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I N Spite Of Killer Bees Is A Novel About Not Giving In And Not Giving Up Aggie And Her Two Sisters Have Had To Move To The Small Village That Had Been Their Father S Childhood Home Their Mother Is Long Gone, And Their Father Who D Been In And Out Of Prison Has Died Although The Village Holds Little Charm For The Girls, They Have Hopes It Seems That Their Late Grandfather Has Made Them HeiressesIn The Small, Judgmental Village, Aggie Must Fight To Keep Her Diminishing Family Together By Refusing To Abandon Those She Loves And Comes To Love, She Risks Than Her Happiness From The Hardcover Edition Beautifully written character driven novel I m afraid not enough goes on to actually interest the target age group However, I think many grown up females would enjoy this book. Three sisters, Helen 20 , Jeannie 18 , Aggie 14 inherit their grandfathers home in a small Canadian town They seem like outcasts the town won t let them forget the sins of their father who died in Jail Acceptance, forgiveness Good Honestly this book was on the boring side I kept waiting for something to happen and I was left feeling like I was still waiting by the end of the book I m happy with how it ended, but everything up until that point was rather dull.