who would think a book about this subject would have you in tears to the point you finish a box of tissues Certainly not me For the most part, I was unable to put this book down and finished in one day I have to give my hand to this author and will look for books by her.I recommend this book to mature audiences Those who love Fifty Shades of Grey will love this book It s is very different than that one though. Type Standalone Book 4 of The Suncoast Society seriesPOV Third PersonRating Kaden and Seth were lifelong friends When Kaden found out he was dying, he made one request from Seth that threw his friend s already messed up life in disarray to replace him as his wife Leah s Dom and husband after he died.Seth not only had to live with the fact that his best friend is dying, he was also thrown into a crash course of the D s lifestyle and to deal with his conflicting emotions in doing what s best for his closest friend I first came across this book when I first started reading two years ago At that time, I was still green when it comes to BDSM materials so I put it in the back burner I am glad to finally tackled this one and I wasn t disappointedI m looking at the man I love even than a brother, a man I know would gladly switch places with me in a heartbeat to save my life if he thought he could A man who will love and cherish the woman I love as much as I doThe Reluctant Dom was not about BDSM or romance It s about the unconventional and unbreakable bond of friendship and love Beyond the collar and the whips, it was simply a beautiful and heartbreaking journey of three individuals in accepting and preparing for the inevitable Kaden and Seth were a complete opposite Kaden was the successful and wealthy lawyer and had been married to Leah for a long time He was organized and a meticulous plannerHe was the perpetual fuck up Could he ever truly be strong and steady KadenSeth on the other hand was struggling to keep his life together Both his business and marriage failed, but he always fix it as best as he could without depending on other people What I love the most about him was that he was real Probably the most real character I ve read He was imperfect, had body hang ups and had warring feelings about their arrangements He provided a lot of angst.Leah was such a hard character to handle She was so emotionally fragile due to her past that the two men were constantly walking on eggshells It was emotionally taxing to anticipate her mental stateHow can you say you want to share your wife with me Because I love you Dude, I am sooo not doing you I thought we settled thatEven though the book centered on an impending death, I was glad it was written in a light manner There was a lot of laugher in the beginning that I doubted if this book was supposed to be emotional The doubt was shattered after about 80% when it became hard to read, so I was glad for the lighter part earlier The book is not for everyone It could be painful for people who had personal experience in the matter But if you could handle emotional pain, you might find this as a power reminder how much love and support could help you through the darkest hours Note I chose to review on the older version because I cannot stand the new cover and don t want it in my book list lol For reviews reveals giveaways visit Awesome book but keep Kleenex at hand