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This is a good cookbook, which may seem odd for a review of only one stars, so bear with me It is a good cookbook for someone who is interested in cooking, enjoys it and wants a cookbook which has how to cook a lot of the basics from scratch, where it fails however is in providing information that works well for students and I would also question the Budget you are supposed to be on in order to using this cookbook That said I am sure it a very difficult book to write as most students would be unwilling to spend the time cooking nice and healthy meals especially in the early years or when the workload is high Perhaps a better approach would have been to structure it according to difficulty such that as the reader progresses through the book they can getandadept at cooking that way you would convince them to spend the time in order to reap the rewards Although I now enjoy cooking very much I do not feel this helped that nor did it help me through university life. I think this is a brilliant book However, I have lived with some students who thought it was too complex so you need a basic level of cooking knowledge i.e knowing what a knife is for, how to turn on the oven etc Assuming some level of cooking experience, I would recommend this book for all young people and those who are just learning to cook whilst trying to make ends meet. My favourite cookbook Made several of the recipes in it with great results He can sometimes be a little vague, telling readers to use a knob of butter or a bit of oil or to cook gently but overall the vague instructions are only in parts that allow for some room for variations in taste or preference and basic common sense can guide the readers Much appreciated is his quick labelling system which allows you to see at a glance wether the meal is cheap or expensive, whether it is fast to make or not and whether its vegetarian or not A great cookbook overall. There s a good range of food here, and it s a great source of inspiration when you can t think what too cook It s not a student cook book though, whatever the title says The recipes are designed for people with significant cooking skills and they re mostly expensive There are some great quick recipes though, or ones requiring few ingredients. This book got me through Uni.The Homemade Pizza is great flatmate bonding and the Cheats Fish Pie was great for showing off to my parents Also, the Rarebit and Swiss Eggs are great post hangover brunch. Recipes were really vaguely written, I tried to make the french onion soup but I didn t understand what he meant by cook very gently and cook gently Tasted pretty nice though it wasn t the right colour at all. Celebrity Cook Sam Stern Returns With His Fourth Cookbook, Reaching Out To An Older AudienceThe World Famous Teenage Cook Is Back With A Delicious Book Of Tastebud Tempting Recipes For Independent Living Here Sam Champions Good Food As The Best Preparation For Student Life, And Shows That It S Fantastic Fun To Create Even On A Budget The Book S Eye Catching Symbols Offer A Speedy Guide For Checking On Costs, While Variations Show How To Adapt Each Recipe, Whether You Re Feeling Flush Or Feeling The Pinch Perfect For College Starters, Gap Year Travellers And First Jobbers Alike, Sam S Cookery Bible Is Grouped Into User Friendly Chapters Based On Food Types You Ll Find A Dish For Every Occasion Cooking And Eating Well For Whatever Life Throws Your Way