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Last year during Spooktober the lovely Heatherdoll and I read The Mad Scientist s Daughter and while I found it a beautiful tale ensconced in the insidious nature of humanity s prejudices against anything different than themselves, she was less impressed read her review here owing to the fact that The Silver Metal Lover had done this same story, and better Thus a buddy read of same was born Along the way we ensnared Future Gurl in our webs Thank you both for reading this at the same, relatively speaking, time as I I think this is a case of whomever gets there first gets the prize The old early bird gets the worm mentality For Heather the bird depicted above was Tanith Lee, for me it was Cassandra Rose Clarke Personally I d rather be the sun having the cup of coffee, although why I would be brushing my teeth simultaneously ooops, there I go getting distracted again What I mean by this is that comparability isn t always in a writer s favour Certainly you can see by both my ratings that I enjoyed BOTH versions, however I liked them for completely different reasons.Future Gurl, as far as I m concerned you can lock Silver up in your man dungeon and throw away the key, I am 100% Team Finn Lee is a wonderful writer, there is no way for me to deny that I found this story s swooping, bombing pseudo autobiography nature extremely well done The chapter movements and header poems were exceptional I thoroughly enjoyed the way we saw Silver through the evolving eyes of our main character, Jane, as she learned that her life perhaps wasn t as rose coloured as it may have appeared Jane has been sheltered and exposed by her mother and her friends her whole life All of the characters surrounding her, saving for Silver, are vultures of her innocence and compassion When she comes across an amazingly human looking and behaving robot outside of a theatre she has a startling reaction to him This reaction sets in motion a story of unorthodox love that is beautiful, intense and quietly shattering However, Jane is sixteen years old and this entire love story takes place at that tender emotional age of discovery and thirst for knowledge And while that is incredibly powerful, it also distancing This is one of the places that I thought Clarke did it better, the main character in The Mad Scientist s Daughter had a loving, if extremely bizarre, father and I thought the addition of HUMAN characters that were not entirely poisonous lent an authenticity to her love of Finn It is not a case of a robot being the only person to ever show her selflessness, honour or compassion I found it powerful in this way Incidentally I also liked the spread of time in that story, I found the love powerful for its history, trials and upheavals I honestly cannot recommend one story over the other, it really depends on what you are looking for Lee s story may deliver emotional punch than Clarke s but I think it was designed to whereas Clarke s story was slow moving and social commentary There were two elements of this story that I really didn t like The first is that for reasons unbeknownst to me Lee had Silver view spoiler achieve orgasm at one point, which I found a pathetically human way to show that he physically connected with Jane I think if you are going to have your main character fall in love with a robot you should at very least maintain the elements and variances of robotic love I really enjoyed the way Lee expressed Silver s love and compassion for Jane in ways that felt natural and believable in a robot love interest, by having him acknowledge that the ways she was with him registered differently than how other humans treated him This scene didn t ruin those moments for me but it did cheapen them a bit, is all hide spoiler My love, my love I will see you again.I happened to be off work today and this BR read started today so..yeah I finished it today I m not very good at being alive.Now, I must admit, initially I wasn t sure about this story Our protagonist, Jane, just seemed too vapid and inane to care about She was 16 but incredibly immature and sheltered Her quote unquote friends were a group of shallow, self absorbed narcissists, and don t even get me started on the mother The mother, who ordered Jane from a catalog and kept her programmed to her liking, from her body shape to her hair color to her talents Her mother kept her like a doll, a plaything for her to control and manipulate.But I knew that this would be a coming of age story, that through the events of the story that Jane would evolve to somethingso I continued on in that vein And the vehicle for this transformation from a vacuous teenager into a young woman of substance you might ask Silver There s a kind of beam, a ray that he draws to him He draws all the energy of the crowd, and contains it within him, and then focuses it out again upon them A ray like a star, a sun.Silver is essentially the only robot of his kind He is built to be a minstrel, a companion, a lover After a chance encounter, Jane cannot get this silver man, robot, being out of her head She has no idea why he affects her so and it both terrifies and enthralls her She only knows that she needs to be near him, that she needs to have him So she uses whatever means in her power to make him hers, even when it means leaving her life of leisure and privilege for a life in the slums Goodbye, my childhood, my roots, my yesterdays Goodbye, Jane Who are you now It s there, in the tiny, run down apartment she lets that both Silver and Jane learn what it means to be human, what it means to be alive.This book was weird and wonderful and just caused a jumble of mixed feelings in me I thought it had the potential to be amazing, but there was something lacking that just kept it from that greatness Again, I think it s just a matter of me not totally connecting with the characters They felt too effervescent, too ethereal, just too everything if that makes sense But the story of Jane and Silver It s one that will stay with me for years to comeI hate your cheerfulness When you leave me, there s nothing There s all the world, he said.BR with Shelly and all other interested MacHalo deviants. Love Is Made Of Than Mere Flesh And BloodTanith Lee Is One Of The Most Thought Provoking And Imaginative Authors Of Our Time In This Unforgettably Poignant Novel, Lee Has Created A Classic Tale A Beautiful, Tragic, Erotic, And Ultimately Triumphant Love Story Of The FutureFor Sixteen Year Old Jane, Life Is A Mystery She Despairs Of Ever Mastering She And Her Friends Are The Idle, Pampered Children Of The Privileged Class, Living In Luxury On An Earth Remade By Natural Disaster Until Jane S Life Is Changed Forever By A Chance Encounter With A Robot Minstrel With Auburn Hair And Silver Skin, Whose Songs Ignite In Her A Desperate And Inexplicable PassionJane Is Certain That Silver Is Than Just A Machine Built To Please And She Will Give Up Everything To Prove It So She Escapes Into The City S Violent, Decaying Slums To Embrace A Love Bordering On Madness Or Is It Something Has Jane Glimpsed In Silver Something No One Else Has Dared To See Not Even The Robot Or His Creators A Love So Perfect It Must Be Destroyed, For No Human Could Ever Compete Oh God, I don t know how to talk about this really It kind of combines all my obsessions into one amazing book sex, robots, love, identity and philosophical questions about what makes us human It s not perfect, and it s probably the sort of thing you have to read at the right time.But, dammit, it s still my book of books.So, Jane the heroine lives in a decadent future where the rich are super rich and the poor are super poor, and the rich have everything, and suffer from ennui.And there are sex robots.Jane becomes obsessed with one of them a beautiful, silver skinned, auburn hair man called Silver and they end up running away together to the slums and forging a new life for themselves.It s told in first person from Jane s POV and, fair warning, she is passive and weepy and entitled and lost for maybe half the book She s not exactly sympathetic during this section and may, in fact, induce an urge to shake her but she grows a lot and part of the pleasure of the book is witnessing that growth Seeing Jane become her own person, not just her mother s accessory.The other thing the POV permits is wonderfully unreliable narration, especially as regards Silver and his potential for human ness We see him through Jane s eyes and she loves him, and there is no narration unreliable than that.This is a love story, and it s really romantic if you re into robots which I am but again don t expect a traditional HEA The ending is, in fact, the weakest part of this otherwise flawless book It kind of wants to have its tragedy cake and eat it and insists on answering the intriguing ambiguities within the questions it raises with cheap and tone inappropriate spiritualism.But this is still one of my favourite books ever Because I m basically a total sap. I read little sci fi, and next to none before picking this book up, but this is by far one of the best I have read.I want to continue on and give this book a rave review to encourage you to pick this up but, honestly, I m still salty that I lent it to a friend and she then lost it without ever reading it Bitter af. This book is so beautiful and heartbreaking I ve never read anything like it It chronicles the life of Jane, a vapid rich girl who lives in the future and doesn t really know what it is to feel anything, or how to experiance life All that changes when she meets and falls in love with Silver, a robot programed to sing and play music Eventually she leaves her rich lifestyle to run away with Silver to the slums to try and carve a new life for themselves I loved this story for so many reasons First of all, Janes transformation throughout the book is simply astounding She goes from being very shallow, confused, and timid, to a girl who knows who she is and what she wants She stands up for herself and what she believes in, and begins making her own decisions and living her own life And love is the power that transforms her Reading this really put some things in perspective for me, namely how love can really bring the best and worst out of a person Secondly, from an aesthetic point of view, Tanith Lee s writing is gorgeous The slums are beautiful, despite the destitude of the people living there, and every other backdrop in the book just drips with amazingly vivid descriptions This is my first book by this author, but it certainly not the last I will be reading Lastly, the idea of Jane and Silver s love enduring for all time is really justbeautiful As corny as that sounds I literally spent a good part of the last few chapters crying my eyes out, because really it was just so emotional and heartrending What a fantastic book I love you I ll see you again Don t ever be afraid. 5 STARS.Basically, this is the story about a young woman named Jane who falls in love with a sort of futuristic lifelike robotic minstrel entertainer who is also a sex toy for women men created by a company called Electronic Metals Ltd Jane lives in a futuristic, sophisticated, but emotionally spiritually bleak society that is eerily like our own Half of the population is rich and spoiled, and most of that part of society is banal, superficial, and arrogant the other half lives in the slums, basically trying to survive day by day.The rich are pre programmed from birth to look a certain way and subsist on a diet of insta meals produced by robots for the most part, in tandem with different drugs, both for recreation and other reasons for instance, Jane takes a certain pill to give her a hair colour that matches the body type that her mother pre programmed for her since birth It s all very eerie and Blade Runner like The rich are also raised to react to sex as being very casual and merely for pleasure if nothing else, so intimate relationships aren t really important in their society, not in a real sense.Jane is one of the rich however, she is different in character than her mostly superficial and morally depraved friends this quality enables her to find beauty in others that is quite unique, and is the main reason why she is able to see something in Silver the robot while others merely scoff.This was a really good story although the ending was a bit bereft of conclusion for me, but I understand there was a point to this.I won t give away what happens in the story, but basically, Lee does question many topics herein one of the most important is whether even a robot can have a soul The story basically concludes that yes, everything has a soul, even non animate objects, which is sort of an unusual idea to Westerners but is actually quite normal in other religious philosophies Lee also grapples with the concept of free will and other related ideas for example, after Jane stops taking her pills, she begins to change physically, which made me question just how much effect her early programming had on her to begin with, which interrelates to the theme of the robot s programming as well.I have noted a pattern with Lee s stories by the way her stories always seem to include male and female outsiders who don t fit in with society, yet in the end, they seem to pair up and find their niche and we see them for who they truly are they are able to find their inner strength and affect the world around them in a positive way Lee opens up our vision to the beauty of the soul, rather than just plain artifice.This is what I like about Lee she is an author who wants to elevate the human soul as well as spread beauty Truly a literary genius who has yet to be elevated in her own right When I see that Stephen King has tons of fans and websites and Tanith Lee has virtually none, it really irks me. Honestly I haven t read this book since I was 16 I will be 45 soon Isn t it funny what stays with you This is a story that has always lingered Always one I have meant to reread I can t tell you the details, I can t remember if it made me happy, sad, I am not sure But the feeling of this story has been there for me And I know I just said that I don t know how it made me feel, but I have thought of this often And in honor of the authors passing I decided to write this review I don t know if you would like it, appreciate it, I am not sure if at 45 I will like it, but all I have is that I have remembered this book Something stayed and that is powerful.Re read September 2015So, I loved it This time I picked up that the story takes place in a post apocalyptic world I picked up on the culture of the world and the relationships It is than a love story Yes it is a story told through the eyes of a young girl, but maybe the young girl in me remembers all the pain and heartache and angst I also appreciate the story regarding Artificial Intelligence and what make us human I am making this one of go to re read books I am sorry it took so long for me to revisit the story. BOOOO to me for not having read this young adult page turner during my teens.Well, falling in love with a robot isn t that odd Considering that we fall in love over the Internet en masse, without having ever seen, smelled and touched the other So lusting after a robot especially when you re a sweet sixteen and the robot in question is Silver, a handsome fully equipped long haired brand new prototype, programmed to pleasure its buyer seems pretty easy.So could we someday develop robots that are able to trick us into believing they are human Could they replace us And should we allow for that to happen The Silver Metal Lover gives a peek into a time technologically far ahead of us, but doesn t answer these questions It may leave you pondering a bit about what it means to be human, but mostly The Silver Metal Lover just reads as an excellent young adult romance, focusing on the coming of age of rich kid and cry baby Jane.When she throws herself into the arms of Silver, she realizes that she probably shouldn t tell her controlling mom, who views her daughters upbringing as a pedagogically sound project Thanks to Silver, she is able to burn her ships behind her and had me whispering you go girl and rooting for her while she did I especially liked how I perceived Silver through Jane Her infatuation must ve blurred her vision to some extent, which left me wondering what was real and what wishful thinking When she assigned human qualities to him, was her imagination running wild OR was her piece of metal possibly than a masterly designed illusion Therefore the part in which Silver actually climaxes, felt oddly out of place due to its lack of subtlety Same with the second ouija board session won t mention the details because of spoilers , which somewhat ruined the semi tragic ending for me I guess what bugged me is that Lee started with a robot and a young girls apparant perverse relationship with it, only to weaken this interesting concept by suggesting that he was very human after all. Buddy read with Karly AND J Rex sometime in 2016 I think I found this DAW edition with a bad awesome cover at a used bookstore today view spoiler hide spoiler